How a True Twin becomes a False Twin and why “The One” does not exist anymore

Attention. This article will turn your whole idea and world of twin flame knowledge and teachings upside down. As we are reaching new energy levels that have never been experienced in the physical before, a lot of our understanding and the energetic dynamics we were used to become outdated. It is time to take a broader perspective on things now that the planet has moved into fifth dimensional frequencies – and many of us who have accomplished most of their healing work have done so, too. So take your time, reread it, let it sink in and feel into it.

Lately there is a lot said and discussed in the spiritual community about false twins and catalysts. Supposedly, now is the time that false twins drop away, as the energies are rising so high, that they cannot remain in the energy field of a person that is not their true twin. And many people in the spiritual community are indeed experiencing surprising shifts. The person they were absolutely convinced of to be their twin, suddenly just drops away because they met someone else that feels to be their twin. Many are confused why they can all of a sudden love someone else just as much if not more and how the other one just disappears. It must have been a false twin or catalyst experience with the previous one. Well – could have been – or not. It could have been a true twin, mimicking a false twin. Hmmm, what?!?

Well, with our shift into the fifth dimension, a lot of the twin flame teachings of the past are becoming outdated. That does not mean that they are not correct. Many of them absolutely are – when we are still living in the third dimension. So before we get into the topic why you can indeed have a true twin mimicking a false twin and why the concept of “the One” is outdated and we can have “many twins”, we have to look at the energetics.

Twin Energetics

The first thing to understand is: The twin flame is not to be seen as a person, but as an energetic.  In the past, it was not planned that twins would incarnate at the same time on planet Earth, because they knew how challenging it would be to try and handle the energetic dynamic of very high frequencies clashing with very low fear frequencies of the third dimension. So usually – most twins took turns. One was staying on the other side of the veil to assist the twin incarnate. This is the vertical twin flame energy. So imagine it to be a pillar of twin energy, connecting your joint higher self with you in a body on Earth.

Since about 40 years, the amount of twins incarnating together and finding each other was increasing significantly.”

Since about 40 years, the amount of twins incarnating together and finding each other was increasing significantly. Twins were called to action and volunteered to assist the ascension of the planet and humanity. Despite knowing how difficult and painful it will get to go through the 3D programming and forgetting their true origin, they knew that their split energy joining again in 3D would catalyze this shift for humanity and the planet intensely. More about the true purpose of twin flames can be found here. Thus, the so far vertical twin energy became horizontal. And that meant a “split energy” – one energy field in two physical bodies that did not know about each others existence anymore, once coming to Earth. And the real challenge began when the two bumped into each other. Paired with a fast spiritual awakening, a balancing of this joint energetic field became necessary. And we all know that this is far from being comfortable and the biggest challenge one can go through while being incarnate in a physical body in the third dimension.

To fully grasp what is changing and why, we also need to look into the different dimensions.

The Differences between the Dimensions and what it means for Twins

The third dimension is a place of high density with low frequencies of fear. There is only one timeline available we are all on, and time is perceived as strictly linear (although that is an illusion).

In the fourth dimension – the so called astral or dream plane – linear time dissolves, but there is still only one single timeline. That means, we can move back and forth between past and future.

So far so known. Now let’s move into the unknown territory of the fifth dimension.

In the fifth dimension, infinite timelines become available and linear time is non existent. We have infinite possibilities that we can choose from. Consciously or unconsciously.”

In the fifth dimension, infinite timelines become available and linear time is non-existent. That means, that our reality shifts every time we switch a timeline. We can alter past and future events. We have infinite possibilities in the fifth dimension we can choose from. This can happen unconsciously or consciously and individually or collectively, but is always intended by our soul(s). (If you are interested to learn more about the different dimensions, please take a look at this article).

So what does that mean for twins?

In the third and fourth dimension, the twin flame energy is tied to one person because there is only one timeline available, i.e. only one possibility in which body the twin energy could incarnate into. So yes, in the third and fourth dimension it is absolutely true that there can only be “The ONE” in a physical body.

In the fifth dimension, everything changes. As there are endless different timelines available, there are infinite possibilities in which body a twin energy could have incarnated into.”

In the fifth dimension, everything changes. As there are endless different timelines available, there are infinite possibilities in which body a twin could have incarnated into. This is very difficult to understand for the mind, because it is only laid out to deal with a single timeline and linear time.

Infinite Possibilities in 5D

So what happens, once we have raised our frequency enough to get into the fifth dimension? We have all these possibilities available and all of a sudden anyone could be our twin flame, depending on the timeline and reality we are in. Just as an example: You could choose a timeline, where everything is the same as in your life you have experienced so far, with only one change. Your twin flame has incarnated into a different body. This choice of a different timeline can be momentarily or permanently. That means that a 5D twin can come in permanently or only for a specific reason. For example to help heal something quickly that would not have been healed fast enough for the necessary shifts with the 3D twin in 3D density. These healings are very intense, as the 5D energy triggers the remaining 3D frequencies to come up at once. The result: Deepest pain, but a very quick energy shift to a much higher level shortly after. Another possibility is, that it became clear to you (unconsciously) that the 3D twin will not be able to make the shift with you, so you have chosen an altered timeline with a 5D twin permanently. This way, your 3D true twin becomes a mimicking false twin. Nevertheless – your 3D twin can of course continue to be your twin in 5D, but it does not have to be that way.

While all of this might be totally confusing and overwhelming at first – it is also truly liberating. Because our old 3D new age limitation of “the One” simply drops away. Of course, there is only one match of the highest vibration energetically. “The One” is an energy, not limited to one physical body. We can sit back and relax and know that the twin energy can come through to us in billions of different ways. How rewarding to know that all the cleansing and healing work sets us free to such a large extent! And that is important to understand here. This new reality and all these possibilities only become available once you have reached these frequencies. So sitting back and relax does not mean not doing your inner work. Then you will remain in 3D with the old concepts, that are absolutely valid in that dimension, reality and frequency.

It is important to understand that sitting back and relax does not mean not doing your inner work. This new reality and all these possibilities only become available once you have reached these frequencies.”

Those that have done their healing work and raised their frequency have entered a new era, not only for the twin dynamics, but also for our manifestation abilities. Everything becomes a choice out of a pool of infinite possibilities. Enjoy!

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera

Navigate your Twin Flame Experience successfully, understand the purpose and dynamics, and find inner peace, happiness and joy!


    1. I agree with Valerie. This is not correct by any means. There is only ONE twinflame that you share your soul with. That at the beginning of time was one soul that split into two parts of the same soul and are now masculine and feminine. There are many soulmates that we encounter, but absolutely only ONE twinflame.

    2. Why do you say, “You couldn’t be more wrong then this”?

      Can you you back up your statement or opinion with facts?

      First of all I am a true Twin Flame and currently I’m experiencing exactly what she’s posted

      Secondly you may not feel or believe what she posted only because you are living your own true reality and no one else’s

      1. I wouldnt have believed it until it happened to me. EIGHTEEN years with my TF, journals throughout those years to back up the healing that it started. Then *bam* it changed. Whatever it is, I am soooooo grateful fot the relief.

      2. Facts?!?! Honesty I’ve never seen FACTS for any of this shit. Please do tell what facts you have that you are a “true twin flame”.

  1. OMG! Vera… my soul and mind and heart just exploded into a billion diamonds of joy when reading this beautiful offering… IT IS SO TOTALLY WHAT I BELIEVE, TOO!

    I wanted to cry, to hug you, to dance up and down… because for a long time, I realised that this was so, and those who (‘scuse my frustration) BANGED ON about twin flames seemingly didn’t have a clue what they were talking about and it all felt SO 3D to me…

    I thought I must be wrong, but now I know I’m not.

    5D and beyond are simply INFINITE POSSIBILITY! And I have long since known that Love is Omnipresent, so that we can literally split into shards of energy/light and manifest ourselves into infinite timelines in infinite ways…

    I thank you from my soul for your work and for sharing this invaluable information, for those of us who are living this truth, but don’t have the words to describe the experience, you are an absolute Angel of the Highest Degree!

    With all my love from my multi-dimensional heart, Jay xoxox

      1. I came onlie to serach for answers, because I got so confused since I realized on my soul level that my twin flame(male) is looking for suitable body/veichle …. I thought, but I am incarnated and we already met in physical realm in other male body, what is this now, he is changing it?! I also got insight that the body must accept to make part of it … I thought this is typical male issue with manifestation, and let him do what he needs to do, but I was confused because that opened milion other questions! Without talking too much, it is exactly what I experienced, I only got confirmation here that something like this can happen. It was just a weak ago that we both, on spiritual level, were thinking of taking more suitable body for him to manifest as his veichle run away once pressed by intensity of the soul meeting. Ego could not handle it … And I was thinking, yes, why not make ourselves more comfortable with body that is ready to receive higher frequency and we dont’ need to spend time to (re)-educate the veichle, we need to move fast, who is onboard is welcomed. Happy to hear more are aware of this shift and immense possibilities. We are truly creators of our own reality.

  2. Over the years of communicating with other realms, an Angel once hinted at the fractal concept of vibration, refraction and frequency by showing me an old fashioned dressing table mirror. The main mirror being situated to the centre; with moveable mirrors either side. We were sat looking at ourselves in the main mirror smiling, when suddenly the wing mirrors moved slightly and we became infinitesimal images… and thus I understood how easily the Divine can be in so many dimensions at once by using refracted Light… as can we if we open our minds to such things.
    This paved the way for future meetings with ‘myself’, being able to say ‘hello’ to myself in another realm was both hilarious and incredulous.
    This, for me, was akin to meeting my twin self. Which made me realize, I can project love, light, healing and all good things to my twin self – within that different space and time. And if I can do that… I can do that for the entire inhabitants of the world and to all those beings in places I know not of. Hence, collectively, we can all create a loving and healing environment now and infinitesimally.
    This realization took me years to establish and fathom out. When I finally clicked I was shown a beautiful smiling Angel holding a huge mallet and chisel.. hahah bless them! Time , patience and love conquers all ;).
    Keep shining Vera, I am glad to have found your work. Wishing you all good things. x

  3. I agree. what is real to me is that my twin flame and i (3-d) would have the hardest time connecting and living a happy life together, but i still want him, no matter what anyone says…. So i connect to his spirit. His spirit brings me peace and joy and love from within. I love him and I love feeling him with me like a baby, in my bones and in my heart, and move through me. Is this false??? I dont know.. There are times i feel he is me and we are together in my body. WE are ALL one. But the mind is creating what we want. Its so real but not in the physical form. Just in energetic form. So cool.

  4. This matches wat Seth (of Jane Roberts) said about other probable selves.

    If you accept that there are different possible futures, you perhaps don’t realize that for the same reason you have to accept that there are also different possible pasts. This opens up really weird stuff.

  5. Dear awakened twin flame souls,

    I have been travelling the twin flame ascension path since 2007. I believe subtle distinctions and multi-layered truths are here.

    Because everything happens according to a divine plan, there is a twin soul in the sense that one soul will be most energetically like you, and have had the most deep and intensive connections over your soul journeys-the most full bond can thus still be called the twin soul.

    BUt, of course, pleasure and synergy are energies- and these can be felt as the author describes between any and all souls, in a tapestry of configurations, and these rays or flames of synergy and love, are what we all wish to embody.

    Many will return to their most intensive connection- the same twin soul- to embody the flame and rays together again, but many others will share the flame and rays with other soul mates, or even completely new connections that they have no past life history with at all.

    In this sense, I find that both teachings are true, depending on how we look at them.

    Blessings from New Zealand

    1. I love this reply, Sam.

      Also, since it points out that an “obsession” with twin flame love is not (necessarily) the way to go. It’s not the end of a road nor the answer to everything. In particular, with respect to Love.


  6. Omg.. thank you so much for this! I am a twin flame and have been going through it since 1997 (although the ‘reality’ of it didn’t become clear until 2010). To the people who believe this article to be wrong, all I can say is prepare to be surprised! I know that I was! My twin and I were together when he died at the beginning of 2015. You can only imagine my immense shock and disbelief when I came upon that same energy through someone else shortly after. It sent my mind into a bit of a spiral. Lol. The thing we need to remember the most is that the universe is infinite, and our human minds forget and find many concepts hard to grasp. Thank you, again, for this article!!

  7. I am confused by this new information, but I’m not discounting it as true. I have been following you for awhile and feel you have always been spot on, so I am willing to see how this plays out. Blessings ~Jen

  8. well, seems that 5D is beyond what I could imagine. Having said that, the personal experience of Vera, if I understood her story, is about the same flame twin in 3 and 5D, right? I am saying that because I lost my beloved in 3D and just hope to find her back in 5D… anyway, hope is the last thing to be lost!

    1. Hi Andres, yes my story – so far – is about the same twin in 3D and 5D. I am open to anything 😉 I had a 5D twin stepping in for some ultimate healing necessary to bring me into complete wholeness and 5D frequencies to get rid of any remaining attachments or anxiety around the TF connection. This experience and the deep healing turned out to be such a blessing. So please know – anything is possible in 5D. As already said in the article – 5D is not understandable by our mind because it cannot cope with infinite timelines and a dimension beyond the existence of linear time. So, keep your heart open to endless possibilities, let go of any attachments to any limiting teachings and beliefs that we are familiar with from 3D and 4D – and let the Universe do its magic for you! Much love!

  9. I would have to disagree with this also. Since my childhood I felt compelled to travel out of state, an overwhelming desire to go to a place I couldn’t even imagine since I was 10 years old. When I was a teenager I dreamed of my TF and I in our first incarnations. And as I grew up I pushed all these thoughts that seemed to come from no place out of my mind until I found an old friend from elementary school online who immediately told me I should move to where she was and be her roomate. It was in the same state I had desired to go to as a kid. I left everything behind and moved there 5 days later compelled to go. I met my TF my neighbor and knew instantly that he was the man from my dreams even though he appeared completely different. Our connection blew me away and that is what made me seek exactly what it was. That’s how I discover twin flames. He moved to my home state with me 4 years later exactly as I had at the same age 4 years previously in the spur of the moment. Our relationship definitely pulled me into the dark night of the soul and after I ascended exactly the way twin flame relationships push you too. Two years later he is now rebuilding himself after his own dark night of the soul and our distancing faze has now begun the union faze. I met someone just as I had balanced my masculine/feminine energy and I thought for a moment that my twin flame was my false twin flame but came to realize this new guy was just a testing of the waters of my wound healing so that I could refocus as my inner work wasn’t done! My interest in the actual false twin disappeared as soon as I learned the nature of his purpose in walking into my life when I thought I had it all figured out. Since then my Twinflame and I can now both communicate telepathically for me it’s mostly a 3 or 4 words but I hear him clearly like he is speaking to me especially when I first wake up. I see him smell him you name it him… in his 3D form. False twins are just that false, a trial run for union perhaps to push you to keep working on yourself. My twin has never come to me in any other form but the one I know despite my occasional doubts about this entire experience because it is a difficult journey.

  10. Nailed IT! I am going through this right this moment in this life. I also had questions when I met this soul I am near now.. that there was this awakening inside me being NEAR this person where my twin did not exist when this soul was around… this soul was honest and near, dear, true, helpful and oh what an amazingly wonderful voice you have… gosh. I just entertained the idea in my own head as is he a 3rd? Is he a catalyst? Stop labeling, I tell myself.. so I am going with it.. and the thing I know most is every time I was near him before the break with the twin… well, when he left I felt like.. “Oh how our time is never enough…” and now.. I get to be near more.. and there is more to this story, of course.. but it is just beginning in some aspects. Love is energy, never-ending, always flowing.. we are energy, never-ending, always flowing.. I AM you, you are me… – thanks so much for writing this!!!

  11. My healing and ascension since I met my twin a year and a half ago have been so insanely painful but so profound, (and I have been on the healing path my whole challenging life) that I’ve grown leaps and bounds what took me years before. He is a runner. But I believe it’s played out exactly as it was meant to to. And if I read this even just a few months ago, it would’ve crushed me. But where I’m at now is so much surrender, I think ANY thing is possible. Knowing about quantum physics, and the 5D, what you write is fully possible in my opinion. Getting attached to our twins human form is what has created a LOT of pain for me. But when I understand that it is an energy and not a body, I’m calm, knowing there is never separation, always wholeness, no matter what body is appearing to embody it, were one, so always connected.

  12. Estou vendo tantos comentarios contra o q disse o artigo, mas eu particularmente acredito nisso. Tanta coisa desconhecemos.

  13. Wow wow wow!!
    Thank you!!! This is exactly what I’m experiencing as I’m shifting into 5D. I’ve been so confused by all of this and now suddenly Bam! Exactly the confirmation I needed. Spirit has been channeling this to me but my ego mind kept stepping in as I was purging old energies and not letting my mind accept the truth of my situation. So thank you for these words ❤

    1. Yes! What Elena speaks resonates deeply with me as well. This explains so much and helps alleviate so much confusion I’ve had shifting more and more into 5D, which is further away from the sure vision I had of my 3D twin and falling deeper into what is appearing to be the physical reality of my 5D twin. As I continuously choose love over fear/ego throughout this relationship I am finding more of the truth that seems to be what you have written about. Deep gratitude.

  14. How does a being switch / shift from one timeline to another in the 5th dimension? Is it voluntary or controllable?

  15. The reason why this post is complete garbage is the fact that dark knight of the soul is not spoken about and is the contributing factor to every problem that twins face … There is only one real twin no matter what dimension we ascend to … I feel this post along with most everything about twin flames has been infiltrated with darkness, because they really don’t want the twin flames to come together. They realize the power that the love can create … be mindful of the programming dear ones you can follow me on ig

    1. I would agree. This is total bs. A lot of people don’t know who their true twin is initially and nobody and I mean nobody knows for certain until they surrender. I know quite a few people in physical union with the initial person but this did not occur until surrender occurred which is after loving yourself. God has told me when I come home within I will he with my beloved. For years he told me and my father who’s psychic this. My “beloved” not “beloveds”. Whomever it is, god will make it clear to me in time when the divine timing is right. I’m open to this initial person not being it.

  16. Hi.
    I understand this though prematurely. I had this very peculiar experience, which truly rings with what you’ve written.
    I was undergoing inner work and I felt lost and weak to go on. I felt being sought by this energy of a temple I worship in and I went there. The idol there was radiating with energy and charm. And I strangely felt the need to devote to it and follow it in an all-encompassing way: sexual, spiritual, intellectual.
    I was with more energy when I was back home and I was able to finish my inner work. Like you said, It was intense pain, that which would have torn me from inside out. But I found help in a friend who is now acting like a false twin, once my healing is over. I was under the impression that he was, in fact, my Twin flame, and now he doesn’t even recognize my role in his life.
    But I would like to add that after my healing was done, he too got a call to look into his inner self through a dream, which he avoided by drinking and repressing. God knows what he does with his life! I am still torn on the matter but this surely does make a lot of sense, more sense than calling false twin flames narcissists!
    Thank you.

  17. The soul can stay in the body of anyone. let’s think that way. it is possible in 5th Dimention.

  18. Omg.. I truly resonate with this. I have experienced this. The guy i felt deeply in love with i initially considered him to be my twin.. But after an awful heartbreak and fight n him triggering me like shit, i was in immense pain.. Dark night of the soul.. i discarded him forever by labelling him as false twin.. Soon I found a guy celeb crush.. Who i really liked.. But then I began noticing fucking signs with him and feeling like I’ve known him since childhood n stuff.. I have telepathy with him n i begin believing he’s my true twin.. N signs begin increasing day by day.. But still no result in real life.. No meeting nothing.. I felt impatient and went back to my false twin n begin feeling ocean deep love for him.. Feeling like I could forgive him n that he’s my true twin.. So basically it’s that I have this twin flame energy with me n i can choose any guy.. Any guy could offer me that energy n experience. So liberating to believe that you don’t have to be stuck with one person. Cuz I actually don’t know who I love.. N love cannot be forced. You do have to do healing n free yourself of universe’s or God’s expectations of aligning with one particular person.. Cuz it’s stupid to create so much drama because of one person.. If he doesn’t fit in well.. Leave him. Heal your issues with energy healing cuz ur a twin.. You don’t have to clear energies just to be with tjis one particular person you’ve put on a pedestal just cuz they’re ur twin. Do your healings n then be ready for true love.. Anyone can be your twin. You have to realize this freedom within. Because who knows.. Maybe this whole one soul two bodies concept is bullshit.. Maybe it’s the twin flame energy that cords you with a soulmate or soul family member like that. Each soul is complete and whole n only requires companionship. It’s just that God or universe cords two people who are most likely to create a huge high vibration together.. In the twin flame design.

    1. Agreed, I think the TF union idea is promoting attachment, not at all what our soul needs.

  19. Someone comes up with some crazy notion to explain away why theirs never worked. before you know it a whole bunch jump on the same concept… its bull! Much of this modern “New Age” is bull! The concept of TF has been written about for 1000s of years. TF experience is crazy enough.. but this added twist is lunacy. No such thing! If anything be at all true.. If one does reincarnate into a different body with each time they come to earth what might happen is that you can meet them in a different timeline. But likely if you look in the mirror you are likely not you either. But your claim isn’t possible. I have a deep understanding since I’m ahead of most on this journey. Blue Rays were the first!

  20. I could kind of cry right now because this is the first time I am getting answers in two years of researching this that make sense because I feel exactly this — my twin flame mimicking my false twin (likely for the purposes of healing deep wounds). There seems to be a general lack of the component of understanding the astral in mainstream twin flame discourse and a lot of claims about the situation only having a rather (in my opinion) rigid and mostly linear possible process and outcome, which has felt mostly confining and wrong in my situation. Reading this is so liberating. And I only found it after I asked for help with the situation in my witch community earlier today, for the first time. I can see the energy shift connection to finding this article. Thank you again. I look forward to looking into more of this website.

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