Sparring Sessions


Are you ready for healthy, radical new ways and experiences, be it with your love life, your vocation, your health, your creations?

SPARRING is a practice originally coming from boxing training, where you practice the moves without actually hitting hard to uncover flaws, weak and blind spots in technique and flow of movement. In a wider sense, SPARRING can be transferred onto the conversational level for challenging life situations. It is a practice that goes beyond therapy, coaching, counseling or consulting, because it is interested in only one thing: Empowerment and refinement of the trainee, by mirroring back what was not obvious and clear before. Sparring is always intuitive and tailor made in the moment, because thankfully we are all unique and different, and there is no “one size fits all”!

Vera and Agustí are facilitating such SPARRING sessions for you, to accompany your journey back to your essence and to assist you in unfolding your wings.

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You might ask yourself: Is SPARRING the right thing for me?

It is for you when

  • you are unsure or insecure about your process, and need someone to talk to who truly understands your situation without judgment
  • you feel stuck and cannot see a way out
  • you are exhausted of experiencing the same loops in your life again and again
  • when you are tired of trying to change or convince other people
  • when you are tired of trying to explain yourself 
  • when you are running out of ideas of what else to do to get your life back under control
  • when you feel stuck in a situation and your mind has run out of ideas
  • when you are ready for and open to completely, radically new perspectives and approaches
  • when you truly want to break free, no matter what the consequences might be to enjoy life again
  • when you are ready to dive deep into your inner world and landscape to rediscover your most important tool for your new reality: Your INTUITION
  • when you are ready to meet the most powerful ally in your life: Your unique essence

Sparring is suitable for you when you are truly and honestly motivated to take full responsibility for your own experience, actions and feelings. Sparring supports you in seeing your situation from a new perspective, it helps you to discover your own blind spots, it gives you inspiration in different areas of your reality, and it gives you the right pin pointers and tips to navigate to find your way back into your true authentic self, which this adventure called life is all about. Sparring is about empowerment. We are not helping you when we make you believe in us as a savior, we are helping you when we assist you to believe in yourself and to know yourself. Your Essence. We are not interested in making you dependent on us, we are interested in losing you as a client, because you are discovering and harnessing your own power to create your life. 

What Sparring is not: 

  • We will not give you solutions or definite answers
  • We will not read your or anyone else’s energy field
  • We will not make any predictions for the future /on specific outcomes
  • We will not tell you what you should or should not do
  • We will not fix or heal you or someone else
  • We will not sugarcoat anything
  • We will not focus on or analyze someone else’s behavior with you, this is about you. 

What Sparring is: 

Instead, we go into an explorative quest and open exchange, you ask questions and share the situation that is keeping you occupied at the moment.  We play with what you are dealing with, we put it in metaphysical / energetic context for more clarity, and we let you come to your own conclusions and find your own truth. We get real together and say what needs to be said. Radical honesty (first and foremost you with yourself!) is a base ingredient for a successful Sparring. 

We can offer some tips and tricks on how to navigate, and we can support you in understanding the dynamics and repeating patterns playing out in your life better. We can support with structuring and with content to bring your essence out to shine uniquely. But we cannot walk the path for you.

This format is here to ignite you. To enable you. To remember yourself and your purpose. To find prosperity and simplicity in life. To be the super-self you are meant to be, getting ready to share your essence, power and magic with the world. 

Content and Scope of a Sparring Session

  • Zoom Video Call of 60 min
  • 7 days Aftercare for additional questions and sharing
  • Tailor made Navigation Package with additional wisdom and suggestions for self-study and self-work to continue for you at home
  • Your exclusive, personal, secret safe space on our unconditional network fflock, where we share the video recording for you to download, your navigation package, and are in exchange during your aftercare period for additional questions and sharing.

Sparring with Vera

Vera is a Master of Context and Flow. She will not only shine light on the reason for your current experience, she will direct you into observation of yourself and discover new angles you can start shifting your life experience to make life effortless, and uncovering your unique essence. She looks back on a Corporate career in Communications and Marketing, and has coached many people in challenging twin flame processes. She is an internationally acclaimed author of books and blogs, which are a combination of wisdom and her life experience.

Sparring with Agustí

Agustí is a Master of Content and Structure. With his positively disruptive energy, he supports in breaking your glass ceilings, and assists in rediscovering your essence. He looks back on a vast experience in the highly creative start-up world, and has gone through the empowering throws of a twin flame journey to remember unconditional love and life. He has supported many people in their life struggles and awakening processes over the years. With this combo, he’s gonna ignite your inner fire, and assists you in finding your next steps into your own empowerment.

Sparring with VerAgus

You’re up for the full power package of Vera and Agustí together? They are combining their strengths, and are complementing each other in many ways, seeing and approaching your specific case together with you from different angles and perspectives.

Session Languages

Sparrings with Vera are possible in English, German, and Dutch.

Sparrings with Agustí are possible in English, Catalan, and Spanish.

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