Feel the Force – August 26, 2021

Jesse and I talked about duality and co-dependency in depth, and the energetic set-up/codes running the show behind the scenes.

  • What is co-dependency?
  • How does it relate to duality?
  • How does the cycle of creation and feminine and masculine energies relate to it?
  • Why and how do we re-create co-dependency loops?
  • How can we break free from co-dependency?
  • What does that mean individually and collectively?
  • What role do narratives play?

In the comment of the youtube video, you can find some accompanying charts on the cycle of creation as well as masculine and feminine traits, that are a beautiful to contemplate on, whether relating to your inner or outer landscape.

Thanks Jesse for hosting this conversation.

Herzmacht Podcast – April 24, 2021 (german/deutsch)

Peter und ich sprachen über die Herausforderungen des Erwachens, welche Wichtigkeit Emotionen spielen, was bedingungslos Leben bedeutet, und wie wir von Transformation nach Co-Kreation kommen.

Feel the Force – January 25, 2021


Jesse and I talked about the awakening process, frustrations, triggers, true surrender, the twin flame dynamic, about how to truly move forward. We touched on true liberation from codependency, about duality, and the illusion of separation, ethics and morality. We talked about the beautiful mind, and why it needs narratives and continuity as reference points, to go through transformation. We also went into the process of embodiment and physical purging and transformation. We talked about the game/dream environment we are in, and how we transition from one game/dream to the next, and which role the zero-point plays.

Love Speaks – October 22, 2020

This show was recorded right after we had to move in order to get away from an early snow storm in Wisconsin, where we had been living outdoors in tents and were experimenting with new community living including new concepts, new structure, new flow, new content. It was emotionally very challenging and intense, being confronted with deepest survival fears.

Soulspeaks 5D – from June 6, 2018 to December 1, 2021

Todd and VerAgus go way back. We’ve had many inspiring conversations over the years, sharing our journey, insights, inspirations, experiments and creations. It’s always such fun to connect with you Todd!

Gervais Wright – March 11, 2018

Exchange on the awakening journey, different dimensions, transformation of fears. We touched on the twin flame journey, and the many changes we go through.

Be your Best – February 7, 2017

This interview is in German and took place in February 2017 as part of the German online Conference “Be your Best” with Astrid Witt. I talked with her about the necessity of chaos in the process of spiritual awakening whether for an individual or for the collective. We were diving deeper into why it is so crucial to learn how to deal with emotions constructively and how to transmute energies.

Salt of the Earth – May 12 2016

In this interview recorded in April 2016 of the Salt of the Earth series by and with Veruschka Normandeau, I am talking with her about the universal energies and how they work, spiritual awakening, geomagnetic activities and disruptions on earth and the new energetic era we have entered. I share my own experiences and how fast things developed for me after I chose to trust the flow. Thank a lot Veruschka for having me. Enjoy!

Linda Summers – February 12, 2016

Here is the recording of Linda Summers interviewing me live on Conscious Talk Radio in February 2016. We spoke about the Wake Up Call that many people receive right now, the ego and how it works, how to deal with fears, how powerful inner child work is to dissolve those and how the law of attraction really works. Thanks a lot Linda for having me. I hope you enjoy listening to it.