That’s Me


Hey! Welcome to the Wake Up Experience! 

I am so happy to share my insights and experiences with you and what I have learned, understood and integrated in my adventure called human life.

The Wake Up Experience is a site to assist you in your quest to your absolute self. Your Essence. It is not designed to make money, it is not a business. 

I share helpful information about the Universal Laws of Energy and how their dynamics play out in our daily life. It is full with tips and tricks how to navigate, how to transmute, shift and play with energies, how to deal with your ego/programmed mind, your emotions and your physical ailments. There is the blog, for those that like to explore by reading, and there are the video tutorials for those that love visuals more. 

I always keep it real and down to earth. There is no need to follow any spiritual beliefs – they are just another program/story, you can totally lose yourself and distract yourself in. Stick to the energetic dynamics, feel what is going on inside of you, embrace it, and you are always right on track. 
Living life based on trust and togetherness IS possible, no matter what you are going through.



Why am I making it available for you, not asking for anything in return? Not making a business out of it?
Because I love to share my essence with you, to touch you in your essence, to support you in remembering who you truly are. I love to show you a glimpse of a new world, where we all share what we are and have, for the benefit of all of us. Where we appreciate each other for who we are, not for what we could be useful for.

Although we never met personally, I love you, I appreciate you, and I am happy to show you a way to a completely new lifestyle. The more people we are, sharing and experiencing this new way of living, the more beautiful and joyful the world becomes. A world, based on oneness, sharing and playfulness.

This new world is full of new adventures, to explore, to design, and to build the place to live we all are secretly dreaming of, but we think is impossible. I can assure you, it IS possible. And YOU, your essence is one puzzle piece to the whole.

I can tell you it is beyond beautiful. And I can’t wait to meet you there. Enjoy the quest!  


With much love, joy and playfulness, Vera


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