This thing called Ascension

Vera Ingeborg

So, here you are. Feeling something is odd here in this world. It just does not make any sense. You realize that the world you used to take for granted is far from what you thought it was. You are feeling unsatisfied, unhappy. You don’t really understand what is happening to you. You feel ungrateful, your conscience is telling you that you should be happy, but you are not You keep experiencing this inner void. It comes back again and again, no matter how hard you try, how many things you own. Something is missing and you know you are searching for something. The problem is – you don’t really know what.

Congrats. You have received your wake up call. This is perfectly normal and the beginning of a new adventure: The quest to your Absolute YOU. To your essence. Remembering who you truly are beyond all roles, masks, labels, morals, attachments and obligations.

It is what is commonly referred to as Ascension or to Kundalini Rising. It is a shift from your inner split and separation to inner wholeness and unity.

You are slowly but surely awakening to a whole new world. Your inner world. This is a journey that happens in several phases. It is organic, non-linear. Nothing to grasp with our linear way of thinking. It seems very complex, yet it is actually astonishingly simple. The more we drop out of the complexity of thinking that our mind loves to be busy with, the more obvious and simple everything becomes. This process needs to happen in phases. If not, you’d be completely overwhelmed and your body and energetic system would simply burn out immediately.

Why? Because you are shifting into higher energetic frequencies with your whole being. You start, step by step, to vibrate at a higher level.

You are ascending. If you still carry a lot of low frequency patterns and programming in your system and physical body, the friction between these energetic dimensions is too high. You are not able to hold it and tune into this new wavelength permanently. The lower frequencies get triggered to come to the surface. How do you experience it? Through feeling emotions, all releated to fear and mistrust. With each release wave you go through, you are taken to the edge of what you can handle in that moment. It can get very dark and desperate when you break down old patterns, to destroy them so they can reform on a higher level. These breakdowns and breakthroughs happen on all levels and are experienced as mental, emotional and physical ups and downs. the physical being the densest of them all, i.e. taking the longest to upgrade and restructure. It happens in parallel on all levels, there is no linear process or sequence.

This is the biggest detox of your life, in all areas. You are shown every single fear pattern you have to gradually, wave by wave, shift out of it. Especially in the beginning, this is a total overwhelm and you think you are completely losing it. You become supersensitive to energies, resulting in being overemotional and feeling anxious. Your cravings change completely, and you prefer to be alone a lot because you cannot handle the „world out there“ anymore.
All of a sudden you are picking up every energetic signal around you. Of people, electronic devices, EMF sources, cosmic events etc. You have not developed any filters yet, and you just don’t understand wtf is going on.

Keep calm, and follow your intuition and impulses. Embrace the emotions. The tears you cry are your release system to let go of old patterns and to transform them. The more you allow and the less you resist, the more you stay out of drama and victim mode, the easier it will become to ride those waves back home to yourself. You are detoxing from all attachments and co-dependencies to become a self-sourcing being (meaning you are fully reconnected to your own power source of energy, call it the Universe, God, Source, or the Force like in Star Wars). Instead of depending, we become interdependent in a healthy way. We appreciate, we enjoy. We don’t compensate, distract or numb ourselves anymore. We are facing our fears and are learning to look into the mirror that is permanently presented to us in the reality we experience. We recognize that everything happens for us, nothing happens to us, and each trigger we experience is presenting as an opportunity to release something that no longer serves and blocks us from being our essence.

So what are the different stages of the Ascension Process?

Please bear in mind, that this only gives you indications, and an overview that is easier for the linear mind to understand. In reality, all of this happens in parallel, you drop in and out of levels, with different parts of you (mentally, emotionally, physically): To the mind it will look like a complete mess (and that is how you often feel during this process, too).

Level 1: Sleeping and being unconscious

This is the condition most of humanity is living in. It is the “I have to survive” mode. The brain fully operates on Beta waves. We are competing for being the best. We are competing for resources. In our western world, where we have more decision possibilities, we are busy with questions such as “Where will I work?”, “Where will I live?”, “Whom will I marry?”; “Should I have kids?” etc. We live in a constant state of worry about our family and ourselves.

We are in survival mode and despite managing it more or less well, we always carry the feeling of a void within us. We live in a permanent state of fear, and are permanently living in the past thinking about „should have, would have, could have“, or in the future – coming up with different scenarios to prepare for already. We do not manage to just be in the now moment, which is actually the only reality we have. On this level, we are completely steered by our ego. Everything is about “me”, “myself”, “mine”. In this phase, spirituality seems to be so far off of the reality as we know it, that we simply ignore the existence. This is also referred to as the Third Dimension.

Level 2: Wake Up Call

We are longing for growth, not only survival. We often enter this level because we are missing something or are experiencing scarcity – no matter if it is physically, mentally or emotionally. Near-death experiences, severe illness or an intense romantic encounter are the most common ways that kick us into this phase. Questions come up such as “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?” or “There must be more to life than just paying bills and raising kids”.

Such questions come from the limitless part within us. Our higher aspect. It is the part within us that wants us to wake up and become more conscious. With these thoughts, we are stimulating the Alpha-frequencies in our brain and develop a meditative consciousness, opening a door to higher wisdom.

In that phase, while healing, we move into the view of “me and the others”, recognizing that there are others we can either live in harmony or disharmony with. We get a glimpse of the fact, that we are not a victim, but a master of our destiny. We learn – that if we drop back into the Beta patterns – that we can return into the much more comfortable Alpha waves with meditation and quiet times/a quiet mind for ourselves. This is also often the point in time when we change our diet to more fresh food and animal products gradually drop away from our eating habits to support the body in literally becoming lighter.

In this state, we realize that life is a mirror of our own consciousness. Honesty and self-questioning come into play: “Am I really happy?” and if not “Why?” and “What can I do to change it?”. Often, for the first time we come into touch with the feeling to be guided by a higher power or we experience synchronicities for the first time. We get a first idea that nothing in life is a coincidence.

At the same time, a lot of our fears and past traumas come to surface and make us aware of things that need healing within us. In an early phase, we do not understand that this is an opportunity to drop off old baggage, so we do what we always did. We fight it, we try to suppress it, avoid it and control it. What you resist persists though…

This game goes on for a while until it hits back so hard on us, that we recognize that all we can do is embrace it, surrender to it, and then letting it go. The only way to transmute energy and to shift behavioural patterns is through emotions. The more we learn to feel them in a constructive way, the easier we let them move through us to become lighter and healthier. Going through this phase is the toughest part of awakening. It is often referred to as the “dark night of the soul”.

Level 3: Purpose and Inspiration

The more we heal (remember our wholeness) and shed past patterns, and the more time we spend in Alpha waves and with the consciousness that we can exist with others in harmony with compassion, the more peaceful and fulfilled we feel. Especially when we learned to listen to our inner voice and guidance – our authentic and true self.

In that state, we enter the field of the unity consciousness. We may even feel being one with everything. We have discovered, that whatever we spend our time with directly influences our experience in life. We recognize our power of creation, and that we can create our life with our thoughts, intentions and feelings. We feel that we grow and that we are in line with the universe. In the third level, we remember to see God/us in everything and to recognize Divine perfection in all things including the never-ending circle of life. In this phase, all illusions of duality and separation dissolve. We recognize that even death is an illusion and that we are eternal souls.

Now our brain waves are starting to be anchored in the Theta Zone. Often, we experience epiphanies or visions coming from deep within. Our heart center completely opens up, and is radiating pure unconditional love.

This is also the time when we feel, we want to serve this planet and humanity, as we recognize that it is all a part of us, and we are a part of the greater whole. We discover our purpose, and what we desire to (co)-create. We enter what is referred to as the Fifth Dimension for the first time.

Level 4: Heaven on Earth

When we reach this level, all of our questions disappear. We have a deep inner knowing, without having to know. We no longer have to be right or need to convince. We simply are in the moment. We are completely anchored in the NOW (zero-point) and go completely with the rhythm and flow of the universe. Our inner being is flooded with powerful energetic nutrition and our physical body is full of light, love, joy and bliss. Every cell of our body vibrates on these high frequencies. We no longer need food or sleep, we only eat or rest for pure enjoyment.

In this condition, our emotional and physical body is filled with an unconditional loving presence that we experience a feeling of deep knowing and awe about all the beauty, perfection and immensity of creation. Our mental being may keep a consciousness in this field, or not – depending on how much it has been rewired to read the new data/information/codes. The stay in this field changes us irreversibly, and on such profound levels, that we cannot describe this experience with words. We experience and feel oneness, a merging of inner and outer. It is the realm of “everything there is”, the total consciousness, the home of the gods with their endless stream of possibilities. We automatically create heaven on earth, as we permanently vibrate on oneness and unconditional love. We are completely self-sourcing, as we are one with all that IS.

Result: True Freedom

We learn to be free from everything that hinders or blocks the universal flow. There is no more “have to”, only love, and impulses from the NOW moment. We enjoy life, we play, we share and we live completely from moment to moment, without any attachments to past or future. We inspire by our way of living.

Being on the path of ascension is absolutely exciting and breathtaking and can be blissful in one moment and hellish in the next. Especially after our wake up call, we are asked to let go of everything that does not serve us on our way back to our true self. These phases of shedding always bring up a lot of energetic garbage and baggage that we need to “puke out” (purge) of our system. Anything that does not serve us or belong to us needs to go. This is painful to experience but very necessary to be able to raise our frequencies. We can’t take anything with us when we travel to a new dimension. We are dying, without the physical death to occur.

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera

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