The Fall of the Inner Patriarch

The unevolved masculine, the inner patriarch is all about control. As the world wakes up, so does he and comes up with full force, angry, frustrated and loud. To be seen, to be loved and to be transformed.

I have not done any energetic updates or writings in a long long linear time. Today, I am really pushed to do one, so I guess it is necessary.

We’re headed full on into the destruction and dismantling of the patriarchal archetype (the unevolved masculine) – individually and collectively. Now…. we all carry this archetype in us. In our conditioning and in our genetics, so no matter how hard you try to resist it, it will show up for you until you embrace it.

If we look at the main narrative/collective reality of today, we can see a lot of the old patriarchal energy exploding. Lots of anger, rage, frustration and resentment are in the field.

Our inner unevolved masculine is very upset about losing control. Losing control over a situation, over a person, over a whole group or collective of people, over nature, over our emotions… 

Yes, over emotions. No more suppressing. A lot of anger is coming up for release. Depending on where you are on your journey, this can be related to a concrete pattern and conditioning of this lifetime (energetic memory/lifetime akash), or something that is released from the physical cellular memory which goes hand in hand with intense body pain. The akashic memory asks for a detachment of the drama, the story, the victim consciousness, the trying to fix things, and a transformation through feeling the emotion without any interpretation, while the cellular memory just asks for being felt, processed and released. No need to figure out what it is, or why it is felt.

The need for control goes actually deeper, no matter if you are the victim or the perpetrator in this game.”

The need for control goes actually deeper, no matter if you are the victim or the perpetrator in this game. Being upset and angry about being controlled, being enslaved, being deceived, being powerless, being betrayed and lied to by the patriarchal system we have been living in, the need to protect and save yourself and others – is the fear of not having control in disguise.

You see, you have it all in you, the key is within you. We all carry a controller within, until we are able to let it go. All the ugly and bad deeds that have been placed onto us by those that control this planet and the system we live in are inside you, taking up space and thoughts and projecting emotions you don’t want to own. You can keep fighting for justice and keep exhausting yourself, or you can surrender and let go. At some point you will do so automatically, because the fighter in you is tired of fighting for or against yourself. The ultimate point of ego surrender comes, when there is no more option left that your mind could come up with as a solution or explanation for what is happening with you. 

So buckle up! We are receiving the full package right now, because these unresolved parts in us need to find their outlet, without projecting it onto someone or something outside of us. These emotions just want to be felt and transformed. They want to be seen and loved. Are you able to hold space for these emotions, are you able to not take anything personally and not make anyone or anything responsible for your reality (the collective reality) and experience (collective experience)? Are you able to see that it is your own energetic frequency that you permanently experience on your outside screen? 

As long as we separate ourselves from our outside experience, as long as we separate into evil and good, we are denying our own shadow and part of this. We are living and embodying duality (3D/4D). As hard as it is to accept, we can only resonate and create things in our outside reality that we carry in our own energetic signature.

All of this is part of the transformation into oneness (5D+). Into the true understanding and embodiment of being one with all. When all dualistic conditioning and beliefs are transcended within. The shift and change happens within. If you try to shift your outside reality, you are trying to…. yes right… to control.

Unity means Unity. Everyone and everything is included. There are no exceptions.”

Unity means unity. Everyone and everything is included. There are no exceptions. If you make exceptions, and hold judgment over others who deserves oneness or not, you are judging unseen and unresolved parts in you. Your ego will not like this, because it will only survive in the old way with that separation within you. It does not know yet how much better it feels once you reunite all your shadow parts within. 

Emotions are key to transforming energetic frequency. That is why we have learned to feel so bad about them. I have said many times, you’ll find the door where you feel resistance. Emotion is the hidden gate to liberation and true inner freedom. To open it, we need to break through all shame and guilt related to feelings. 

It is a given that our inner Patriarch is coming up within the next months and years to be seen, be accepted and be transformed into the evolved masculine to find inner union with the evolved feminine. We can embrace it and evolve, or we can fight it and repeat.

A collective co-creation of a new paradigm is only possible when all the old belief systems and conditioning is gone.”

A collective co-creation of a new paradigm is only possible when all the old belief systems and conditioning are gone. Now, we are dealing with control and being controlled. You can twist it, you can turn it, you can try to delete it or ignore it, there is no way to transform energy without emotion. You can’t breathe or meditate it away. That might give you some peace of mind and relaxation in the moment, but the same pattern will show up again and again. 

So allow yourself to be exhausted, allow yourself to feel, allow yourself to be frustrated, allow yourself to be angry, allow yourself to resent, allow yourself to grieve. Scream and cry it all out! Be grateful that you can let it all go now so you will never feel powerless again. You can’t have joy and playfulness without anger and sadness. They go hand in hand, and all of them are first transformational and later creational. All these releases lead us back to our origin, before we were conditioned. To the zero point, from where we can create a completely different reality. They anchor us into the NOW moment, no attachments to past or future. No expectations, no goals, no ambitions, no conditional behaviour (all of those are masculine control in action.) We no longer create conditionally out of mistrust and control (if I do this, then that is the outcome). Instead, we create from the zero-point, spontaneously in the here and now. 

A new unconditional and playful world is around the corner, it is already seeded within your DNA. Once these protective and controlling walls come down the seed will have space to grow.

The texts I share are always based in my own experience and observations. By no means I am claiming this to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to find their own truth and to be open to it changing as new information integrates. As this is universal wisdom of us ALL, I do not claim any copyright. Feel free to utilize and share, as long as you keep the text complete as it is so it keeps its energetic signature. Thanks Vera

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