Vera Ingeborg

2016 Big Island, Hawaii on the lava fields

Usually, when you ask people who they are, they tell you what they do. So I could start by telling you now, that I was married twice. Both marriages failed and now I am happily living a free life in an unconditional relationship with my partner in shine Agustí. I could tell you that my first training in life was in a hotel and that I worked in various hotel jobs before and after that. Then I went back to University and studied international business and intercultural studies with a major in English, Spanish, Marketing and Management. I would tell you that my first job after my studies was with a big German automotive supplier for transmissions, where I spent the next eight years of my life, starting from being an assistant to the CEO to becoming the head of corporate and market communications building up a department from scratch to 16 people. I would then tell you that I changed my mind and that I actually thought that the other side of the desk is much more interesting and thus decided to leave my job to become a business journalist with the biggest German business newspaper. I started working as a life coach in parallel. But, after a year with the newspaper, even that was too constraining for me. So I sold everything, bought a camper van, and left into the unknown. I was living the nomad life for two years before I settled in Amsterdam to build my business further, there. I would tell you that at that point Agustí came into my life, and we started focusing on developing the blueprints for a new earth society, and that this endeavor lead us to adventures in Brazil and in the US, before we came back to Europe, to settle in Spain, where we are now running our business “The Beyondables”, and where we have started to anchor a new paradigm.

Now you have an idea of what I do. This gives you the opportunity to compare my career and life to those of others, gives you the possibility to judge my life and derive what some of my skills could be. Most likely, many people will judge me as a person by the information they just received. But do you have any idea of who I really am?

No. We human beings tend to build this wall of doings around us to hide who we truly are behind it. Because we are afraid, people might not like us. We are afraid, that if we do not keep up with the competition and social standards, and if we don’t do what everyone does, we are not worthy of being accepted and loved. So we don’t talk about the silly ideas, weird thoughts or strange hobbies and interests we have, or what we actually would love to do for living, because sticking out of the crowd could mean that people would point at us and laugh at us. So we play along in that game. We must be the only one who is not fitting in… So we compromise ourselves and our dreams, get a career we don’t like but pays for our survival, and become a little wheel in this big monopoly game the humans play.

“We human beings tend to build this wall of doings around us to hide behind it who we truly are.”

2019 in La Mussara, Catalunya/Northern Spain

I can tell you what I found out. This is bullshit. My experience is that those people who are most authentic, are those who make the most impression on others. They are inspiring, because they are not playing a role and are not afraid to be themselves. They are not afraid to express their perception on things, but are able to accept other perceptions as well. They do not need everyone to like them, but they enjoy the company of those they truly resonate with. They live the life they truly want to live, they don’t compromise on their essence, and they do what they love. They simply don’t care what other people think about them. Their secret: They love themselves. They truly know who they are and what they are here to do. They prefer to be happy and live a simple, fulfilled life, than to be famous or rich or successful by old standards.

So rather than just telling you what I do, I will tell you who I really am. And the easiest way to do this is to share with you what I really love. After reading this, you will feel for yourself, if you resonate with me  – or not.

I love nature. I could sit outside for hours, just staring at the sky, watching the clouds move by, listening to birds singing their songs, watching animals being in the now, putting my bare feet into the sea and feel the water playing around my legs. I love to listen to the sound of the waves crashing to the beach in their very own rhythm. I love the feeling of the sun on my skin, filling me up with warmth. I love to stand on top of a mountain, being able to see very far, giving me the feeling of absolute freedom. And I love the hike and climb up there, enjoying every single step of it. I love star gazing and asking myself how many other planets might be out there with other species or other human beings living on them. I love to hug trees, because they ground me and give me this feeling of being at one with everything. I love to smell flowers and herbs, as that fills me up with joy immediately. I love animals, especially dogs for their ability to love unconditionally, elephants for their patience and serenity and dolphins for their community spirit and their playfulness. I love to play by myself, being lost in time like a child. I love to draw, paint and to write, to strive through nature discovering hidden treasures, to go running, kitesurfing, scuba diving, climbing, hiking, skiing – just for the fun of it. It does not matter if I am good at it or not.

2017 Kitesurfing in Zeeland/the Netherlands

I love music and everything around it. I love to express myself through dancing. I can dance for hours and completely forget about space and time, I love drumming and the sounds of pianos and guitars. And I love to sing – just for myself.

I love good, deep and meaningful conversations with friends but also with people I randomly meet. I love inspiring texts and people that cross my path, who inspire and assist me in expanding, by giving me the right impulses to break through old patterns, opening new horizons for me. I love the light of fire and candle lights and could stare into them forever, because it gives me that feeling of confidence and power but also true romance and love.

I love all of my feelings and emotions, just as much as I love my thoughts and ideas, and my physical body and its miraculous functions. I love this balance between body, heart and mind. I love my sad and angry moments, just as much as the happy and excited ones. Because without them I could not appreciate their opposites.

As much as I enjoy the company and presence of my partner, friends and soul family, I also love to spend time alone. Being alone allowed me to get to know myself intensely, and this process never stops. This led me home and to love the most important person in my life: MYSELF.

“Being alone allowed me to get to know myself intensely. This led me home and to love the most important person in my life: MYSELF.”

I hope this little introduction of mine, not only gives you an idea of who I am but has also helped a bit to get a glimpse of what life is all about: Joy and inner peace.

The key to how to get there is loving yourself. If you are interested in how I got there, and how I received my wake up call, read my story here.