Wake Up Tutorials on Contribution Basis


We are offering this whole tutorial program to you on a contribution basis.
(The sales platform Gumroad requires a minimum payment of 0.79 Euro to cover the platform costs for videos)


Yes, this stuff is free. We don’t do it for the money. We do it for the greater good.  Nevertheless, be aware that creating all of the content, running a website, keeping it up to date and safe, is a lot of investment of energy, resources and funds from our side. 

So, if you enjoy the Wake Up Experience and its contributions and creations, please support us in continuing to be online and share inspiring content. You decide by filling in the amount, what it is worth to you to invest in us, and into yourself. And there is more! 

As we are now focused on co-creating a new model of society, including  a new way of business based on empowerment, community and safe space together with a constantly growing committed team, your contribution for the videos is actually a contribution to something much bigger. Making New Earth a reality and bridging the different dimensions. More on www.ffmovement.org and soon on www.ffabric.org. 

The videos were created with love in energetically very valuable places with a very high frequency. They support you in your awakening process and show you how to create the life of your dreams. You learn how to remove blockages and get a deep understanding, how you can raise your own vibrational frequency and play with energy in the most effective way.

Tutorial Series 1: Learn the Language of Energy

This tutorial series shows you everything you need to know about Universal Energies, your own energies and how they interact. You learn all the basics necessary to create the life of your dreams and change your reality. You learn a lot about yourself and your own energy and how you interact with your environment and create your reality with your own vibration. You learn how the universal laws work and how you can live in accordance with them to come to inner peace and happiness. This program includes tips how to work with your ego effectively, how to transmute energies and how to ground yourself quickly in a very down to earth way. To learn more about this program, and to get it, please go here.

Tutorial Series 2: Empower your Inner Child

This tutorial series will assist you in empowering your inner child and become best friends with him or her! Inner child work is the most effective way to get your emotional body back into balance quickly and reprogram old behavioural patterns and beliefs that are still sabotaging you today. This series contains a lot of exercises and guided meditations. Step by step you revisit your childhood and work through the different stages of your inner child versions: The infant, the toddler, the preschool self, the school self and the adolescent. You work with them and integrate them, to make sure that your unwanted behavioural patterns are past for good! To learn more about this program, and to get it, please go here.

Tutorial Series 3: The Twin Flame Journey

This tutorial series gives you deep insights into your experience of a twin flame connection. These connections are the most challenging thing you can go through while in a human body. Nevertheless, the further you move forward and upward in your vibrational frequency, the more exciting and beautiful your experience gets. These tutorials help you to understand what is going on, how these connections work and what dynamics they follow. You gain a better understanding what this connection truly is about and how you can navigate this experience in the best possible way to move forward quickly. The key: Understand the energetic dynamics of the bond you are sharing and what the true purpose is. To learn more about this program, and to get it, please go here.


Executive Summary: The Universe in four Pages

Spiritual Awakening takes us on a quest and search for the ultimate truth. Until we realize there is none. Many distractions, methods, worlds, realms, truths are leading us away from the only thing that is real. Our essence. These four pages are all that is needed to navigate, as they strip away all distractions and reduce it to the dynamics and the general code of this universe. Enjoy!

To learn more about this summary, and to get it, please go here.

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