Trying vs. Allowing – THE Way to go with the Flow


My oh my… these times lately are really something. It is hard to even express in words what happens because things move so fast and shift so quickly. The concept of linear time dissolves more and more and we are moving into a living from moment to moment. We realize that the answers cannot be found outside, but only within and that we have to own our process, instead of making ourselves dependent of other people. And – it becomes clear that we are NOT transcending the physical body when ascending. NO, we are shifting old patterns and are transforming our physical body to fully embody what wants to be expressed and created through us. We are now finding our way into true alignment of soul, mind and body to live in accordance with the rhythm of the universal energies. When we are in full alignment and embodiment, then we are completely going with the flow.

So what does that mean? The best way to understand what shift we are going through, no matter on what level or in which situation is to understand the difference between trying and allowing. In our old paradigm, based on lack, mistrust and fear, we have been taught that we need to try harder, we need to fight for things, we need to put effort into reaching goals, we need to control and manipulate people, situations and processes to reach a certain outcome. We are conditional. WE ARE TRYING. The new paradigm on the other hand is based on abundance, trust, playfulness and love. Here, things happen for us magically and effortlessly and we are always provided with what we need and desire from our hearts. Here, we have that deep inner knowing, that everything happens for a purpose and for the highest good of everyone involved. We are open and receiving (in zero point), we are taking action when it feels right (following clear impulses) without expecting a specific result. We are unconditional. WE ARE ALLOWING.

Sounds wonderful? Yes! But how to get there?

The old New Age and the New

Let’s dive a bit deeper into that, looking at the “old new age” teachings and the new intuitive knowing through embodiment and alignment. Often, we are not even aware of the fact, that yet being on the spiritual journey, we are still searching restlessly for answers and making ourselves dependent from the wisdom of other people, non-physical beings, gurus and teachers. We are signing up for one webinar, retreat, class after another to gain more insights and learn more methods. We book readings to learn more about a certain situation, we are going into past life regression sessions to understand better where our pain and fears come from. Or, we go down one of the many rabbit holes of earthly or spiritual conspiracy, believing we know more, and we are here to save the world or wake people up. We fight for or against, we divide in good and evil, we meditate for unity or world peace, we pray to move hurricans or fires away etc. Without realizing it, we get caught up in stories, we try to manipulate or control our outside reality. We get attached to the methods and stories as “the truth”. We get upset and judgmental when our belief system is not confirmed and validated by “others”. Without being aware of it, we find ourselves in the same co-dependency patterns as we were in in 3D before.

We are putting effort into all of it, because our mind wants to understand what is going on with us, and our ego needs a story/identity to attach to in order to continue its existence. We are focused and closed down. And more than that: It wants to find that person or situation to blame for, the root cause of our experience. And it wants to protect us from outside forces/dangers. We are going into just another round of separation. We are trying harder, mediating harder, we are reading more about stuff and might even become obsessed or addicted to certain methods, rituals, substances/medicines, and teachings. All of them are nothing but narratives/storylines/timelines we can explore or can be totally distracted with. 
Sometimes we feel superior, thinking we know it all and need to convince others, sometimes we feel inferior, as if we never know enough. And… this will continue as long as we let our ego-mind (even though it has now transformed into a spiritual ego) stay in the lead. The ego mistrusts that process, it wants answers. It is trying to find THE solution, THE healing method. It thinks there is something we need to reach to finally find peace and love. And with it, it still causes that feeling of lack, of not being whole. FRUSTRATION: The discrepancy between (future) expectation and now.
All the searching and distractions, leads us away from where we truly find wholeness: Our heart, from our intuition, from the NOW-moment.

All the searching and distractions lead us away from where we truly find wholeness From our heart, from our intuition, from the NOW-moment.”

Alignment and Embodiment is Key

Yes, astrology, numerology, channelings from archangels and extraterrestrials, sermons, mantras, prayers and ceremonies of gurus etc can give us some peace of mind for a while. But that is not what we are “striving” for. We are “striving” for a state of no(w)-mind: A healthy state of non-interpretation and non-projection of things by being and doing in the moment. We are “striving” for a state of full embodiment. Where we feel the truth from the inside. No need for confirmation from the outside. That is the ultimate transformation of the ego-mind into a free spirit. A mind that is fully connected to the one-mind / unity consciousness, lead by the intuition of the heart. Our truth and essence comes always from within. As long as we need outside guidance, an outside comfort zone, we are still in a state of attachment, which is fear. It is tough to recognize and admit that one to oneself. Once we do and break through it, we experience true freedom. We experience ultimate trust. We experience ultimate authenticity. We experience self-love. We experience Source. The closer we come to self-love, the closer we come to God/Source. Because God is not an outside force. No – God works through us. We are an expression of God in physical form. Ultimate self-love means truly embracing ourselves as perfect in all ways, recognizing that we are EVERYTHING, and everything we experience is a reflection of us.  Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Once we have fully embodied self-love (which is not self-interest, but the love of the larger SELF – ALL that IS) on all levels, we are free. We create a completely new reality based on the new vibration we are now operating on. The vibration of unconditional love. True unconditional love is only possible in the absence of fear and all attachments that come with it: Expectations, the need to control or manipulate for a certain outcome, judgment, blame, duality.

We are “striving” for a state of no(w)-mind: A healthy state of non-interpretation of things. A state of full embodiment. Where we feel the truth from the inside.”

And all of this can only be experienced by allowing. By finding ourselves in complete detachment. We need to lose and let go of everything that is not authentic about us, which often includes our roots, people, nutrition, work, a certain lifestyle, health, resources etc. The more we resist, the tougher it gets and we are manifesting and creating situations that force us to break. That force us to stop trying and start allowing. Allowing is the ultimate surrender to the universal flow. The moment we realize that this flow wants to work and be expressed through us, and everything that blocks us from there is shown to us. Our own doubts, fears and mistrust are simply reflected back to us. The more we go into alignment with this flow and embody it, the quicker our experience and our reality can shift. And that means to face the fears, face the pain and go right into it. Feeling it for a last time, consciously, with gratitude and compassion, to transmute it. Allowing means also to allow that energy we are experiencing in a moment to be there – without attachment. The ego-mind always wants to add a story/narrative or interpretation to it to make sense of it rationally. The more we learn to not listen to the stories and see it for what it truly is, the easier shifting energies will become. It is just energy that wants to be transformed. No storytelling, no answer to the “Why” necessary. Because once you’ve shifted, you don’t even understand anymore why you were so caught up in it so much in the first place. It will not matter to you anymore. You have changed the pattern, so the past becomes irrelevant. So does the future. All that is, is NOW.

Allowing and surrender does not mean to be in a state of waiting and being passive. It means to feel what the energetic impulse tells you to do. It is about learning the universal language of energy.”

Allowing and surrender does not mean to be in a state of waiting and being passive. That would just be another expression of fear, mistrust and co-dependency. Another form of trying: Trying to just sit this one out and let others prepare and solve it for you. No… allowing means to feel what the energetic impulse tells you to do. It is about learning the universal language of energy. And that can only be felt, not spoken. We learn to feel, when it is time to be active, and when it is time to be passive. When it is time to give, when it is time to receive. We learn to fully balance the masculine and feminine energies within. We start to share unconditionally: Our essence and what is available to us.
Allowing also does not mean to have to do it alone. It just means to not give our power away to others. Unconditional sharing is part of the Oneness we are learning now. And yet, this is a different form, as we find balance between independence and dependence: The healthy way of being interdependent, and co-live and co-create without being attached/co-dependent. 

Feeling the Flow needs a physical Body

Going with the flow, experiencing what IS, and physical creation is only possible while having a physical existence. If we were just to float around as an energetic blob, we would not be able to touch, see, sense, hear, taste, smell anything. It is a wide-spread misconception that we will transcend our body when ascending. That would take away the sensations and experience. All we do during our awakening process is detox. Detox from all attachments to be then able to just enjoy as long as it is there, without having a need out of lack. We do not transcend our body when ascending. We transcend duality.

So no matter what the experience or issue or situation you are going through. Always reflect: Am I choosing fear or love. Am I mistrusting or trusting. Am I seeing lack or abundance. Am I conditional or unconditional. AM I TRYING OR AM I ALLOWING.

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera


  1. Thank you, this is very astute and topical. I might add a thought here. In one’s meditation or prayer, be careful not to ask for “things”, for yourself and especially, for others. Asking simply for strength and will, for direction, and that whatever you’re sent will be welcomed and accepted is what I find works. Assume you will get the right answer and you will.

  2. I used to carry around a copy of your How to Detect the Spiritual Ego at Play…now this article will be my guide! There’s lots that I understand, like transcending duality, and lots more that I still have to learn and practise about oneness. Thank you, lovely Vera!

    1. What a nice idea to “carry” it around to read bit by bit, again n again
      until it disolves in oneself.

  3. Thank you so much Vera. I distrubute always your posts and hope others
    enjoy to read it like me. It always helps me a lot in this times of great turmoils.
    Send you lots of love to wherever you are on this globe 🙂 <3

  4. Your message is clear and teaches me ! Thank you.

    I have a question : is there only releasing/purging when there is
    allowing ?
    thank you.

  5. So needed to hear this today. Will read again and again.
    Beautifully written.
    Thank you!

    With Honor and Reverence

  6. thanks for your writings I understand them fully in my heart anc I am convinced that it is the best way toin awakening.

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