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True Romance – Thank you for destroying my Life

You have met this person. The One. Your Soulmate, your Twin Flame, your Cosmic Lover. After an initial time of pure love and flow, it all fell apart and destroyed your life. This book is written for the ones who are tired and exhausted of their experience. Who want to go beyond the spiritual stories and romantic ideas. This book gives you insights into the metaphysical dynamics you are challenged with. It reveals the true purpose of your experience to you. And it gives you useful tips to navigate. Vera Ingeborg knows what she is writing about, as she has not only experienced it all herself, but has also worked as a life coach specialized in these soul connections. She combines her own experience with quantum physics, to assist you in getting off that roller coaster ride and find inner peace, joy and true romance. So you can live the magical life you came here to live.

Quest for Home – Awakening Pop Up Poetry

Awakening is not for the faint of heart. It takes you to the very edge of your perceived capabilities, it takes you beyond limits you had taken for granted. It is the most cruel, dark, liberating and uplifting adventure at the same time. You were born to experience exactly this. Step by step, by step, from moment to moment, to moment – you develop what was tightly enveloped and well hidden in your deepest core. This little book is here to remind you that you are neither alone nor crazy. In fact – you are exiting the craziness of life and are discovering what it truely means to be normal and free. These poems might speak to you and resonate with where you are at right now – maybe they remind you of a version of you from the past, or maybe they awaken your curiosity of what is next. I am grateful I get to share them with you.