Spiritual Narcissists and their False Light Propaganda

By Eric Raines and Vera Ingeborg

As frequencies rise higher and higher, the old system – based on feeding energies from externally becomes more and more creative to keep its energetic nutrition going. Implant technology helps to distract the spiritual community from the essence. The latest strategy: Implanting and manipulating people with narcissistic ego patterns into believing they are governing the ascension process and are one of the chosen ones to guide people through this difficult time.

Before we go into this article, we won’t get tired to say that implants are nothing to be afraid of. They are part of the duality polarity consciousness and narratives, and only have power over us, when we believe they do. In fact, only fear can keep these systems in place and up running. As soon as we become aware of them, we can transform them. Implants are nothing but a manipulation of our natural energetic flow. Just as the implant to prevent a pregnancy manipulates our physical body into believing it is pregnant, energetic implants manipulate our emotional and/or mental body into believing something we are not. How to detect implants and remove them, we have already laid out in our last article “The virus of consciousness”

The Vampire System in the Spiritual Community

The old system based on feeding energetically from others is at the brink of falling apart and being replaced with a system based on energetic self-sustainability. It is the return to the natural state of energetic balance within. The old system could be compared to a virus. A virus, different from bacteria, is not able to live on its own. It has no possibility or access to life-force (feminine energy) from within. So it needs to find hosts to feed from. All this system is interested in is the pulling and stealing energy from others. That is the only way to stay alive. Just as we do not know why viruses have evolved and what intelligence drives them, we do not know that about the current system either. One can easily drift off into conspiracy, which is actually a very favorable energetic climate for the system. Because it creates more energy of judgment, blame, resistance, separation, hate… low fear frequencies that are the system’s favorite energetic dish. Divide and conquer has been the same strategy for eons to distract people from truth. A “war between good and evil, God and Satan” is the narrative to lead people astray and keep them in separation consciousness of duality (3D and 4D).
More and more people are waking up to this bigger picture and seeing that all the news in the world, all the chaos, all the revelations that we are seeing lately are actually feeding the old system energetically, when people drift off into judgment, blame and upset about what is going on. Only when we learn to embrace the recent events as a necessary part of the evolutionary process and we learn to not react out of mistrust/fear, but embrace out of trust/love we collectively shift energies upwards. Only when we realize that the matrix serves us as a mirror to see our own shadow, and when we learn to go within to deal with our own stuff that is triggered through the events and work through them, we are making a real energetic shift and change. The inner drives the outer, individually as well as collectively, not vice versa.

One can easily drift into conspiracy, which is actually a very favorable energetic climate for the system. Low fear frequencies of judgment, blame, resistance are the system’s favorite energetic dish.”

Having said this, we would like to move this discernment and awareness further into the spiritual world. What happens quite a lot lately is that people that are waking up to the illusionary quality of the world as we have experienced it, are turning to seek answers in the spiritual world. Expecting that this is the world of the long longed for love and safety, many of us are not aware of the energetic manipulation of this realm. The spiritual world where we still look for answers and salvation and healing from outside of us is just as illusionary as the earthly human realm based on the beliefs of lack and unworthiness. As energies rise higher and higher, the old system has put new implants in place to prolong its existence as long as possible. At the moment it is a big trend that the system chooses carriers of narcissistic ego patterns as hosts to do the work and infiltrate and manipulate people into new belief systems to distract them from the only gateway into the higher frequencies of the new paradigm of unity polarity evolving: The SELF.

Narcissists as Propaganda Puppets

The system does have a very high quality access to unity consciousness as it is very intelligent in terms of developing technology. So narcissists are actually the perfect match. They too do have a very high level of consciousness and the ability to focus and do. They are embodying the male energies having a low to basically non-existent access to the feminine (life-force, intuitive) energy. They are very good thinkers and logic and ratio comes naturally to them. Narcissists in general do not question themselves and they believe that they own the truth, and others are there to follow and/or serve  them.

As they are so convinced of themselves and their own truth, they are usually very good and convincing public speakers. They do not question their own truth and stories and twist them as needed to make them fit in their personal reality. They believe they are the born leaders to use others for their agenda using them as “assets”. If someone is not fulfilling this need or does not obey to that truth, narcissists can develop intense anger and go after these people until destroyed (in terms of reputation or indeed extinguishing their life). The more evolved version of the narcissist, the psychopath, remains very calm and simply seeks to drop and forget about those that no longer serve. It seems very natural to them. So implanting them with the thought and idea of being a spiritual leader and overseer of the ascension process is absolutely in line with a narcissist’s belief system. Narcissists that are manipulated this way have no idea that they are manipulated. They truly believe they are serving a good purpose with them being a chosen and enlightened one. It just seems logical to them that people are lost sheep and need a leader that knows it all and who is not afraid to tell them what to do, going through this confusing process of ascension.

The Process of implanting Spiritual Narcissists

This begins with small infiltrations. Everything always begins with small, seemingly insignificant backdoors, making daily spiritual hygiene a necessity. Unfortunately, these systems of infiltration are still relatively unknown, even in the “advanced lightworker” community, yet the symptoms are almost predictable when the pattern is fully observed with this key understanding.

Here are the mechanics of the altruistic fall into the darkness. It starts off with a sense of importance. The host might very well have legitimate psychic, physical or healing abilities, and has begun to use them to see legitimate results in people for the better. Coming from a curious, experimental perspective, they stretch their new awareness like a muscle, using it more and more, making it much more sensitive and refined. They most likely will begin to speak about what they can do, and despite the fact that many laugh and ridicule, those who resonate will find them, and they will begin to build a community of like minds around them.

Up until this point, more often than not, they have the typical systems of etheric control being dissolved and are working on elevating themselves and their consciousness to much higher levels simply through using their natural abilities. By cleansing their body through using their chi, by training their Vital Life Force, they are naturally rising vibrationally above the level the parasitic construct can operate comfortably.

Here is where they begin to get “special attention”. As soon as a human begins figuring out the etheric control systems, often times they get attention from much higher levels of the parasite echelon. Here is where many are led astray by “guides”, “angels” or even their “higher self”.

One of the most insidious devices the parasitic construct uses is the “monkey-mind” or the “chatterbrain” implant. It will replicate the thought patterning of the brain as the internal voice speaks.”

One of the most insidious devices the parasitic construct uses is the “monkey-mind” or the “chatterbrain” implant. It will replicate the thought patterning of the brain as the internal voice speaks, and begin to softly speak in that frequency until the host begins to accept the “monkey-mind” as their own internal voice. It will start off slow, as a favorite song, or a soothing companion, but it will begin to slowly, over the course of weeks, to shift the internal dialogue into matters of anger, sadness and self-importance.

As the internal thoughts begin to point towards stagnancy, there are blockages that begin to form in and around the host on multiple levels, mind, body and spirit. Emotional poison is created and stuffed down under “love and light”, creating a raw and festering wound underneath the surface that is constantly striving to push up to the top and make itself known, like a bubble of air underneath the ice.

Various implants causing blockage and lack of flow to key areas of the body, such as the heartspace energy, the solar plexus energy and the root energy trigger together with the “monkey-mind”, causing emotions of lack to take hold. The heartspace is where the inner child and emotional connective energy are melded with the body, and compassion, empathy and genuine love begin to get cut off. The solar plexus is where we have the seat of our confidence, the can-do attitude, and blockages here create anxiety, lack of self worth, nervousness and lack of confidence. The root areas are where we physically, emotionally and energetically store trauma energy, and as the flow is shut off, the ability to “forgive and forget” is lost as the traumas get stuck and not able to easily release from the body in a natural fashion.

All of these systems work together to create a dependence on the outside voice, with the host none the wiser about how they are being prodded and goaded through their own thoughts and emotions into this dependence.”

All of these systems work together to create a dependence on the outside Voice, with the host none the wiser about how they are being prodded and goaded through their own thoughts and emotions into this dependence. This Voice becomes the lead motivator of the host. They will not notice this gradual infiltration, it is almost like boiling a frog to death without it noticing….tiny incremental increases in temperature until it is too late.

What they will notice is a massive increase in their value of others perception of them. They will notice that it is more important to look the part than to actually participate, and the more followers they gather who look at them in this way, the better they will feel. The message will begin to shift from personal empowerment for all, to how amazing the leader is and how everyone should follow them into Paradise.

They will notice a lack of self worth that needs to be inflated by the people around them. They will notice a shocking lack of confidence in themselves, that despite the obvious movement in reality around them from what they have worked towards, they will not truly trust themselves to handle anything too complex, even if they came from a place of “I can do anything I put my mind to” before the infiltration.

They will feel the freedom, freeflow and wild instinctive nature of their energy becoming much more rigid and structured. Beliefs that were once transitory and easily changed with the influx of new evidence are becoming stuck, dogmatic and routine.

What was a movement towards awakening themselves and the people around them has shifted into just another religion, another worship harvesting etheric operation.

The Empath – the perfect Match

In general, wounded empaths that are very low in self-esteem, who are questioning themselves and their existence permanently, and are looking for guidance and healing outside from self are very receptive to these implant manipulated messages. Empaths are at the other end of the spectrum energetically. They have a very clear access to the feminine energy, the life force, intuition, emotion and creativity – meaning that they can feel everything and everyone. Yet, they have little to no access to the masculine energy of focus, observation and determination. This leads to not being able to take a decision or to take action. They are seeking people to do that for them rather than learning to create access to these energies on their own.

How to recognize spiritual Narcissists

So how can you tell you are dealing with an implanted narcissist believing to be a spiritual leader? How can you tell that you are confronted with spiritual propaganda?


The implants are transmitting information, often using a language with old-fashioned tonality, intending to sound wise. Sentences like

“Amidst the changes affecting those currently residing on Gaia, I have received further confirmation of the Confederation/Council of… /Archangel…. that the Divine plan is coming to fruition and prosperity awaits us all.”

“As a chosen overseer of the ascension process currently taking place upon Gaia, I have been instructed to pass on this message to you.”

are very common and read like a permanent repetition. Because it is a repetitive program that is running and translating into the kidnapped narcissist ego mind.


Also very common is the use of common old religious and/or spiritual belief systems. Ancient religious and spiritual teachings and prophecies are used to make the message sound more credible. Often these programs threaten with an “Armageddon” and apocalyptic endings for everyone, or the loss of their beloved(s) for good, who chooses not to follow. This is just another trick to keep people in fear frequencies to be able to feed from them.


Another trick of these programs is to actively feed conspiracy and support the disclosure of scandals. This makes sure that people stay distracted from their inner work and inner balancing and are projecting and focusing on the outside world. This is fostering judgment and blame, a yummie fear frequency for the old system. No matter if terrorist attacks, paradise papers, Hollywood child trafficking, geo-engineering, rigged elections, etc. all these news only serve one purpose: Distraction from self to keep people away from the door to their power and magnificence.


The system knows about the lowest fear frequencies of hate and division, and are actively calling people to fight against the “dark and evil” forces to save humanity “in the name of God”. This way they make sure to keep their food supply chain running. 


These programs seek to keep people out of commitment and action. The system knows about the feminine quality of just being in the field of possibilities and creativity. Without the masculine energy of focus and action, the energy remains unchanneled and unconcentrated. Therefore no change is created and nothing manifests. So as long as people are kept in the belief of outside salvation through a Divine plan and intervention, and are told to just surrender to the Divine, it is a guarantee to keep people in the old paradigm.


Another strategy is to encourage people to use magic tricks like shielding or protecting themselves with bubbles of white light or using the violet flame or calling on certain beings to dissolve their worries and pain to not have to go through the actual inner work. This just fosters the fear frequencies again, as protection is an action out of fear. The system knows about the human fear of the fear and fear of pain and offers an appealing easy way around it.


The system loves to work with orders to disempower people and keep them in spiritual dependency. Through already mentioned tactics of threatening clear orders seem very attractive to those afraid of doing something wrong in this process. Just follow the orders of the Divine plan and intervention, and everything will unfold perfectly.


Closely related to the Divine orders is the selling of the truth. This is very typical for propaganda tactics to make the truth sound so simple and appealing that people love to believe in it. (Note: The other side of duality does exactly the same, it is just a different narrative). No other perspectives are allowed in propaganda. There is only one truth. By keeping people from finding their own truth through their own intuition and consciousness, they are kept hostage in the lower frequency realms.


Also very common is the creation of separation from the collective to foster the feeling of being minor and less evolved for those stepping into this trap. The narcissistic leaders often call themselves overseer or master of this ascension process and that they are receiving direct orders of the Divine. And that is precisely what these programs are telling them and what they blindly believe. Keeping people in separation through making them feel unworthy and unknowing keeps them away from unity consciousness and oneness. This is just another tactic to keep people in the low fear frequencies to provide energetic food supply for the old system to keep itself alive.

There are two main strategies: Keeping people distracted from their inner truth and their true self, and keeping them in fear frequencies.”

As we can see, there are two main strategies: Keeping people distracted from their inner truth and their true self, and keeping them in fear frequencies. This makes sure to prolong the existence of the old system. It will break down sooner or later– how fast depends on us and our ability to trust ourselves and our inner calling and to transmute energy by doing our inner work and processing. The more we understand energetic dynamics and the power of our heart and emotions, the less we fall for co-dependency traps and the more we become empowered. We all are leaders of the heart, once we have broken down our old conditioning and beliefs. We are the one’s we have been waiting for. People connected from heart to heart – with a different lens of perception of unity and the true understanding of ALL being ONE – is who co-creates the new paradigm – from the inside out. 

It is important to realize that the narcissistic leaders have no idea that they are following an illusion. Narcissists fully believe their story and truth. Period. It is very difficult for them to get out of this once trapped in such a program. Basically their only possibility to be pushed into their own inner process is when all empaths they feed from are no longer available because they have freed themselves from all dependencies and attachment and have found back into their power. When the food chain of feminine energy no longer exists, then the narcissist is forced to find his own way to generate these energies for him/herself.

Ascension is not a process for the collective to follow a couple of leaders through. Ascension is an individual choice of every human being, whether to raise the personal frequency or not.”

Ascension is not a process for the collective to follow a couple of leaders through. Ascension is an individual choice of every human being, whether to raise the personal frequency or not. Do I choose self-trust and stepping right into the fear and pain to dissolve it and open my individual gateway and re-connection to Source, or do I choose to remain in the realm of separation, co-dependency and energetic vampirism.

Evolution is an infinite process. We will always grow, expand, learn and integrate individually and collectively. There is no goal to reach, no right or wrong. The human evolution is inevitable for the collective, and yet it is for each individual to decide whether to walk this path while being alive. The more people make this choice, the greater the energetic ripple effect to ease and inspire into the process for the next waves to follow.

Again, this topic is nothing to be afraid of. The opposite: The more we develop a fascination for it and see the narratives as a tool for us to overcome our belief systems, the less power these stories have over us. See them through the eyes of an adventurous and curious child. That way, these programs cannot manipulate us any longer.

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera


  1. This post is so timely and amazing. It all resonates as a good “wakeup” call, so to speak, lol. America, in particular, is so politicized these days, that many, like myself, have been diving deep into conspiracy theories. Though they may have partial validity, they’re disheartening and I feel myself not trusting anything or anyone. I’m losing my childlike love for the world. Thank you for this message.

  2. Along these lines- something to consider are the “chakras”.
    Why would we have a system within us that is not inherently harmoniously integrated, misaligned, blocked, etc.?

    Our soul essence is pure, our human temples, miracles.

    For instance: The belief that we must have all of our chakras aligned so that a pure white column of light can grown and then extend out of our head into the universe.
    I mean, where is that light going?!
    It’s food for the false light.
    The chakra system in and of itself is a disempowering belief. What if they are an imposed program, an overlay?
    Or an implant, as you say.

    Just think about it.
    Let it sit in.

    And also, “in love and Iight” is also feeding that old system.

    If we need to differentiate the “light” we are still in that old belief that the opposite is dark.

    It’s all of it.
    Light and dark.
    It’s still a dualistic way of thinking.

    If we truly remember, if we truly know that everything- even the perceived implants, false light, false feminine, etc- are also all aspects of One. And that they’re just playing out the duality on/in whatever dimension they are, because they haven’t remebered yet that they are Love. Then we ourselves can have less judgement, feed less into those disempowering (for all!) belief systems, and be who and what we actually came here to be- Love in physicality.

    From the center of my being,

    1. Thank god you shared that insight, CJ.
      I too am the Centre of my Being, and the poles which generate the differing stories are tiny degrees off Center in any ‘direction’. Meaning, we are ALL a compilation of everything. So if you are finding ‘light’ you will also find ‘dark’.
      Is it a conspiracy/implant?
      It’s just Life – the amazingly diverse experience LOVE gets to BE in. Who we are and how we behave in life is what counts. Be GOOD. Be SUSTAINABLE. That’s it. The bigger picture is wayyyy to complicated for anyone’s single thread of knowing to articulate. We get to know ourselves in the archtypal sense, which intersects with so many others in common stories, as well as the personal. These stories and experiences are rich in understanding, but they sure ain’t the Whole. The irony of trying to ‘separate’ yourself from the ‘entities and parasites’ who are trying to create ‘separation” in you!
      We are a product of Separation – that is why EVERYTHING EXISTS.
      I love Vera’s posts and her co-writer on these articles simply sheds a different ‘light’ on a very complicated evolutionary path. But it’s scary to read, despite the ‘don’t be afraid’ reminders. We are talking about people, regardless of dimension. Some good, some not so good. And all of them….US.

  3. Some good points here regarding spiritual narcissist leaders. Although I wonder to what extent why someone would attract one of those people into their lives.

    You mention that empaths are real (‘they are feeling everything and every one’) but then you say white bubbles or using things like the violet flame are magic tricks. For an empath, proper use of rays or energy filters (if used correctly) are very useful tools for not feeling astral garbage or lower energies around you (of which there is plenty), or can help you clear out someone else’s stuff if by accident you started to tune into it and you are processing it through your energy systems or physical body. It’s easy being an empath in the countryside or in a forest away from people but once you live in the city it can get very uncomfortable and can lead to things like not sleeping, digestive issues, constant sensations of anxiety, and so on. Tools to clear this out or to buffer or filter unhelpful frequencies or energies are useful and practical for daily life, not just for sanity but for healthy relationships and being able to meet the demands of modern life. Once you get strong enough energetically or if you wake up from the duality reality completely (if this is even possible for most empaths) perhaps you won’t need such tools.

    For many this is more of a practical reality than a ‘fear frequency’. Pollution in our soils and oceans, and electromagnetic frequencies from wifi/bluetooth/cellular/microwaves and so on, exist and affect our physical body regardless of whether we are fearing them or unaware of them. The same goes for lower astral frequencies and energies.

  4. Comment a lot of well off people have exhibited this there are people who can’t take no for an answer they send a barrage of daily emails never ceasing on and on especially among hypnotists or famous people watch the famous ones this is real

  5. Thank you for sharing. My intuition led me to try to find validation for what I knew to be true. I was browsing Amazon prime video and came across so many spiritual awakening programs, a lot of them by UFOTV which is an automatic red flag for me. Then others w Deepak Chopra etc… I watched some of these and knew intuitively that this was all propaganda. This was very helpful for me to read as well as I can get carried away with the conspiracy program. Grateful.

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