The Wake Up Experience


Are you in the middle of you spiritual awakening process? Have you had a near death experience, a severe illness or a soul encounter with your twin flame or a catalyst that has turned your whole life upside down? Does your life take place on a roller coaster and you go from highest highs to lowest lows? Are you experiencing strange body symptoms like major headaches, high pitched frequencies in your ear, blurry eyesight or flu symptoms and no medicals seem to help? Do your cravings change?

Do you feel lost and insecure and you just don’t know why you are here and what you should do? Does the question “Who am I” consistently keep you busy?

Then there is a reason why you found this site. You are experiencing classical awakening symptoms and your soul guides you to let go of everything that is not authentic to you. So that you can fully be yourself and rediscover your innate gifts and incredible power.

This page is here to help you through this very challenging and often painful and exhausting process. Here, you find tips and support how to deal with the situation and how to move forward and find back to self-love and complete freedom and independence. To do what you came here for: Help this planet to wake up and ascend into the 5th dimension of love and light.

Read more about the wake up experience here.

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