Wake Up Inspirations

During my own Wake Up and ascension process and my search for answers, I was inspired by many authors and films that helped me to get a bigger picture and to understand. The one’s that made the most impression on me are collected here. I hope you enjoy exploring!


the-power-of-now-193x300Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now

In general, the message of this book is very simple – living in the now is the path to go to find back to inner peace and happiness. He gives very helpful insights to understand the difference between the ego and the true self and speaks about the pain body, which is related to the fear-based ego side. He shows ways how to dissolve fears and pain by moving into the now and disidentifying with the emotions or pain we are experiencing.


a-new-earth-200x300Eckhart Tolle: New Earth

In his latest book, Tolle repeats a lot of his messages from his book “The Power of Now”. He lifts it to a new level though, speaking about a new earth that is possible through a new collective level of consciousness. He shows why our old paradigm does not work anymore and is doomed to fail. He shows how the ego – as the biggest barrier in human development – has dominated our systems and conventions for a long time and points out ways how to leave this vicious cycle.


matrix-code-190x300Dieter Broers: The Matrix Code

Unfortunately, this book is only available in German as far as I know.  Dieter Broers asks some simple questions such as: What is reality? Is there more than one reality? Are we indeed as free as we feel? He describes in an excellent way, how science and spirituality go hand in hand and that the movie “The Matrix” is not so far from our world as we know it today. He inspires the reader to look beyond the veils of manipulative control mechanisms and shows a way, how to exit the matrix.


the-hidden-messages-in-water-200x300Masaru Emoto: The hidden Messages of Water

This is a fascinating book about water and its behavior. Emoto is a water scientist, and researched the behavior of water reacting on different energy frequencies in form of emotions. He was able to capture the reactions in form of crystals by freezing the water immediately after the energetic influence. The results are quite striking.  The most beautiful crystals evolve when high frequencies were received, while the water structure looks completely destroyed after being influenced by low frequencies such as anger or fear. Taking into account that our body consists of water to two thirds,  we can imagine the effect it has on our well being, when hit by such frequencies.


one-mind-200x300Larry Dossey: One Mind

Physician Dossey has written a fascinating book from a very scientific perspective to reveal the truth about the fact that we are living in an illusion of separation. In reality, we are all connected to a higher source of consciousness he calls “One Mind”. He tackles this topic from many different ankles, such as Near-death experiences, savants, twins, telepathic experiences, physics, animal behavior etc. It is very well researched and explained in an excellent way. Who still has doubts after reading this is not predestined to reach a higher level of consciousness in this incarnation 😉


how-to-stop-worrying-and-start-living-182x300Dale Carnegy: How to stop worrying and start living

This was the first book I read that could be considered spiritual. It was at the time of my first marriage, when my whole life consisted of constant worries. This book gave me some great insights and lessons how to change the perspective on things. I do not like his first sentence in his book: “Those who don’t know how to fight worry, die young”, simply because my experience is that fighting is never a good idea. Fighting means resistance and building up counter pressure. As long as we fight, we act from a place of fear. But, this book was my entrance into changing some thought patterns. It is a very down to earth written book and just gives a first glimpse into the fascinating world of spirituality.


island-196x300Aldous Huxley: Island

This book is Huxley’s last major work shortly before he died. It is a very impressive novel on our society. He describes life on an Island called Pala where life is based on community, sharing, awareness and mindfulness, based on Buddhist principles. A shipwrecked journalist stumbles into this paradise and recognizes all the differences. He observes how the new generation, especially influenced by the new ruler of the island, is slowly shifting into the direction of greed, capitalism and egoisms. I read this book for the first time when I was sixteen and it made a deep impression on me.


hands-of-light-233x300Barbara Ann Brennan: Hands of Light

Barbara Ann Brennan is a very fascinating person. She is physicist and highly recognized as specialist in that field. In addition to that, she is a healer focusing on energetic healing and therapy. She combines science and spirituality in one person and has a wonderful manner of explaining things, breaking them down to a level that is easy to understand. It is a book for everyone who wants to dive deeper into the world of energy healing. She explains some general physical and spiritual basics before going into the human aura, the human energy field and dynamic of the psyche, root causes of diseases, how to heal and self-healing.


Iyanta Vanzant: In the Min-the-meantime-198x300eantime

Iyanta has written a real relationship bible including the question about the meaning of life. She explains why so many relationships fail and what the steps are to take to have a relationship that is based on trust and love. She uses the analogy of tidying your house, starting in the basement and working your way to the attic. She lights the path to unconditional self-love, which is then overflowing to others. She shows how to tackle past hurts, memories and disappointments that caused fear and self-doubt to be able to open up to the higher levels of light and love.


the-laws-of-spirit-207x300Dan Millman: The Laws of Spirit

Great spiritual teacher and peaceful warrior Dan Millman has written this gem that is always sitting on my bedside table. It is a fairytale like story, when Dan Millman encounters a sage in the hills. She challenges him to experience 12 core principles of human existence. ( balance, choice, process, presence, compassion, faith, expectation, integrity, action, cycles, surrender and unity) She leads him to a deeper meaning and connection and harmony with himself and the world. She teaches him how these principles can transform life including relationships, careers, finance and health. It is a very inspiring book with lots of little reminders to refocus on what is truly important in life.


fuck-it-188x300John C. Parkin: Fuck it

I feel privileged to know John Parkin and his wife personally. I was on two of their retreats in Italy and I can say that they truly changed my life to the better, not only because I met my twin flame there. This book was the right inspiration for me in a time when I was struggling with my old career and gave very useful and practical tips of how to integrate exercises to stay in the moment in daily life. His very down to earth approach to give a fuck about what other people think and just go and fucking do it is very refreshing and fun to read and work with.  His words are so authentic because he went through a big life change himself, threw away his old career, packed up with his wife and went to Italy to start working as  a life coach.


the-gifts-of-imperfection-200x300Brenée Brown: The Gifts of Imperfection

Brenée Brown is an impressive lady working as a researcher at the University of Massachusetts, researching and studying vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame.

This book leads us out of the illusion to have to fulfil expectations of others and society in general who are telling us who, what and how we should be. She mirrors back to us, how most of us perform and please other people to not feel inadequate. She has ten guideposts that help us to find the courage, compassion and connection to finally say wholeheartedly: “I am enough and worthy of love and belonging”.


home-coming-189x300John Bradshaw: Homecoming: Reclaiming and Healing your Inner Child

In the end, we are still our own inner child inside of us. Our child that got hurt and wounded in the past never leaves us and shows up in situations when the same buttons are pushed for us in and adult situation. Our inner child is crying out for attention and healing. I used this book as a basis for my own inner child program, tweaked it a bit and added some valuable exercises. Healing our inner child helps us quickly to reprogram our patterns and to dissolve the  demons of the past, making the inner child a source of energy, joy and fulfilment – the basis to create the life of our dreams.


radical-forgivenessColin Tipping: Radical Forgiveness

The process and approach developed by Colin Tipping is the fastest way I am aware of to transmute energies to a higher level. Tipping uses the simple tool of a worksheet to guide you through this process of transformation. He helps you to take a look at your life and specific situations from a soul perspective, leaving the human perspective out of the game. The result are rapid changes in your reality.


tarot-201x300Osho: Zen Tarot

Although this is not really a book, these Tarot cards have been a great inspiration to me. Osho and his wisdom contributed immensely to my own growth and healing. Not only is playing tarot a fun way to experience energy work, but these cards are really carrying a lot of Zen wisdom that challenges you to see things from a different, much broader perspective. His texts inspire you to contemplate and spark you to make necessary changes in your mindset to move forward.


The Food of GodsJasmuheen: The Food of Gods

A book that originally drew my attention because I was interested in prana nutrition as I experienced that the higher my frequency rose, and the more I connected with the higher realms, the less food I needed. I never really felt hungry anymore. So I bought this book and was very positively surprised as she is also explaining the overall steps and phases you go through in your own ascension process. She uses metaphysical as well as scientific data to explain in a simple way. You can find out immediately on what level you are at the moment.


33 Cosmic Laws to understand the true BeingUsha Gönnawein: 33 Cosmic Laws to understand the true Being

Unfortunately, this book is only available in German as far as I know.  Usha gives a beautiful overview of the 33 energetic cosmic laws. So much has become clear to me when I was reading this book. Afterwards, I truly understood how energy works and how you can use it in your own journey. Really beautiful about it are the three perspectives she offers for each law: The cosmic-spiritual level, the soul-emotional level and the human-materialistic level.



True love is realSuzanne Baker Hogan: True love is real

Suzanne and Spencer are a twin flame couple that made it through the beautiful yet sometimes brutal twin flame process  to reunion. I feel blessed to know them personally and having been able to spend a couple of days with them. The energy is amazing! This book as well as their blog was truly helpful and inspiring to me when I was going through this bootcamp myself. It has exactly the right balance of showing all the benefits and rewards along the way, but not denying the immense pain and cleansing you have to work through in this ultimate dance of one soul split in half. Especially in times of doubt or when I was feeling hopeless and desperate, their texts helped me immensely.



shift-219x300Wayne Dyer: The Shift

This is a fantastic film on finding back to yourself and doing what you truly love and came here for. It shows how ego drives our life, keeping us trapped in fear, resulting in greed, anger and competition, making it impossible for us to live in the now. He is holding the mirror for us with the scenes and we cannot do anything else but smile and feel caught because we recognize ourselves being stuck in the same behavioral patterns.




wayne-dyer-150x150Wayne Dyer: My Father – my greatest Teacher

Another wonderful film by and with Wayne Dyer. It tells the story of a university professor, that is overwhelmed again and again by deep anger and resentment toward his father who abandoned him when he was born. He has a loving family and a successful career but these emotions are taking control over him again and again and endanger his career and his marriage. He realizes that he needs to confront these wounds of the past. It is an inspiring film of how we can transform suffering into forgiveness and love and about the lessons we can learn in every conflict or situation, recognizing that all these counterparts are teaching us something in order for us to learn and grow.



the-matrix-227x300The Matrix

When I first saw this movie, it triggered so many questions in me about life and reality. In the meantime I love to use it as an analogy because it is so close to our current situation. It drives us into the question if we are maybe unconsciously imprisoned by a higher force and programmed to belief we are living in a normal world.  Neo, a computer hacker works in a cubicle, manning a computer and doing little hackings from time to time on the side. He makes acquaintance with Morpheus, who tells him that none of the things around him are real but a massive artificial intelligence system that has tapped I into people’s minds to create the illusion of a real world, while using them and their energies for other purposes. Neo is the chosen one to crack the codes to destroy the matrix and free people to return to reality.



mr-nobodyMr. Nobody

A striking movie on reincarnation, the veil of forgetfulness and parallel universes. It is a very complex yet striking plot, telling the story of a young boy that stands on a station platform and a train is about to leave. He needs to decide whether to stay with his father or to leave with his mother on the train. Should he stay or should he go? By not taking the decision, a wide range of possibilities arises how his life could take its course. But no matter how the decision was, it always leads him back to the same person.




jim-carrey-150x150Jim Carrey: Choose love, not fear (Speech at Maharishi University)

Comedian Jim Carrey actually is a very wise and spiritual person. You will not believe what you hear out of the mouth of this person we only know as the geek. In his wonderful speech to the graduates of Maharishi University, he speaks about the choice we have every day. If we act from a place of love or a place of fear. He shares his own story and how his father inspired him to do what he loves.




This documentary connects science and spirituality in a fantastic and very down to earth way. It explains what emotions truly are: Energy in Motion.  The film explains how to work with them effectively, draws parallels to our daily life and provides a wide range of valuable tools to heal and transform energies in a simple way. This film really is an eye-opener!





51wd17hynal-_sx200_ql80_Star Wars

When I was six years old, my father watched Star Wars with me for the first time. And I was so fascinated. Everything seemed so familiar and I had this feeling of being home that I could not explain. After my spiritual awakening, 30 years later, I realized that the Star Wars series is packed with spiritual wisdom on duality, darkness and light, love and fear. Master Yoda and his wisdom make him one of my favourite spiritual teachers. I took so much inspiration out of these movies and learned so much about polarities and the dance between darkness and light.




screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-12-35-44Spirit Science: The hidden Human History

This piece is challenging our belief system about human history to the core. It goes back into Lemurian and Atlantean times, explains how the Pyramids were built and what an important role they play for our energetic balance on the planet. The video addresses the geomagnetic field, the Bermuda Triangle, the different dimensions, unity consciousness, the Egyptians, the Mayans, Adam and Eve, Jesus and their connection to the ascended masters and much more, all of it based on scientific research.



The Esoteric AgendaThe Esoteric Agenda

This is one of the most complete films on social programming, the world elite and human ascension and evolution. It offered me many valuable insights to understand how this system works and how I can exit “the matrix”.



ET OriginsET Origins – Secrets of the Star People

This film is a fantastic documentation on extraterrestrial encounters, UFOs and alien mysteries throughout the history. It gives a completely different perspective on our race and purpose, mingling science and spiritual wisdom. It dives deep into the ancient wisdom of the indian tribes here on earth and what kind of experiment we are all part of. It shows in an impressive way how ETs are in daily contact with humanity and how they assist and support us to bring more love onto this planet.



The Connected Universe

This is a stunning and breathtaking documentary on the work of physicist Nassim Harramein. He explains in a very simple, down to earth way, how space defines matter and closes the gap between quantum physics and cosmic physics. He shows how everything in this Universe is connected and why we, as an individual matter! We have much more power and influence on the changes of this planet than we could ever imagine.

A beautiful eye-opener that explains spirituality from a science point of view.

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