Our Unconditional Partnership

We (Agustí and Vera) are experiencing a partnership with each other that is only possible beyond duality. While we still assisted each other, especially in the beginning when we met, to trigger the rest of our conditional belief systems and fears around relationships, romance and sexuality, showing each other the mirrors of our fears of not being good enough (shame) and not doing good enough (guilt), we more and more anchored in a truly unconditional, and very co-creative connection. 

It was such an interesting, challenging and beautiful experience, full of new insights and feelings never felt before. It offered an intense growth together. We truly grew into a completely new relationship template based on unconditional sharing. We are not even sure if relationship is still the right word, because our connection is not exclusive. This also does not mean it is an open relationship, because that would still define the connection as a ”main couple” with side affairs and lovers or multiple partners to fulfill something, we feel we cannot get from our main partner. Non of this exists in the unconditional, simply because we are whole from within.

Our partnership sits on the foundation of radical honesty. We don’t have anything to hide from each other, we don’t try to be someone else or behave in a different way to make it right for the other. We don’t play roles, we don’t justify, we don’t try to please, we don’t cover up things to protect ourselves or the other from pain.

Instead, we transparently share our struggles, our vulnerabilities, our inspirations, our insights. We can be completely authentic with each other. We accompany each other through painful moments. We don’t back out, we don’t fight, we don’t freeze. We give ourselves over to the moments of release and transformation. This is true intimacy.

We just love to be together, not because we cannot live without each other, but because we are enjoying each others company. We inspire and amplify each other in our expansion and creations. We love to co-create, because we can see the value of the complementarity in our talents and gifts. We see our diversity as a real gift and we celebrate our differences.

All of this is only possible because we take full ownership of our own energy and feelings. A radical acceptance of our inner landscape that creates our outer experience. We know that nobody can make us feel anything which is not already inside of us.

Although we both remember the former relationship feeling of jealousy, we are unable to feel it anymore. There is no manipulation or trying to control the partnership. We are naturally aligned and both know that our impulses are always serving the best of not only the two of us, but the whole. We don’t have any expectations towards each other or towards the future. We are here and now. That also means, we don’t try to change each other. Instead, we see and appreciate each others essence, and see the value in every single moment of our shared experience. We can therefore rely on each other in a completely new way. 

We renew our commitment from moment to moment. We love to share and to be together, but we are not claiming each other as ”mine”. There is no possessive character. No ”I am going to love you til the end”.  

Triggers still happen sporadically, but we navigate through them together in a very quick and smooth way, because we don’t take things personally. We are a really good team at that. When one of us goes through an emotional release after a trigger, we are holding a loving and compassionate space instead of trying to make it go away or to fix it. 

Our connection is much more like a symbiosis, we don’t long for each other, nor for someone else, we don’t miss anything, because we don’t need a partner to fulfill us. Not to take care of us, not to die for us, not to save us, not to solve things for us, not to give us attention, not to provide for us, not to reach an orgasm. Non of it exists in our partnership. There is no co-dependency. We don’t compromise on our essence for the sake of the relationship. 

We are interdependent. We don’t drain each other (energetically abuse each other), we amplify each other. We share moment to moment, what feels good. We take our own space when we need it, and we co-create together when we feel the impulse. We flow together intuitively, and we are having such a blast! We live and embody our silliness and innocence together, every day is a new adventure to play!

To get here was in theory actually quite simple, but in practice, it was the hardest thing we ever went through. We were both individually pushed into a process of letting go, through a twin flame experience. We both had to go through this boot camp first, before we could even meet. It catalyzed us, our lives, and with it our fear based comfort zones fell apart (This is not to say that twin flames cannot go through this process together or end up being together, there are many different ways and experiences, and no twin flame experience is the same).

It ripped our hearts apart and wide open. It pushed all the conditional co-dependency buttons for us. It made all of our belief systems around romantic soul mate love crash. Instead, it showed us the brutal truth of how much fear we unconsciously carried, and how often we actually just tried to save our own lovely butt. It ruthlessly showed us how we had become attached to a new story and belief system, proclaimed by the love gurus out there.

It showed us, how stubbornly we were trying anything to reunite with that other half of ours. No tool or method was crazy enough (that included a full moon charged fruit shower in Agustí’s case, lol).

At some point, we had to accept that the love we knew was not love at all, but a survival mechanism learned from birth on, shown by our parents and peers, by books and movies. Deeper and deeper we needed to dive into our own being, needed to fall onto our knees to surrender many times, needed to release layer by layer of conditioning, until we were able to let go what we craved most, our last conditional dream and belief: A romantic relationship with the twin flame. 

We both had to learn, that this connection was meant to propel us out of our beliefs of true love, to learn to completely love ourselves.

This was the end of a cycle, and the beginning of a new paradigm for us. Only then we were able to embody unconditional love in our partnership, which is the basis for an unconditional lifestyle, shared with a human collective. Moment to moment, cycle to cycle – it will become the new basis for an empowered, unconditional society. 

From our own journey and experience, we now can truly say, from the bottom of our hearts – TRUE ROMANCE is possible and real. And it looks so very different from what we could possibly imagine with a conditional mindset. 

By the way, both of our twin flames are still in our energetic field, and we love them without any attachments, knowing they will always be a part of us, and have assisted us with their rejections to come into this peaceful, and powerful place we are in today.

We were able to do it, so you are able to do it, too!

We can promise you one thing: It is absolutely worth it. This is true freedom.