That’s me

Hey! I am Vera Ingeborg. I am happy to welcome you here on my website.

The question of “Who am I” is the one that was accompanying intensely for quite a while during my awakening process. It was hammering in my head because nothing seemed to make sense anymore. The old 3D world had belched me out already and the new 5D world had not fully let me in yet. So I felt caught up in between worlds. I felt like I wanted to die. I was going through the dark night of the soul and learned that I was indeed dying: My old, fake ego driven self was dying, making space for my true self to rise and shine. It was the best and the worst that could happen to me at the same time. I was in nowhere land and forced to focus on myself and to get to know me and find myself again. It took me a while to realize that my soul had planned this perfectly for me. She gave me exactly the time and space I needed to go through this process of rebirth. I found my true self and today I know exactly who I am. Please see also my blog post (“Who am I”) for further insights on this process.

During spiritual awakening, we often are first drawn to fortune tellers or spiritual channelers that do readings for us. But then we sit there with the information we gained and have no idea how to deal with this in the density of the 3rd dimension. We struggle and feel very alone. This is why I created this website. It is supposed to give you down to earth impulses and support that you can use in daily life to get rid of old patterns and pain and leave spiralling thoughts and emotions as well as body pains. Have fun exploring!


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