Twin Flames – Free Will and Divine Timing

“It will come to you in Divine Timing”. “S/He has his free will, so there is no guarantee”. How often have we heard and read these sentences in the course of our twin flame journey. Many mistake these as an expression of not being able to steer anything anyways, and in consequence do nothing but sit around waiting until “Divine Timing” happens. But have you ever thought about what “Divine Timing” really is? Let’s dig deeper into the meaning of time in general, how we can influence Divine Timing and how free will can come in handy in our process.

First of all, the good news: There is a lot we can do to make this journey a successful one. And successful means to find back to joy, happiness, fun and oneness, and discovering more and more of your authentic being. Now – that does not mean at all to reunite with our twin flame in the first place. No – it means to find all of this within us in evolving back into who we truly are and expressing our soul essence in the physical with all of our thoughts, feelings and physical activities. To understand, why it is so important for our process to find this wholeness on our own in order to open up the gate to a possible reunion, we need to look into time, free will and the laws of the Universal energies.

So, what is Time?

Linear time is an illusion. It is nothing the Universe would relate to. Everything in the Universe happens in cycles and seasons, not in a linear calendar or agenda. This is very hard to understand for our head, because time was invented by our head in order to make sense of things in the physical realms. Time is simply a construct to make sure that not everything is happening at once, while being in the physical, and we can plan and sort things into a series of events, as long as we are still in the 3D realm of past, present future. Outside of 3D/4D reality, time does not exist – there is only cycles, energy and energetic patterns that keep changing and evolving. They carry all information of all that is. There is no future or past, all that ever exists is the NOW. This is also the reason why so many twin flame experts say: “The reunion of the twin flame pair is set, whether in this lifetime or beyond.” Twins are sharing an energetic field with exactly the same frequency. So outside of the physical reality the joint original field and pattern already exists in complete harmony and oneness. It has never been and will never be any different. There is no separation as there is no time. As we go through our physical experience, we learn the concept of linear time and the illusion of past and future, as well as the illusion of separation. 

Once we wake up, we realize how past and future are just projections of past experiences that are not real.”

Once we wake up, we realize how past and future are just projections of past experiences that are not real (remember: The only reality is the NOW). In human form, we would not be able to handle everything all at once. We get a glimpse of that when we try multitasking and completely get lost in it 🙂 Linear time gives us the opportunity to feel and experience step by step what we already know and what we decided to go through while being in “solid form”. The more we move forward and learn also in our physical existence, that NOW is all there ever is, the closer we get back to our soul essence and origin: ALL THAT IS: Call it Source, call it God/Goddess, call it Universe…. Our ego fights this idea very hard, because the only place it cannot exist in is the NOW. The ego permanently jumps from past to future and back and is projecting fear constantly. It goes into the “I should have, if I would have or I could have” game or is coming up with scenarios for the future: “If that happens I will do this, but if that happens, this will be my strategy” etc. We are wasting tons of energy on something that is not even real. Our ego knows exactly, that it can only keep us under control and stay in the lead, if it manages to keep us in fear and as far away from the NOW as possible. This is why a combination of meditation and inner child empowerment is such a powerful method. These help to come into the NOW and to dry out the energetic source of providing fear: our wounded inner child. The less food we provide for the ego, the easier it will become to use our free will in a productive and soulful way.

Free Will – our personal Steering Wheel

When incarnating onto planet earth, we are equipped with the so-called free will. That means we have the freedom to choose how our journey unfolds and what we experience at what point in linear time. There is a lot of confusion around free will, and in our ego driven world, people understand “free will” as choosing things in the physical reality: The career, the housing, the partner, etc. Our ego loves that, because it knows that as long as we believe that free will exists to make choices in the materialistic world, it can use that to foster fear and competition and the illusion of separation. So we can go on a whole life as a human being, thinking we made the right or wrong choices, accompanied by a feeling that we have to fight hard for our existence and be extra clever, and of winning or losing.

This is our human reality, based on scarcity and competition. The only free will we actually have is to choose either love or fear. From the unconditional heart or from the mind. When we take a different perspective and combine the newly gained knowledge about time with it, we can recognize, that free will has no impact on the outcome. All we can do with free will is accelerate or delay the events that are destined to happen anyways – as the energetic patterns are already set up.

What does that mean? It means that we have to learn to go with the flow, loving the whole experience, not just the fun bits. Going with the flow is not hunting the highs and ignoring the lows. Going with the flow means to embrace all ups and downs, all water rapids, slack waters, whirls, eddies while swimming in the river of human life. They are all part of the experience to guide us back to our true essence. If we try swimming against the stream, it is very exhausting and does not lead us anywhere.  All of those ups and downs have their purpose and serve us to learn, grow and expand our consciousness. It is the basic set up of the universe and the dance of polarities. Inbreath / Outbreath, Ebbs and Flow…. And we are part of that! The more we align and tune in, the more we assist amplifying the harmonic energy, overcoming the painful illusion of separation. We are reuniting + and -, ying and yang, masculine and feminine within us. This way, we assist planet earth and humanity to ascend. The more we harmonize, the more we are in the NOW, the more we reconnect to our essence and feel our purpose and contribution.

Just on a side note: If twins would just reunite without any effort and live happily ever after, we would have all these twin pairs just being in love and busy with themselves. They would not connect to others, they would not search for answers, they would not know how to deal with pain and the 3D illusions and they would not learn and grow, so therefore…. not much would change on this planet 🙂 So, it is logical that this is about dropping old belief systems, patterns and illusions that are not truly us, but a role and template that was imposed on us. Only then, we know how humans tick and how we can change things to help transmuting darkness into light.

Free will can become the most powerful partner in our ascension and reunion process.”

When we remember this truth, free will becomes the most powerful partner in our ascension and reunion process. It really is the steering wheel to either accelerate our growth and expansion or to slow it down. By embracing all that is and accepting the purpose and being grateful for the experience, the learning and the lessons, we choose the high frequency of unconditional love. We let go of the old. That way, our free will helps to accelerate, and brings us closer to a possible reunion. If we fight against the emotions, pain and hardships we experience and start the blame game and judge ourselves and/or others for our situation, we choose the low frequency of fear. This is like hitting the break paddle and delaying growth, expansion and thus a possible reunion. We are looping. In order to fully understand why this is the case, we have to look into the energetic dynamics between twins and the Universal energetic laws.

The Law of Attraction and the Law of Transformation

There are two important laws to understand in these dynamics: The Law of Attraction (Synchronization would be a better word), which states that alike energy wave patterns synchronize with alike energy wave patterns. And the Law of Conservation, saying that energy can never dissolve, it can only be transformed, i.e. it can never get lost, it can only change its frequency. The Law of Attraction is the reason why we experience the same situations again and again in our lives and we end up with the thought: “Why am I always meeting the same kind of people that treat me like sh*t or use me or…?” Sounds familiar? There is a very simple reason. It is the energetic patterns we carry in our mental, emotional, and physical body that cause us to align with people that give us what we energetically ask for. An example: We were born too early and were put into an incubator right after birth. We are lacking the mother love and shelter and feeling of safety and develop a general mistrust towards this world and everyone in it. We are afraid and feel alone. That is the pattern we send out – our energetic order so to say – and we will experience a lack of shelter and safety and we feel abandoned and alone until we recognize our pattern and change it by transmuting the energy from fear to love. Twins are masters in pushing each other’s buttons and digging up all old fear patterns that ever existed to clear them all.

Twins are masters in pushing each other’s buttons and digging up all old fear patterns that ever existed to clear them all.”

The reason for this is, that both know unconsciously that they can only reunite (reach inner union that is…) when they have both gotten rid of all the fear patterns they have taken on during their journey. They are kind of like a thick foggy layer on our original soul frequency of light and love. Twins can only reunite when all that blocking garbage is gone so that the original frequencies can align permanently in harmony, without the ugly push and pull dynamic, caused by those blocking low frequencies. Now, what has all of this to do with Divine timing?

Divine Timing is not Linear Time

Divine Timing expresses the readiness of energetic frequencies clicking into each other so that something is happening in our illusion of linear time. It is causing the experience in the physical of what is already existing energetically. It has nothing to do with the concept of linear time. For example: We have a fear pattern of scarcity and we fear to lose everything we own and to not being able to provide for us and our loved ones. So far, we attracted situations, where we constantly felt we need to work hard to survive in this world and to earn enough money. And we are installing an alarm at home and are protecting our belongings to make sure nobody steals them. We live in fear and are exhausted from all of our protection mechanisms. Often enough it happens that thing are indeed stolen from us. Then, we recognize our fear pattern and consciously work on it and transmute it from fear to love. We are changing the frequency of our energetic field and tadaaa: We align with something fitting that higher frequency. We experience that things come easy, we know that we cannot lose what truly belongs to us and we feel relaxed and happy without materialistic security. We can still enjoy these things, but we are not dependent on them. The same counts for the twin dynamics. The original very high frequencies can only align, when all the blocking low frequencies are transmuted on all levels (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically). As both share one energy field, if one changes the frequency, the other will feel it and is energetically inspired to shift. By changing our frequency, we change our physical reality and influence Divine Timing.

With free will, we have the steering wheel for Divine Timing: Choose love to accelerate, choose fear to delay.”

SO: To summarize again. With our free will, we have the steering wheel for Divine Timing and can influence it with our free will choice. Choose fear to delay, choose love to accelerate. Time to take the driver’s seat 🙂

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera

Navigate your Twin Flame Experience successfully, understand the purpose and dynamics, and find inner peace, happiness and joy!


  1. I read many articles on twin flames. This is by far the most scientific, positive and sensible.

  2. Great article! Does this mean that hypothetically, if both twins are healed for union they still have free will to decide not to unite with each other?

  3. OMG! You’ve just immensily helped with the heightening of my spiritual journey. I am extremely grateful to you for gifting me several missing pieces of the puzzle. Thank you for your beautifully written articles and especially for the relevant embedded links. You have compiled the Entire Truth in such few simple and clearly written words. Amazing! You, my Dear, must be an Earth Angel.

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