Inspiring Wake Up Stories

So many have gone through huge shifts the past years, each and everyone with valuable insights for others. Real Life Stories are the way to inspire people. This is what we understand by “Leading by example”.

Over the period of time, we collected and edited wake up stories from around the world. You can find each one of them in the drop down menu of “Wake Up Stories”. 

We don’t publish any new stories, simply because the Wake Up Experience is no longer an active platform. It serves as a database for each and everyone who needs to find certain information or inspiration. 


Wisdom is only one part of it, and true transformation actually starts, when we start to face our shadows and start to feel everything without judgment and fear of pain. When we understand how mental, emotional and physical work hand in hand.  That is why Agustí and I and a group of dedicated people started to create a whole new paradigm (first on paper and now building it) that IS easy to understand AND easy to embody. Because it is about fun experiences, play, discovery and adventure. Expansion is possible through joy and beauty! It does not have to be dark and scary. At the same time, I learned how important community and safe space is. That we dare to share without being afraid of what others might think or say. The more we are allowing ourselves to be who we are in any given moment, the more we start opening up and share our feelings and our story, the more we inspire others. 

Enjoy the ride!  

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