The old system we are so used to is working on a fear basis. This is not only true for our personal situation, but also for businesses. We take it for granted that contracts, terms and conditions, insurances etc. are needed, to make sure that the business is running and that we are safe. Yet – there is just another big pool of fears hiding behind all of it: The need to claim our right and our safety to minimize the risk. Obviously, businesses in the old paradigm are working in an energy of mistrust. 

I myself had been pondering for a while, how to set up my business in the future. I was asking myself, how true co-creation would be possible based on trust, energetic laws, consciousness and flow instead of mistrust human laws, rules and regulations and control. Yes, it seems impossible to break through the old paradigm and create something new. And yet – the impulse has to come and start from somewhere.


A different View on Money

The belief that money is the means to survive and the means to have security in our life and to create what we want, keeps us from seeing new approaches and ways how it could work in a whole different way. Yes, one might ask, where to start as there are so many things that will have to change.  I have decided to start with my own business. As a first step, I decided to no longer use terms and conditions or contracts or agreements with the people I work, whether individually or in groups, projects etc. I know that there will be many things in the details, and hurdles as long as we are still using the old infrastructure, including rules and duties, but it is a first move into a new energy.

So yes, I will still have to deal with phone contracts, enforced insurances, etc. that are still required by the system. Nevertheless, I can make choices. Do I actively further support the old energy and belief system of money, or do I keep it to the bare essentials to be able to run my business on the old 3D platform with a 5D frequency. Do I support another bubble to burst, as it is happening with the cryptocurrencies right now, or do I choose to give money a different meaning.

For now, I have decided to keep all contracts and agreements as flexible and as small as possible. I see those as the factors of the infrastructure I still have to use until the new way of doing business including a new infrastructure has grown so much, that the old system will become obsolete.

“I see abundance as so much more than money. We have so much abundance in life that we take for granted because we prefer to focus on lack.”

I see abundance as so much more than money. We have so much abundance in life that we take for granted, because we prefer to focus on lack. Starting with the air that we breathe, people and nature around us, opportunities to learn and grow etc. Money is nothing but a manifestation of an energy and is part of the old infrastructure. Yet we can use it with a different frequency. Instead of making it a survival tool, we can turn it into a creation tool. Money will flow back to us when we share our authenticity and talent with the world. When we are acting from our heart, our essence and out of purpose. And, when we feel worthy of receiving. When we are trusting the universal flow, although we have no idea how the result will look like. That way, we can reinvest it for further creations.

So, back to my own business. I was really struggling with the fact that I was talking about New Earth, about unconditional love and yet having terms and conditions on my website. It just felt like a constant friction that I did not like and two energies that did not go together. Why would I have them on my website if I was fully trusting myself, other people and the universal laws? In a paradigm of empowered beings that love, value and respect each other and that take responsibility for their own energy, there is no need for man-made rules.

“In a paradigm of empowered beings that love, value and respect each other and that take responsibility for their own energy, there is no need for man-made rules. 

Today I decided to delete them and replace them with a text on unconditional business. I am ready for co-creating New Earth business with people who feel that call, too and I know that, based on energetic laws, only those will come into my field that are resonating with it.


Here is what I have the terms and conditions replaced with (you can find it here on my website):


Unconditional Business


A big part of the creation of New Earth is how businesses will be run and will be operating in the future. The energetic New Earth templates are created based on trust and unconditional love. This has a large impact on the business world.

You will find no conditions, contracts, terms or disclaimers on my website any longer as those are old concepts based on fear and mistrust.

Our commitment to a joint experience is all that is needed. We commit to a co-creation the moment we take the decision to work with each other.

Based on the new energies, and based on the knowing that we are each responsible for our own energy and creation, we know that all experiences we step into are meant to be and meant to assist us on our journey and in our growth. When we get triggered and a button gets pushed, we know that this is a sign of our own system, telling us where we are still not in balance. We take responsibility for our own feelings, we accept them to then shift them. The new earth human values all that is and sees the purpose in each and every experience.

New earth businesses are operating in the same way as collectives interacting with other collectives, based on energetic resonance and principles.


Intention, commitment and dedication

My intention, commitment and dedication is to work with people and businesses that are ready to drop all conditions and safety nets that are based on the old paradigm patterns, based on lack, mistrust and fear. Instead, we jointly are doing business together and are co-creating amazing projects, endeavours and experiences based on abundance, trust and love, that manifest into the new earth reality. We jointly embody the new blueprints of co-operation, and comm-unity. The only laws that need to be respected are the universal laws of energy. They automatically represent the fertile ground on which we will build the new paradigm.


Unconditional business automatically always leads to a win-win for everyone as everyone commits and takes responsibility for their part. Win-win can mean anything, money is just one part in it. There are many other forms of abundance to be appreciated. Connections to amazing people, new experiences, new inspiration, new growth opportunities personally and collectively, etc.

Unconditional business is automatically in balance, as it is a co-creation of balanced beings that are aware of the universal laws, the process of creation and evolution and their responsibility for their own energetic contribution into the joint creation. Therefore, an aligned intention and commitment is key before entering the process of physical creation. This includes the commitment to be very honest and share when something feels out of alignment and feels unpleasant. Expressing our authenticity and vulnerability is an essential part and key to successful co-creation.


This also means to give a new meaning and task to money. Money is not the purpose of why we are co-creating or why we are doing business. Money is nothing but the energetic backflow for a co-creation to maintain balance with the value created, and to re-invest it into further co-creations that serve the greater good.


I am looking forward to doing and being unconditional business with you!

And so it is….



The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of love, Vera Ingeborg


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