Twin Flame Journey

First it is sheer bliss, then it is comforting, then challenging, then devastating before it returns to be challenging, then comforting and back to sheer bliss. The Twin Flame Journey is the most wondrous thing that can happen for us on our spiritual path. We meet this person that rips our heart wide open and turns our whole world, as we knew it, upside down. Everything falls apart. We are shaken up deeply in our beliefs and emotions surface in an intensity, we could not believe would be possible. The life we thought we were quite happy with all of a sudden does not make any sense anymore. All we want is to be with that other person, no matter what.

The Twin Flame Experience was considered very rare, and not a very well known topic, even in the spiritual world. As earth and with her humanity is on an accelerated ascension path, the phenomenon has increased significantly. All of a sudden a lot of people are having intense romantic encounters and they feel like they are madly falling in love. Their whole life gets turned upside down.  These nuclear explosions between two hearts creates very strong polarity, and high frequencies which are highly beneficial to kickstart humanity into the next step of evolution.

“These nuclear explosions between two hearts creates very strong polarity, and high frequencies which are highly beneficial to kickstart humanity into the next step of evolution.”

It is said that Twin Flames are one soul, split into two physical bodies. No wonder that the energy that is released when these two parts come together (again) is immensely strong. It sets free a vast and powerful amount of high frequency of unconditional love when, what was separated, reunites. It is like a nuclear reaction. Yin and Yang are coming back together. This explains the blissful feeling in the beginning that many refer to as bubble love. With this physical encounter (which can also be online), the energy systems of both individual bodies are influenced. One could say, an upgrade is installed, influencing the DNA of the individuals and the energy bodies of both begin to intertwine –  an irreversible effect: From that moment on, the energetic bond is reestablished between the two hearts. When that happens, we feel that this is very special and that our lives will change forever. We just know that going back to normal is not an option.

Yes – you signed up for this

The bliss goes on for a while, then turns into some comfort when both individuals return back to regular life, remembering the beautiful time of the encounter. But – then ego kicks back in and we start struggling. Discussions, quarrels and a push and pull dynamic start. That is simply because all of our buttons are pushed and every single fear and trauma we carry inside of us comes to the surface to be seen, to be embraced and to be transmuted. Everything that is not vibrating on, and therefore aligning with the frequency of unconditional love needs to go. We are asked for an allover detox, and free ourselves from everything that is not authentic about us. Speaking in energetic terms that means we need to transform all low frequencies to be able to handle the higher dimensional energies on a permanent level.  We will get more and more connected to these high frequencies in the course of our ascension path to slowly adapt our bodies to it. In order to do so, we need to find the way back to our true selves. What we do not understand in that phase is, that this is perfect the way it is, because this connection is so much more than any previous relationship experience we had. We do not understand at that point, that this first encounter had only one purpose: To spark us and push us into an accelerated spiritual growth to prepare us for what is coming: A collective shift in consciousness of humanity, and you are going to be at the forefront of this. An inspiring lighthouse, that shows how life can be lived in a very different way. Yes my dears, you signed up for this and you knew it all before how tough this will be. You simply forgot with your birth into a third dimensional “reality”. Nevertheless, you did it because you knew that you will co-create this shift into the Fifth dimension with planet earth. Step by step, you will remember and rediscover that.

Becoming the real You

We knew how hard this would get.  In a physical body, which is programmed with 3D behavioral patterns, this connection can become hellish. Actually, it is the most painful thing we have ever experienced. It comes to a point where all we wish for is that we had never met this person. Although we all are eternal souls, we are going through the same programming by societal patterns and belief systems like anyone else, and with our physical body, we are carrying the information of our whole family lineage. Thus – aside from our own trauma and patterns, we are carrying the wounds, trauma and fears of our ancestors in our cellular memory as well. So before we can truly anchor in this new earth frequency of joy, bliss and lightness, the first and foremost step is to focus on our own ascension, and dissolving all fears and traumas we were programmed with. That leads us into total despair. We are devastated, we cry, we yearn, we feel helpless and do not see any sense anymore in anything. It takes a while to understand that this is the greatest opportunity for us to return to our true power. We have to let our old conditioned fake self die to make space for our true self. Thus we have to rid ourselves of everything we used to believe in order to grow into a much more resilient, strong and independent being. We have to learn to refocus. We have to pay attention to ourselves, not to the partner or other people. Step by step, we are relearning what unconditional love truly means. Shedding all old beliefs we had on relationships, including all feelings of neediness and dependency. We have to learn that the only person in this world that can make us whole is our self.

We have to learn that the only person in this world that can make us whole is our self.”

Our partner becomes our ultimate teacher and mirror to find back home. Only when we manage to do so, only when we find 100% of self-love and we have balanced the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves, and we embody it with every single cell of our body, then we are opening a window for a possible true reunion. A true reunion means that you experience this full reunion of masculine and feminine within you first. Reunion can happen when you no longer even think about it. When you are happy and whole on your own, or even with a new partner that matches your vibration. Very often it is experienced, that the partner completely disappears again, simply because the energetic frequencies differ so much, and you are in different dimensions with no more attachments. Although it is often said, that twin flames are destined to reunite, I would not bet on it in this lifetime. The more you are focused on yourself, and not on reuniting, the quicker you move through the pain and the better you feel. Each partner is playing their part, and there is no guarantee that they will take the opportunity to face their fears, in order to grow and to ascend. They may stay stuck in the comfort zone of 3D fear based spirals, simply because that is at least something familiar and controllable. When the heart is closed, they can even hardly remember the intense connection.

The only thing that is guaranteed, is that you are increasing the chances to feel happy and joyful like never before, when you work through your own stuff, follow your own dreams and discover who you truly are, and what you love to share with the world. And then: Go for it! Baby step by baby step, you will feel better and better, and joy and ease come back into your life. You will learn so much about yourself, the universe and how everything is connected. You will reach a point where you realize that you are happy and whole by yourself, feeling blessed and blissful. An inner union, being able to create this feeling of incredible love within yourself. At that point a physical reunion will just be an additional benefit but you don’t even think about that possibility anymore. You will always have them in your heart, but as there is no attachment left, there is no need to be together left, either. This is true unconditional love. THIS IS TRUE ROMANCE.

So please understand, that all of this needs to happen to light you the way into your true power to be a leader and shining role model for others in order to help them to find their way, too. Take heart and embark on the journey to become this powerful love being you are meant to be here on earth. Twin flame love will always support you and help you to overcome obstacle by obstacle and fuel you with the most beautiful energies if you choose to do so.

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The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera

Navigate your Twin Flame Experience successfully, understand the purpose and dynamics, and find inner peace, happiness and joy!