Tutorial Series 3: The Twin Flame Journey

Time to take your power back and find joy, authenticity and independence again! This tutorial series will give you deep insights into your experience of a sacred partnership / the twin flame journey. These connections are the most challenging thing you can go through while in a human body. Nevertheless, the further you move forward and upward in your vibrational frequency, the more exciting and beautiful your experience gets. These tutorials will help you to understand what is going on, how these connections work and what dynamics they follow. You will gain a better understanding what this partnership truly is about and how you can navigate this experience in the best possible way to move forward quickly. The key: Understand the energetic dynamics of the bond you are sharing and what the true purpose is.

Part 1: Letting go - What does it mean?

In Part 1 of the series you will learn everything about letting go and what it truly means including an overview, what you are challenged to let go of.

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Part 2: True Purpose and Energetic Dynamics

In Part 2 of the series, you learn why twin flames are here and what their purpose is. You gain deep insights into the energetic dynamics and what you can do to improve your situation quickly.

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Part 3: Free Will, Divine Timing and Sexual Energies

In Part 3 of this series, you will learn how Free Will and Divine Timing are influencing your partnership and how the balancing of the sexual energies in this connection works.

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