Inspiring Wake Up Stories


The Wake Up Experience is taking it to the next level. Already for a while, I had been pondering what to do with the Wake Up Experience, after I felt that everything had been said and all wisdom necessary for the smoothest ride possible in this thing called Awakening was available on the site. There was no more impulse to write. Nevertheless, still around 1.500 people visit the site every day, which shows me its value. Yet, wisdom is only one part of it, and true transformation actually starts, when we start to face our shadows and start to feel everything without judgment and fear of pain. When we understand how mental, emotional and physical work hand in hand.  That is why Agustí and I and a group of dedicated people started to create a whole new paradigm (first on paper and now building it) that IS easy to understand AND easy to embody. Because it is about fun experiences, play, discovery and adventure. Expansion is possible through joy and beauty! It does not have to be dark and scary. 

At the same time, I learned how important community and safe space is. That we dare to share without being afraid of what others might think or say. The more we are allowing ourselves to be who we are in any given moment, the more we start opening up and share our feelings and our story, the more we inspire others. 

And then, out of nowhere came the idea how to continue with “The Wake Up Experience”. A dear friend of ours decided to come out of the closet and share her story publicly. Spontaneously, I offered her the platform. 

It will be the platform for ALL OF YOU, to share your personal Wake Up Experience from your heart. Your feelings, your AHA-Moments, your rollercoaster ride. It helps you to step into authenticity, and it helps all the readers of the blog (and the blog had about 1.5 million visitors in three years…) with inspiring stories to see what is possible by sharing hands on, down to earth, non-fluffy, raw and real stuff.

After all my life changes in the past years, I can now clearly see what the website and blog were meant for. Not only served it to understand what this process is all about, what happens and how the energetic dynamics work to give some peace of mind, but also to form a worldwide community, that is coming together, sharing and co-creating more and more.

This is just the beginning! 

Enjoy the new blog format here. (I have not deleted the old blogs, so that they are still available on the same blog site.) 


If you’d like to share your empowering, unconditional, non-judgmental, drama-free wake up story to inspire others, please submit it here, and we will be in touch with you! 

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