Vera’s Bio

Vera Ingeborg

Vera is a true leader from the heart. After an intense soul encounter (twin flame) in 2014, her whole life turned upside down. She left her old life including a marriage and corporate career behind. She went on a journey of self-inquiry and discovery, finding her way back to her essence, inner peace, authenticity, innocence and joy. She is now focused on assisting others to remember their essence and come into their innate power, while co-creating a new way for society based on an unconditional lifestyle and unity, together with her partner Agustí and other awake people around the world. For more information check out

As a former Head of Communications and Marketing in the Corporate World, Vera has learned a lot about the linear, co-dependent patterns in economy, the business world, people and organizations. Already back then, she was introducing new non-linear ways of human relating, team building and group dynamics, enriching branding, internal and external communication as well as the change management of the company with transparency and authenticity.
Later, in her time as a self-employed life-coach, she understood how universal and personal energetic patterns influence and drive our reality and how we can master our own energies, and with it our relationships and the creation of our reality in a simple and effective way.

In her work and creations today, she is combining her wisdom, her knowledge as well as her life and work experience to create pure magic – for individuals, groups and organizations.

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