The Power of US – Pioneering Heaven on Earth

We have gone through another round of coming closer to ourselves. Each time these waves happen, we can see a certain pattern in them. First, there are triggers, those situations and people that kick you into challenging your own truth. It is like a sparring for empowerment. Are we still busy with the outside reality as it plays out, or do we take responsibility for our own (collective) creation. Are we going to evolve, or repeat.

First Part: The Kick… Distracting Bullshit Bingo

Each time these waves build up, you can see how the messages and posts and information around you builds up: The Event is coming, Extraterrestrials are coming to save us, the moon needs to be shut down, the 5G network is going to kill us all if Monsanto cancer doesn’t do the job, Trump is becoming a new Dictator, a shooting, a war, a terrorist attack, a dangerous disease….
These messages are important, because they are actually our own mirror test, whether we, with our human aspects are ready to move beyond belief systems of the third and fourth dimension, or whether we are going to repeat the loop.

All of them are distractions from ourselves. All of them contain lots of expectations and judgment. And that is… fear… and lack.”

All of them are distractions from ourselves. All of them contain lots of expectations and judgment. And that is… fear… and lack. So we want to control before we will be controlled. These beliefs sit so deep in our system, that we don’t question them. We think that is common sense. And that is exactly where we get trapped. So we keep repeating the loop. We keep giving our power away to fake news, to channelings, to supergurus, to routines and methods to clear our energy. We still believe we have to achieve something. We still believe that we have to protect ourselves in order to be safe. We still think we have to fix and change the old world. That is not what we are here for. We are here to experience us, as the SELF. That is the only purpose. We play, we experiment, we experience, we learn and we grow. That way, our reality shifts, and we co-create a new experience, based on empowerment, oneness, unconditional sharing, and community so that the old reality will die by itself.

Second Part: Emotional Triggers

The next part of the wave is the emotional trigger. We can get upset, sad, angry about what we see and hear and experience – or – we don’t. It is a good self-test to see where we are at in our own journey. How much there is left that we don’t want to see about ourselves. How much we have learned to deal with our emotions in a constructive way. Every time we make something outside of us responsible it is time to look within, deeper and deeper… to feel the emotions that are coming up without attaching any story to it. Releasing them without projecting it onto someone, a situation, or ourselves. Accepting that it is all part of this grand game we are in, and that everyone is playing their role, and everything contributes to the purpose of expansion, growth and experience. For those who have already cleansed their emotional body, the triggers go into the physical body, where stored emotional pain becomes physical pain to be released. They are like emotional time capsules that go off. And this is not only pain that we have created in this lifetime – it goes down the whole family line. And for those that are clean – there is no trigger.

Third Part: The Click – Aha Moment

After the release (only if there was a release and not a repeat) there comes the AHA. Each time we make space in our system through a release, new information can be integrated. And all of a sudden, we get it. All of a sudden it seems the most logical thing in the world what we could not see or understand until then.

So what is going on is a permanent evolution. And human evolution has now reached a point where we actually embody what we have received as energetic information from the higher dimensions.”

So what is going on is a permanent evolution. And human evolution has now reached a point where we actually embody what we have received as energetic information from the higher dimensions about unconditional loving, living, co-creating. The human belief systems that are energetically not possible to align with these higher frequencies are all triggered to the surface. Until nothing is left. No judgment, no fear, no expectation. There is no shortcut. The way is through the fear and through the pain.

Acceptance instead of Judgment

No matter what we experience, it is always helpful to remind ourselves of the fact that we created it for a reason. So there is really no reason to judge it. Whether it is a physical pain or disease, someone that hurts us, something we lose… these are the mirrors we need to learn about our own energetic state. What we are still afraid of. What we don’t want to accept. The moment we can surrender and there is no more reflex in us to react in any way – that is what inner freedom is.

A big part of that judgment is also related to our way of acting with people around us. When we still believe/judge other people for their behavior, their patterns, their struggles, their pain, we are not coming from a place of wholeness but from a belief of lack and imperfection. And… we are projecting something we don’t want to see about ourselves on others.
Many healers or people who want to be healed are not aware of the origin of the word healing. It means remembering our wholeness. We have never not been whole. Healers tend to believe that they have to help other people to heal their pain and to find their balance. It is not the healer that does it, it is the individual when he or she recognizes and rediscovers her inner power. When we learn how to deal with emotions and pain by not judging them. It can be a looping trap to keep stuck in the belief that there is something to fix.

What we have

We, with our human aspects tend to always be focused on what we don’t have, and where something is not okay. We never really look at what we have. And we have a lot! Just look at our growing worldwide community, where we have people that get us, people with amazing talents. When I look at my network, there are amazing and also well known artists, be it musicians, painters, actors, writers… There are people with political background and experience, successful business men and women, lawyers, teachers, professors, scientists, web and graphic designers, hackers, communication experts, inspiring speakers, philanthropists, farmers, food experts, cooks, architects, and so on and so forth… And that is just my network! How do we not see the value of community, and how powerful it would be if we joined all of our talents and gifts to create the new world instead of endlessly talking about it?

We are all Superheroes

Another deep human program goes into the single super heros. That there is this one hero who comes to solve it all and save everyone. So either we are waiting for the superhero to show up, or we want to be that superhero, the chosen one to save the world. And so we keep on doing things alone, because we keep on believing that we have to do it alone and make it on our own. Another simple word for that is separation.
And of course, as long as we believe we have to do it alone, we also see the need for lots of money to make it happen. The moment we let go of that belief, and we start sharing our essence with our network and commit to co-create, we can do amazing things. That is where the real value is.

Be a Pioneer

Nobody has a rule or guidebook for the fifth dimension and the new world. We are finding it out as we go. Trial and error is necessary, only then we learn and grow and evolve together. When there is no judgment, why would we be afraid to fail? It is a necessary part of learning. So why don’t we just accept the fact that we are the pioneers to create the new instead of waiting for others to do it? Why do we wait for a proof that it works, instead of following our intuition?

Always start small

In the capitalist program, we are convinced that we can do big things quickly if we have enough money. True, but it is not stable, sustainable or in balance. It is time to go back to our true nature. We are part of nature and part of her processes, cycles and waves. So why on earth are we acting with so much pressure? When we plant an apple tree, we don’t expect to be able to harvest the apple the following day. We know that we take an effort to plant it, and then we can be nothing but patient until it grows and evolves. Only then the tree becomes a stable organism of its own, and is able to exist on its own and can bring fruits repeatedly and permanently. So why would there be a different rule for businesses?

Wormholes, not bridges

The only way to “bridge” the energies of 5D into 3D and to inspire people to shift, is to move between dimensions. We can inspire people with our way of life, and/or by creating breadcrumbs of wisdom and experiences that people can find on their own quest back to their essence, so they can get glimpses of the higher dimension.  They can glimpse through the wormhole, but they will fall back into lower frequencies many times. Just as we did! Nevertheless, for a new collective experience based on oneness, we are not just creating a 5D+ bubble and separate us from the rest. We are anchoring the higher frequencies into physicality, so that humanity as a whole will shift.

Embodiment is Experience

Embodying these energies means to experience them and to co-create experiences for people around us. That is how the shifts happen. By touching people with our open hearts, by inspiring them with things they have never experienced or seen before, by mirroring back to them who they truly are. After all, they are nothing but an aspect of you, the SELF. That is ONENESS.
The time of talking, convincing, explaining is over. We learn and evolve through experience, not through mental input.

Are you ready to co-create a new paradigm and contribute with your individual gifts? Then it IS going to happen!

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera


  1. That was very interesting reading Vera…In al honesty I have to tell you that I am not at all confident that I will be going to the new world….Through many unhappy life experiences I have lost my confidence and feel I’m not good enough to accomplish anything worthwhile…. even doing craft i have to keep asking daughter for help to decorate what ever I have done…I get to a point and then fall apart..

  2. Your writing is interesting to me especially since i experience most of what you write about. it is off and on at times but for the most part it has been regularly. I did not understand what or why i can understand so much more than before in my life but i have become to accept it as normal and move on. I am interested in knowing more of your writing and understandings of everything you speak of on this site. Thank you for sharing all this to me.

  3. A most enlightening and warming read, Vera. I have been looking for some quite specific guidance, and your words on “Bridging” brought the light to something I’ve been struggling with lately. I have been getting drawn from that bliss filled 5D bubble I have so ardently worked for and managed to create, where now I am getting pulled back to the 3D. Not feeling much comfort with that in the moment. Feels like I been hiding in the cozy deep grass thinking I had it all figured out and was excitedly awaiting the next dimensional shift in awareness. Now that I have popped my head out I am a bit confused and emotional, but trying to embrace and trust. I was touched by your words and thank you so much for sharing your love light and wisdom….. Joe:)

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