Twin Flames – Embodying the Energetic Dance

Note: The twin flame experience is absolutely fascinating from an energetic perspective and so perfectly organized, while the human part of us struggles with it intensely. This article contains a lot of information that can be quite overwhelming at first. Take your time to integrate it, feel what resonates. You might discover that each time you come back to it and re-read it that you will find more information and getting a fuller picture. 

When we read about twin flames, the information beyond the romantic idea usually is all about finding the energetic balance. That is only half of the truth. Twin Flames are not only here to balance their spiritual energetic aspects. They are mainly here to embody the new energetic templates of unconditional love. And that era has just begun. 

“I have done so much energetic balancing work, I have connected with my twin regularly energetically in meditation, I have let go so many times, etc, etc… and yet… my twin flame is nowhere to be seen in the physical.” Sounds familiar?

There is a very common misunderstanding and information widely spread amongst twin flame groups. That twin flames need each other to be whole and that this is the reason why they have to re-unite eventually. This is exactly where many remain stuck. With this idea in mind, everything they do, they only do for the sake of reaching union. Guess what…. That is a conditional belief and behavior based on lack: “If I do all this work, I will reach union.” As long as we are still thinking we need to reach something, we are not acting from a place of wholeness and are not in the NOW, but we are coming from a place of lack and fear. The key is to find the balance within and reaching a state of being truly unconditional. A state, when we do not feel any need or attachment any longer, when we do not feel we need to reach something to be complete. When we are not attached to any certain outcome but open to all possibilities, including union.

The key is to find the balance within and reaching a state of being truly unconditional.”

Of course, this is easier said and done, and we all know how challenging this journey is. How often we go through the intense ups and downs, asking ourselves why the heck we have to experience this and if this ever ends. And yet, the more we learn about ourselves, the more we learn about the dynamics and true purpose, the easier it becomes to navigate. The highs increase, the lows get less. Up to a point when we are able to not only hold the higher fifth dimensional frequencies, but also embody them in a way to inspire and assist many others to go through the ascension process. In order to be able to do so and to fully enjoy life again, we need to rediscover our wholeness, creating the sacred union within. To have an harmonic dance of the masculine and feminine energies within us, and be able to fully express them through our physical body.

Physical twins are made of the same make-up (DNA-wise), they are two individuals that are able to enjoy and live their life on their own without needing the other, and yet they have a close connection through their whole life. Just like physical twins, energetic twins (twin flames) also learn throughout their journey to create this independence without ever feeling disconnected from the energetic twin. The experience of the energetic connection changes over time. The more inner balance is reached, the lighter and more empowering it feels. Energetic twins do have more options physically, how the connection will play out, as they do have different genetic designs, so in human form they are no siblings. The connection could become anything in an embodied manifested form – whether as a partnership, a friendship or remaining a spiritual connection. This all depends on the agreements that have been made, what choices are made with the free will of the individuals (what timeline, altered reality is chosen) and what kind of service to human ascension is provided by the energetic pairs. And that is what we always need to be aware of, although the human ego mind loves to remain attached to the idea of “the One” in physical form. The ego mind loves to identify with things and people, and yet it remains a fact: Twin flames are energetic twins, not physical twins, they are not attached to one human body. This is the last big attachment and condition to overcome to reach complete freedom and balance within. The ego will fight against this idea, will judge, blame, justify to remain attached to this one last anchor to hold on to in the big chaos we find ourselves in. And yet, only if we let go of that idea, things can unfold beautifully  in a beyond magical way.

It is quite interesting, that the most important aspect of the twin flame journey is hardly ever written about. The EMBODIMENT of the new templates for unconditional love and connections, relations with a partner and other people. Twins are able to share these new codes with everyone that comes into their field as soon as they have reached the sacred union within. We show how we can relate to others without any conditions, expectations, attachments or pain. We are fully anchored into the NOW moment, fully present with others, sharing amazing connections and experiences. We open hearts in an instant, as soon as people come into our field. And that is what we are here for. To assist people finding their way into New Earth. Same planet, different frequency, different experience. And we can only assist because we know what people go through. We have experienced it ourselves. I have written about that and summarized the purpose in this blog from 2016.

“So, but what about reunion”, our ego will ask. The twin flame dynamics and the way they incarnated are set-up in a very clever way. Because the idea of having found the ultimate partner is what keeps us going to go through all the pain and despair. Until we reach a point where we are able to navigate on our own. Until we realize that there is so much more we did not see or understand before and that our life transforms in ways that were way beyond our human imagination.

The embodiment/physical reunion as a pair is only possible when the individuals have reached full alignment and balance within of masculine and feminine energies and have shifted fully into the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension. And that simply has not happened yet, because the energetic environment and template for planet earth was not established and completed until the year of 2017. Even those twin flame couples that have “reunited are not in full 5D embodied union yet, and are still struggling with the inner balancing and ascension symptoms while permanently balancing with the partner as well. We are now seeing the first more feminine counterparts (not gender based) reaching this inner alignment and balance. Only when this inner balance is reached by the more feminine part, the heart opening process can be kicked off for the more masculine part. That is just how energetic principles work. The feminine goes first. So we will have a “Sex and the City 5D” party for a while, with many feminine “single” counterparts holding space in 5D for the masculine to follow. Again, this does not automatically mean it leads to physical reunion and a romantic partnership. The cool thing is: When we reach that state of inner wholeness, it does not matter anymore. Because by then, we have experienced that we can share magical experiences and connect with others in beautiful ways, too. So what does it mean at this point? It simply means that now the masculine twin flame collective will be pushed into their awakening, inspiring the human collective to follow along with it.

We will have a “Sex and the City 5D” party for a while, with many feminine “single” counterparts holding space in 5D for the masculine to follow.

This alignment and shift happens on two levels: The spiritual level (the energy centers above the heart), and the earthly level. (the energy centers below the heart). The heart to heart connection is already established by the twins energetically, as this is where the “split soul/energy field” still is connected. How the twin flame journey plays out for the different individual pairs, is depending on their individual energetic mix and set up. So there is no “one fits all” process.

In order to understand all of this better, we have to take a look into the process of evolution/creation and into the characteristics of the masculine and feminine energies taking into account the different levels (spiritual level and earthly level) and the different energetic bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical).

The Process of Evolution / Creation

In the beginning is chaos. The sea of possibilities we swim in is the spiritual feminine (Shakti, Yin, Life Force). The spiritual feminine – our intuition, does nothing but float in this sea and scan all possibilities being open to all options. She feels intuitively what resonates and what feels good. When we look into the string theory, this is when photons are still wave patterns. That is when synchronicities take place. When alike wave patterns align with alike wave patterns. Yet, nothing happens as long as we just float. Until the masculine energy joins the dance and starts observing and focusing on a possibility. Then the photon becomes a particle. It takes form. The spiritual masculine starts structuring the chaos, to then make a choice, setting an intention. Instead of spraying the energy everywhere, the masculine bundles the energy and creates powerful momentum. This choice can be made based on love or on fear, trust or mistrust. The difference: commitment (detached from a certain outcome) or control (attached to a certain outcome). This choice impacts the whole manifestation of the individual reality in the embodied form and experience in the material world. This is the whole difference between the fifth and the third dimension, whether we experience abundance, unity and ease, or lack, separation and effort.

The Cycle of Creation depicted in a linear way (naturally it is a spiral)

Through this choice and intention, we enter the embodiment process. The spiritual masculine’s intention kicks off the earthly embodied flow in form of an emotion to truly feel the creation riping. This is the earthly feminine taking over. The moment an emotion comes in, we are truly dedicated to the experience we chose. Creativity is initiated: The being pregnant with an idea or project. Being patient and trusting that everything comes together in perfect timing. Once the idea or project is ripe and ready to be born, the earthly masculine energy takes over again. Now it is time for action, for physical manifestation. The earthly masculine again bundles energy to make things happen.

It becomes obvious, that we all need to find this inner flow and balance first to become powerful creators and manifestors.”

Looking at this, it becomes obvious that we all need to find this inner flow and balance first to become powerful creators and manifestors. We all have our deficiencies and imbalances energetically that we are learning to balance out in the course of the process. That does not mean that we reach a 50:50 balance, and that is not the intention either. A healthy 60:40 / 40:60 proportion will still leave us with a preference and the ability to still create polarity. The spiritual feminine is the first one to go through this, and as mentioned before, the first one’s of this group are about to complete this process. According to the energetic characteristics and laws, there is no other way than the spiritual feminine going first. A strong intuition is the basis for everything else to come. Only those that are able to see and feel all possibilities can initiate the necessary changes to pave the way for others to follow.

According to the energetic characteristics and laws, there is no other way than the spiritual feminine going first.”

Now having learned this, how does this apply to twin flames? Twin flames share the same energetic field but have decided for an unequal share of energies they will carry when they incarnate. This served to be able to create an intense polarity to make sure they would find each other again to initiate the earthly, human process of ascension. To make sure they would feel such an intense pull towards each other to stay motivated to go through this process individually. What happens though, is that the counterparts are constantly sucking the energy of each other where they have their deficit. That is why they experience such great longing and missing. Also this is experienced by the spiritual feminine first, as her heart stays open after the twin flame encounter (no matter if that happened physically in the earthly realms or energetically in the spiritual realms). The masculine heart closes down again after the encounter. The masculine goes into a sort of passive sucking mode, without being aware of it at all. The closed heart causes him to remain in his old reality and the twin experience is remembered as an intense sexual pull, towards someone that was not meant to be any more than that. As they are no longer able to feel the heart to heart connection, they are not able to access emotions they experienced with an open heart either.

This individual energetic mix is different for each couple. The most extreme ones would be what humans would label as a psychopath on the one end (like 95% spiritual and earthly masculine: extremely conscious and a real doer but not able to feel emotions, or have a lot of patience at all) and the cardio-empath on the other extreme (95% spiritual and earthly feminine, extremely intuitive, sensitive and creative, but not able at all to focus, take decisions or get things done). In between there are many different options in terms of distribution of energies and combinations of energetic set ups. There are twins that connect more earthly / sexually / physically first and discover a connection and flow there as never before, but they truly struggle with communicating with each other. That shows that they decided for a strong sexual polarity first, but not having established a mental connection yet. And there are twins that have an amazing mental click, being able to share and talk for hours, yet having sex with each other is downright impossible. The only thing all pairs share is the heart to heart connection. This also makes clear why the individual twin flame experiences are not the same for everyone.

The Running and the Chasing

In many cases, the more spiritual feminine is more earthly masculine, and the more spiritual masculine is more earthly feminine. That also explains the very common running and chasing dynamics that often take place between twin flames. While the spiritual feminine aches to be with the other person, her strong immature earthly masculine desperately wants to make it happen and fights for it (chasing). She is not (yet) able to stay focused on her own process (deficit of spiritual masculine energy) and has no patience to let things develop in their natural way (deficit of earthly feminine energy).

The running on the other hand is a very feminine fear reaction of the immature earthly feminine (flight or freeze response), getting into a place of not having to take action, but rather distract oneself by focusing on other projects (spiritual masculine), to not have to deal with all the possibilities with regards to the twin connection.

Only when we have all of these parts back in a healthy balance within, and the individuals are able to navigate the process of creation from a place of love on their own, they are ready to enter the new phase of co-creation. Then it becomes a sharing and amplification of powerful individual energies, instead of pulling and sucking the energy of the partner and vice versa. Only when the formerly stronger spiritual feminine has found this inner balance, she has reached a state energetically, where she no longer needs to suck the energy of her partner, and therefore, she no longer provides energy to her counterpart anymore either. The vicious cycle of sucking energy from each other is broken through. And that is the point when the masculine counterpart starts feeling the void and is pushed into his own process of awakening. Only when the energy he was passively sucking from the counterpart is no longer available, he is forced to wake up and find his way to create this energy on his own. His world will fall apart, he will feel exhausted, incomplete and empty because of the missing energy. It will become so uncomfortable that he will search for an answer and a solution to find his inner balance as well.

Female and Male Characteristics

So how can I tell whether I am balanced or not in the different parts? Here is a little overview on the balanced and imbalanced characteristics of the masculine and feminine traits so you can see for yourself where you stand in your own process.

Feminine and Masculine Characteristics when balanced or imbalanced

When we are able to create all of the feminine and masculine traits in the “Balance” column for ourselves, we have reached a state of inner wholeness.

That also requires that all of our fear and belief patterns have shifted, which I have written about in many of my blogs, so I will not repeat it here. At this point, we have integrated our ego, our heart center is open full time and inspires anyone coming into our field. No matter in which dimension we are, we hold our frequency. Our mind has shifted into parallel mode and linear time is no longer existent. Our physical body has released all lower dimensional patterns from the cellular memory. We are fully anchored in the fifth dimension.

Thus, the balancing and shifting for powerful embodiment takes place on different levels: Each energy center (former chakras), each body (mental, emotional, physical) and earthly / spiritually. As said, the experiences differ widely depending on the individual energetic mixes and splits.

So what does that mean for our twin flame experience? It means that anything is possible. In a world without conditions and expectations, we are taking it as is, and are enjoying every single bit of it. We are seeing the purpose of it all, even when we have a shitty day, week or month. Our divine counterpart will always be in our heart, and all we can feel is love and gratitude for them, for being our best trigger, teacher and partner to support us in reaching this state of independence. Once we don’t need them anymore, once we do not feel the longing anymore, we know that we have shifted for good and are holding our balance and embodying the higher fifth dimensional frequencies on our own. As long as there is a longing and missing, we are trying to pull energy from our counterpart, instead of creating the energy for ourselves. Getting out of the energetic comfort zone and training those parts of us where we are not balanced is key. This will step by step bring you back into the place where magic is a daily business and everything happens effortlessly.

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera

Navigate your Twin Flame Experience successfully, understand the purpose and dynamics, and find inner peace, happiness and joy!


  1. You are truly a gift from God. Thank you thank you thank you.

    Interestingly I am going through this exact process, but with an old soul mate, as opposed to a twin, on the physical plane. My twin is in the spirit realm, and will unite with me energetically when I am ready. There are many ways to skin a cat eh?

    God bless you Vera, your blogs are incredible and as your name says you embody truth xxxx

  2. You are truly god’s messenger to me. I can see clearly my relationship with my energetic twin unfolding after a 29 year absence. The last 3 years he has come back into my life.. slowly but surely …this friendship that we have is invaluable to me . I have a strong knowing of our energetic connection. I can see that he knows to..I feel whole and balanced and I see clearly my purpose with him is create a better community . We are both professionals in our own fields. We both have spouses and children of our own whom we love very much. I realise that our friendship and energetic connection is priceless and we are working together to set up a free charity clinic in the city where we live.
    Thank you Vera . Every time I need validation of my feelings, I get my answers from your posts .
    You are godsent to me .

  3. Beautiful!!!! Thank you so much. I feel what you say intuitively… I realy couldn’t figure out why I’m not looking for a mate any more and do not feel the neediness 🙂 Now I realize that I’m on the right path. Thank you so much for brightening my day!!! In your writing I can observe the feminine interwind with the masculine. I think that I’ll return to this article again and again, it is the best one for ages….

  4. Thank you so kindly. What an amazing accurate take on the journey and this guidance will go a long gone way

  5. Thank you so much for this! For the past few days I’ve been thinking a lot about the sucking part, it’s clear to me now that I need to focus on just embodying LOVE, being the genuine childlike me. Your article brought light to these issues exactly! Oh dear, to think that I have sucked my twin’s energy, hits me hard… I now walk around telling him in spirit how sorry I am! I suspected this but I was in denial… of course if this has been going on vice versa, then of course I am not mad at my twin at all! A good lesson learned, a revelation! Thank you!!!

  6. Thank you for this amazing article, I didn’t understand what I went through but I knew anyways, what you explained here resonates deeply and helped me understand this confusion. I’m at a point now where I am reaching wholeness.
    I am at peace and about to birth my baby so to speak. I am sole creator of this my life, path and ideas. Everything I saw years back is coming to fulfillment and I feel my life is touched by magic, I am the magic.
    Thank you ❤️

  7. AMAZING dear Vera, really…

    This is the total twin flame journey all together.

    For me all this is resonating on my own inner knowing and what I experience right now…

    Also with a vision I had by the end of 2017, that the masculine part has began catching up… in a even more eager way of striving….

    I saw them ‘jumping’ over the feminine energy who are still in their 3d/4d space. So breath taking…

    Like they are jumping over them to catch up… with the feminine who are in 5d…. so touching and beautiful.

    So happy and greatfull for this time… and to really reach this point myself.

    So…. much to be proud of dear Feminines! <3


  8. Vera, thanks for your godly heart-warming words. As of now January 2018, your embodying the twin flame energy dance article truly resonates with me, since I’m in superhuman 5th dimensional Shiva-Shakti masculine-feminine balance.

    I’m water now. I simply flow in the Love river of life given to us by God. All I know now is that my Twin Flame counterpart will soon anchor herself to the 5th dimensional happiness and Love balance and that our Love will spread to the ones around us like wildfire and soothing water.

    That everyone around us will soon feel the eternal happiness and peace treasure within the Heart that we’ve just happened to find a little earlier than them.

    Love & Light Vera <3<3

  9. Vera,
    Your articles have all helped me through my own journey in tremendous ways. They have pulled me through my darkness and have helped me make sense of life when I couldn’t see far enough.
    Thank you so much! Keep writing! Blessings!

  10. What a beautiful and wise article! The picture describes it strongly. There are so many ways to meet a twin flame and it doesn’t have to be in one person forever, it could be in a shorter relationship reflecting who I am at the time. And it’s interesting how the more spiritually developed one in a relationship is able to show the way. I’ve been married 19 years, and it’s so nice not to be codependent–or as you say the sucking of the energy–and just allow each other to be. The work is within ourselves and the magic comes after that.

  11. This individual energetic mix is different for each couple. The most extreme ones would be what humans would label as a psychopath on the one end (like 95% spiritual and earthly masculine: extremely conscious and a real doer but not able to feel emotions, or have a lot of patience at all) and the cardio-empath on the other extreme (95% spiritual and earthly feminine, extremely intuitive, sensitive and creative, but not able at all to focus, take decisions or get things done).

    This is exactly what I’ve come to understand my best describes my twin and I.

    As for the connection between twins even before the earthly meeting … I can totally relate with such. When we first met over 20 years ago … Magic! That feeling that you’ve known the person for years although you have only just exchanged names.

    Numbers have always played a large part in my selection of partners over the years. Any thoughts on that?
    My ex husband bday 3/21/77
    Next relationship his bday
    Next relationship his bday
    My twin flame’s bday
    Now my encounters with my twin flame was present before the first in between each and we are currently together now.

    I apologise for jumping all over the place but I have recently found my thoughts on the probability that my counterpart actually ascended before myself just with his own reality of as I find myself tirelessly trying to teach him lessons I always find it was in fact I who needed to apply said lesson to myself.

  12. Dear Vera,
    I feel the Angels guided me to read this. I’ve read a ton of info about twin flames after an intense experience several months ago. Your article is the first that really addressed the energy in a way that I could understand. I can’t even describe the energy and sexual feelings I’ve had after a single meeting with someone. I believe your discussion and explanation of the energy encountered is the best I’ve read. I finally get the connection. This understanding has helped me find some peace with this experience. Thank you so much!

  13. Thank you for writing this. I was guided by my Angels to this article & now it all makes sense to me. Thank you for writing truth about this journey. I am in a unique situation with my TF & a lot of articles don’t resonate or apply to my situation, but this one hits the nail on the head. Love & light

  14. Thank you for putting it in words in the best possible way. I have a whole other understanding for this journey because of you <3

  15. Dear Vera, I can’t thank you enough for your writing, a gift beyond words. They can be read numerous times and each read something new is revealed. Your wisdom has been a light to so many as we progress on this journey of awakening ( and especially the ever-complicated TF journey). And the ripple effects of your guidance is infinite. Thank you leading us into the New Earth!

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