Unconditional Love

How many times do we use this term…. Our mind has so many ideas and interpretations of what is unconditional love and what it is not. And that is where it already starts… unconditional love is unconditional. Without conditions. There are no categories of what is unconditional love and what is not. Unconditional love encompasses… Continue reading Unconditional Love

Body Memories

Lately, I have a hard time finding linear words for the multidimensional experiences that have become the new normal for me. I am seeing and feeling ALL, everything and nothing relating to everything and nothing. Ever since all attachments and identities have transformed into oneness, I find it sometimes close to impossible to represent the… Continue reading Body Memories

Life after Death

After I energetically died last week in the old world (3D/4D), it has been such an interesting experience. It is not simply a “Rebirth” happening – no – it is a Birth into a New World, a new dimension. Clean, blank, pure, light. It is different from just feeling the higher dimension energetically. So much… Continue reading Life after Death

You first!

There seems to be some common twist in universal truth. You are not here to transmute anything for anyone else. It is impossible. You are not a martyrer that needs to carry the responsibility for the whole collective. As long as you feel something from the collective field, there is something within your own field… Continue reading You first!

15 Ways to become a Master Alchemist

So often we hear about transforming energies and raising our frequency is a vital part of our evolution. In the article “Why feeling like Crap is an essential Part of Ascension” we had a closer look into the Universal energetic dynamics at play and why there is no way around the pain we experience. Nevertheless,… Continue reading 15 Ways to become a Master Alchemist