Unconditional Sharing

Unconditional Sharing wake up experience

A big part of the creation of a New Paradigm is how economy will work in the future. The energetic New Earth templates are created based on oneness, trust and unconditional love. This has a large impact on economy. Oneness means, there are no “others”. No two or more parties. Unconditional means no linear cause and effect. No “If this, then that”. As impossible this seems to the mind, this is the end of linear trading, of selling and buying. Because there is no duality.

While we are still transitioning, we all need to take first steps into auto-responsibility and unconditional actions.

You will find no conditions, contracts, terms or disclaimers on this website, as those are old concepts based on duality, fear and mistrust.

Our full commitment to a joint experience is all that is needed. We commit on a co-creation the moment we take the decision to share and experience it with each other.

Based on the new energies, and based on the knowing that we are each responsible for our own energy and creation, we know that all experiences we step into are meant to be and meant to assist us on our journey and in our growth. Unconditional sharing means we don’t have any expectation towards each other, and we have no expectation of a specific outcome. When we get triggered and a button gets pushed, we know that this is a sign of our own inner guidance system, telling us where we are still not in balance. We take responsibility for our own feelings, we accept them to then shift them. The new human values all that is and sees the purpose in each and every experience.

New earth endeavors are operating in the same way, as collectives interacting with collectives, based on energetic resonance and principles. It is one superorganism, sharing and therefore providing. It is no longer about money or about products, it is about people – sharing their talents, gifts and tools.

Content and services

All content and services of The Wake Up Experience are not based on the belief systems of the old paradigm. They therefore cannot be categorized as science, religion, opinion, therapy etc.
They are a combination of universal wisdom as well as witnessed and lived experience. When you dive in with an open heart and mind, you may experience deep transformation, and you may find a new place of compassion for yourself and others within you. All content and services are here for inspiration. We do not claim to provide any psychological, therapeutical or other professional advice. You receive it with the understanding that you are fully responsible for your own choices, actions and results. We therefore also do not claim any praise for your personal good fortune.

Intention, commitment and dedication

Our intention, commitment and dedication is to co-create with people that are ready to drop all conditions and safety nets that are based on the old paradigm patterns, of lack, mistrust and fear. Instead, we are playing together and are co-creating amazing adventures, endeavors, missions and experiences based on abundance, trust and love, that manifest into the new earth reality. We jointly embody the new blueprints of co-creation, and comm-unity. The only laws that need to be respected are the universal laws of energy. They automatically represent the fertile ground on which we will build the new paradigm.

Unconditional sharing automatically always leads to a win-win for everyone as everyone commits and takes responsibility for their part. Win-win can mean anything, money is just one part in it. There are many other forms of prosperity to be appreciated. Connections to amazing people, new experiences, new inspiration, new creations, new growth opportunities personally and collectively, etc.

Unconditional sharing is automatically in balance, as it is a co-creation of balanced beings that are aware of the universal laws, the process of creation and evolution and their responsibility for their own energetic contribution into the joint creation. Therefore, an aligned intention and commitment is key before entering the process of creation. This includes the commitment to be very honest and share when something feels out of alignment and feels unpleasant. Expressing our authenticity and vulnerability is an essential part and key to successful co-creation.

The basis for this new world and way is written in the Source Code of this new paradigm, which expresses the shared purpose, dynamics, structure and values.

This also means to give a new meaning and task to money. Money is not the purpose of why we are co-creating. Money is nothing but a tool, and the energetic backflow for a co-creation to maintain balance with the value created, and to re-distribute it into further co-creations that serve the greater good.

We are looking forward to share unconditionally with you!