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14484614_10157522481010597_7852254544984341630_nMagical times on Planet Earth! Humanity is heading for the next step in evolution, and it happens fast. The universal energies streaming onto our planet are shifting immensely right now. Frequencies raise higher and higher. The planetary constellations are causing a lot more feminine energy to stream onto our planet and into our consciousness. The changes in these energy fields are causing uncomfortableness, pain, emotional breakouts and body symptoms such as headaches, digestion issues, vertigo, skin rashes and blurry eyesights. More and more people are waking up to a new reality, recognizing that we have been living in a fake and programmed world that kept our true existence away from ourselves. Science and Spirituality are merging. It becomes more and more apparent that both fields always talked about the same thing from different angles: Energy. 


Slowly but continuously we find back to Source or God or the Universe or whatever you want to call this almighty universal intelligence we all stem from and we all carry inside of us. We realize that this is not an outside force. Instead, it works through us, and we learn that we are part of it. We reconnect by going within.

No matter where people are in their awakening process – the underlying feeling of missing wholeness is showing up in many ways. Many people are busy with the question what life truly is about and somehow know that there must be more to it than what it is and offers right now. No matter how much they achieve in life, the nagging void within comes back. Until people realize: neither materialistic possessions, a great career and lots of money can fill this void. They realize that they are longing for something they have forgotten about: Their true origin, passion and nature. They miss themselves. This is the start into the journey back to self-love, authenticity and true freedom.  And there is a lot of support. Many first-movers (call them old souls, star seeds or what you wish) are living amongst us. They were the first wave waking up, to prepare the way for humanity to ascend. They have awoken to their true origin to step into the task they came here for: Embodying the higher dimensional frequencies and inspire a paradigm shift by living a different lifestyle. As this might sound crazy to many, when seeing it from an energetic perspective, it is not so woowoo at all. These are beings operating on a higher frequency / from a higher dimension to help raising the frequency on the planet. All this serves to expand the human consciousness and establish a society based on unconditional love, oneness and community on this planet that has been in low fear frequencies for so long. The time to experience duality and fear on earth is coming to an end, as the planet has already ascended to the higher energetic frequencies of the 5th dimension, which humanity now has to adapt to in order to still be able to exist on this planet.

“The time to experience duality and fear on earth is coming to an end, as the planet is ascending to the 5th dimension. “

With the intense increase of the energetic frequencies,  more and more beautiful souls are recognising their true essence and are guided by their higher self into a process of deep cleansing, healing and growth to break free and find back home to who they truly are. They are learning to align body, mind and soul with all that is, learn to overcome and transform all beliefs of lack and fear, and to fully embody their truth and essence in their physical existence. The intiation of the awakening process happens commonly through catalyst experiences, such  as the encounter of a deep soul connection (twin flames) or a near death experience or serious illness. These catalyst experiences all have the same goal: To shake us open and wide awake to go through the necessary healing process to become empowered and a true leader from the heart, a wayshower to light the way for others.

The awakening and ascension process is far from comfortable, especially in the deep cleansing phase when all social programming and wounds from the past are coming to surface to be looked at and dissolved. We meet our deepest fears and are asked to be brave enough to face them, work through them and let them go. This is the ultimate test, if we are ready and prepared to leave the plane of fear, scarcity and ego. It tests if we trust our intuition and the universal abundance that is available all the time.  It pushes us to relearn that we deserve all of this abundance without any shame or guilt, be it love, money, sexual fulfillment etc. – all things the old programming, which is deeply ingrained in us, told us that those things are bad.

Worst of all: self-love! Who in society gets the cheers when we say we love ourselves? We are immediately judged to be a narcissist or egotistic… But this is exactly where we need to go: To a place of absolute self-love, self-respect and self-trust. 

“But this is exactly where we need to go: To a place of absolute self-love, self-respect and self-trust”

Uncomfortable ascension symptoms such as emotional breakouts and body pains, a heightened sensitivity, changes in the energy system and physical body, slowly awakening healing gifts all add up to the feelings of going insane and being helpless, because it is so overwhelming. In times of solar flares, geomagnetic storms, earth quakes, volcanic eruptions or mass panics, these experiences can even intensify. In the beginning we are like infants with no immune system, no filters and our energetic system needs to learn how to deal with all the different energies influencing us. Unfortunately, there are not many coaches out there that offer a down to earth and hands on approach to navigate the situation the best possible way. It does not help much to read for the 196th time that you need to work through your stuff and that you have to let go when you just have no clue how to do that.

The question is – why do we need this trigger and this experience, what is it making us aware of, who am I for real and why did I come here? When you tackle these questions and manage to find the answers and healing, then you will experience an empowerment you would not have imagined to be possible. The most important thing to learn in this journey is to quiet your monkey mind, to trust yourself and to not give away your power to others. Don’t make yourself dependent on psychic predictions, but start feeling into your self and feel your truth. You have all the information and knowing you need within. You simply forgot about it.

Once you reach the stage of self-trust and self-love – you don’t need anything or anyone anymore. You are overflowing with universal love and you cannot keep it for yourself. You want to share. You are happy and whole.

“Once you reach the stage of self-love and self-trust, you are overflowing with universal love. You want to share. You are happy and whole”

You are connected to the energy of universal love. A beautiful state where nothing can push you out of balance for long anymore. At that time, it does not matter whether your soul connection is a twin or something else. Because either way you will deal with it at ease because nothing can hurt or drag you down anymore. If it was a catalyst experience, it will simply drop away because the lesson is learned. If it is a twin connection, then all there is left for the other half is your unconditional love. A force that will help you to move forward. Being together in the physical is not a priority anymore, it is simply a nice add-on to your already perfect life.

I have been through this process myself, triggered by a twin flame encounter. I was fortunate to have the right coaches and teachers with the right inspiration in every moment along the way that helped me to go through this awakening process very quickly – within one year! This is what I would like to do with this website. I want to share my experience and helpful tools with you to help you to find your quickest path to empowerment and happiness. To make sure that you can leave fear and suffering behind and step into your true power to change this world to the better.

If you are interested to read more about my personal Awakening Process, please read here.

The texts I share are always based on my intuition and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera Ingeborg

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