On the Leylines – Discover Earth’s Energy Grid!


By Jesse James Giuliani and Vera Ingeborg

Leylines are the meridians of planet earth. Different leylines provide different energies to keep the chi of our planet flowing. After almost having been forgotten, and having been hi-jacked in the third dimension to create an even deeper sense of duality, they are now being rediscovered and understood by a larger population. So called gridworkers have been and still are working on re-establishing and strengthening the leyline grid around the planet, anchoring the new energies that are coming in at major grid crossings, cleaning out, releasing and transforming low frequencies and re-directing the new energy into the meridians. Authors Jesse and Vera have both spent a lot of time with gridwork on leylines – that is also how they met.

Jesse: I first came to Cornwall on a whim. Once I crossed the border, only one thing reverberated throughout my consciousness:

The Energy, The Energy!

At the time I hadn’t a clue what exactly this meant on a conscious level, but obviously my entire Being grasped it on an etheric, intuitive, molecular level. Cornwall is a place of primordial energy and magic, situated in the pinky toe of the UK. The landscape and folklore is pervaded with a fusion of Christian and Pagan energies. It is the land of the Saints and Celtic Crosses, but also the land of standing stones and leylines. Deeply religious individuals would convene in this remote region of the earth, Druids and Christians alike. The prime power centre of such complex and powerful energies is located at the sacred site of St Michael’s Mount, a tidal island whose protruding Basolithic geological formation emerged almost 300 million years ago. Incidentally, this site is the sibling of Mont Saint Michel in Normandy. This particular site is deeply steeped in history and legend. Its greatest secret, though, rests in the four major leylines that cross through it.

Vera: I was traveling the UK last year from July until September, as I was guided there for some reason. Without knowing beforehand, I was drawn to important leyline crossings. I came to Marazion simply following my intuition. I saw the name on the map and it literally sucked me in. The closer I came, the lighter I felt. So much peace and balance! I just wanted to sing and dance. When I got into this beautiful Cornish little town, I felt like sitting in a pub to read in a book on energy work. At that time I was more of a loner, and not drawn to public places at all, so that was a strange thing for me to do. It took no longer than five minutes, when Jesse approached me to ask what I was reading. And another five minutes later, we were in a deep conversation on universal energies, and how they run through us and through our planet. He told me about the leyline crossings in St. Michael’s Mount, and that he could take me there to show me the strongest energy spots, as he had worked as a tourguide on the mountain. Of course I wanted to! It dawned to me that again I had ended up in exactly the place I needed to be in that moment to do important gridwork together with Jesse.

Jesse: But before we delve deeper…

What on Earth are Leylines??

By way of analogy, I shall duly illustrate and clarify. Think of the Equator. It exists, and is symbolically represented as a line running through the centre of the earth. When you approach the equator, things get really hot. When you’re practically on the equator, you will definitely know. The Equator cannot be seen. But it can be felt, and its ‘bandwidth’ and intangible properties, so to speak, can be measured through sophisticated scientific means. Think, also, of Radiowaves. Again— unseen, intangible— but can definitely be felt, heard, and accordingly measured. Likewise, the electromagnetic spectrum in general is a great teacher.

Visible light, i.e. everything we can visually apprehend in this dimension, comprises a mere 20% of the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore 80% of our reality consists of unseen forces. Freaky!”

Visible light, ie. everything we can visually apprehend in this dimension, comprises a mere 20% of the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore 80% of our reality consists of unseen forces. Freaky! So then, drawing from the foregoing analogies, it is safe to say that the exact same principles thereof apply to the existence and the nature of Leylines. It’s all a case of subtle energy. We as humans have been designed with Energy Meridians coursing through our collective organisms. The existence of Energy Meridians is verifiable: it is the foundation of Chinese Medicine, an ancient art-science far more advanced and sophisticated than modern Western medicine. Since we have Energy Meridians, so, too, does Mother Earth. The Leylines are Mother Earth’s Energy Meridians. Now, Leylines are not straight ‘lines’ per se. The Orientals described them as ‘currents’, which is more qualitatively accurate (the Western mindset prefers rigid, Pythagorean representations of inherently wiggly, frisky things for some reason — all to do with latticing free Nature into a control grid). On remotely viewing a Leyline, its appearance is a wispy, swirly spiral (not unlike a Serpent) infused with complexly beautiful colours. Leylines also have their unique characteristics. In the case of the four Leylines of St Michael’s Mount (the Greco-Christian Masculine-Feminine coalition of the Apollo, the Michael, and the Athena and the Mary), you could say that each ‘line’ bears a particular ‘feel’. For instance, the Mary line is renowned for its expansive ‘bandwidth’, warm, nurturing, and protective aura. Someone whose senses were sharply attuned to higher energies could actually smell Lavender on entering the auric field of the Mary line. This made perfect sense, as Lavender is the herbal equivalent of Protection. The Michael line hits its point home with tremendous intensity. On entering the Michael line, many have reported a sudden and overwhelming jolt, activating the Heart Chakra, and eventuating in a microcosmic orgasm. For those who are not ready, the Michael line can at times seem quite full-on and ‘Yang’, as the Chinese would say. In fact, during my time as a Tour Guide and Energy Worker on St Michael’s Mount, the Michael Line did everything to supercharge my chi energy, even to an overwhelmingly extreme degree! For some sensitive people like myself, this at times can cause temporary crashes and burnouts if they don’t have the proper tools/methods to balance out the energies.

The Apollo line bears a distinctly ‘Greek’ energy. I have encountered several people who have stopped in their tracks and asked me: ‘Why am I feeling a Greek energy?’ Beaming mischievously, I explained to them that they were standing right in the midst of the Apollo line. The Athena current charges the senses and soul with qualities attributable to the goddess herself: Wisdom and Courage. The Wisdom aspect is a feeling-knowing of implicit interconnectedness with the Force (yes, like in ‘Star Wars’), and the Courage aspect allows you to transmute any stubborn low-frequency fears into higher frequency Growth, Love, and Service – to your self, life purpose, and kindred souls.

I could go on giving examples, but I heartily encourage you to experience these wonders for yourself.

Vera: Yes, I totally conform to that, and highly recommend to go for this amazing experience yourself. When we approached the Mount together, I could already feel my chi running in a very powerful but balanced manner. Pure joy spread within me. And INDEED: The smell of Lavender was very present, when we stepped into the Mary line energy.

Plus, the Michael energy is powerful, wow! It truly let my heart expand even further and gave me tingles in the third eye. St. Michael’s Mount is very steep, and the hike up should actually be very exhausting. The opposite is the case. The energy is literally pulling you up there, and you feel light and rested when you get to the top. I just loved it, and enjoyed so much feeling, anchoring and transforming energy there. It had to be that Jesse and I met so he could show me where to go to do the work most effectively.

St. Michael’s Mount is very steep, and the hike up should actually be very exhausting. The opposite is the case. The energy is literally pulling you up there, and you feel light and rested when you get to the top.”

Jesse: Which brings me to the next section:

How do we locate a Leyline?

The late Cornish sage, Earth Worker, and dowser Hamish Miller is the foremost authority on this matter. The recommended implement is a pair of L-shaped dowsing rods. You can make them from scratch out of any sort of conductive metal (copper is best), or buy them for a reasonable sum at your local Spiritual Shop. Dowsing rods have been used for thousands of years as simple yet ingenious electromagnetic measuring tools. For instance, various gods and pharaohs on Ancient Egyptian wall paintings are depicted with L-shaped rods in their hands. You hold them hand in hand, not too loose, not too tight, facing straight ahead of you parallel to your heart area. Practice on a glass of water. Place the glass on the floor in the middle of the room, a few feet away from you. Now, as you slowly approach the glass of water, think, or visualize, water. Water. Water. By the time you are walking over the glass, you will notice that the L-shaped rods start to cross inward. And as you walk away from the water, the rods will seamlessly go back to their original straight-facing starting position. Once you’ve mastered practizing on water, you can even dowse for other minerals, materials, and even the size of people’s auras (my personal favorite)! Dowsing for leylines, even for most skeptics, proves to be quite a pleasant surprise. The rods cross even for the skeptics, mostly. This is because of the left-brain tendency to doubt and disbelieve. The principle, on dowsing, is to fine-tune the intuitive part of the mind with the heart and focusing on the visualized, or sensed object in question. It is this very fusion of heart and mind, which we in the West tend to lack.

Interestingly, the Chinese word for ‘mind’ is Xin, translating as ‘heart-mind’. Reason and emotion are not separate, but coextensive. We must therefore remind ourselves of this when engaging in dowsing. Dowsing can alternatively be done with pendulums. Most women prefer this method. Dowsing with rods is more of a guy thing. For the clairsentient adepts, dowsing can be done through sheer feeling with the hands or other parts of the being. So remember: it’s all about fine-tuning the heart-mind to the unseen forces that pervade and influence this earth. So, once a Leyline has been ‘found’, we can go further into…

Dowsing is an excellent way to train your intuition and learning the language of energy. Not only to detect energy lines, but also to understand your own system and bodies better.”

Vera: Dowsing is an excellent way to train your intuition and learning the language of energy. Not only to detect energy lines, but also to understand your own system and bodies better. The dowsing device will always give you the answer from your authentic and true self, as the mind is not able to manipulate your heart frequency, the device reacts to. At some point you will realize that you do not need the device anymore, as you have trained your energetic sensitivity and intuition so much, that you just know without a confirmation through the dowsing device. And what is a better place than starting to practice this, than in a major leyline crossing?!? But lets get back to the leylines. What are they used for?

Jesse: Well, they can be used for many purposes.

The Uses of Leylines

The most neutral use of a Leyline would be energetic absorption. You simply sit there, relax, and absorb the energy into every part of your being. This charges you up and gives you a spiritual ‘uplift’, for want of a better term. Leylines can also be used to project positive all-loving creative intent into the universe. Since the Leyline is an intense concentration of ether, you can broadcast, amplify, and accelerate your intentions (such as remote healing) just by being on a leyline. Certain establishments (ecclesiastical, governmental, secret societies, etc.) have been deliberately placed on leylines in order to serve the agendas of those whose intentions are the opposite of those of us Lightworkers.

Since the leyline is an intense concentration of ether, you can broadcast, amplify, and accelerate your intentions just by being on a leyline.”

Vera: Yes, although that might sound pretty dark, actually it is just all part of the experience we chose on this planet, to learn how duality feels like when at its peak. So when human existence and the energies split into darkness and light, it was the beginning of this experiment. The “team dark” found many ways to keep the frequency on the planet on a low, fear-based level until recent days. One way to make sure that light frequencies would not interfere was to block major chakra and energetic gridpoints on the planet. They basically hi-jacked them, and manipulated their energy with energetic implant technology. The past two decades with a major increase since 2012, gridworkers have been traveling all over the planet or have been stationed in certain places to re-activate and upgrade the energetic system of the planet.

Jesse: Despite of it all, most Sacred Sites of Mother Earth, including St Michael’s Mount, Stonehenge, the Temple at Delphi (Apollo line) the Pyramids of Giza, and so forth, have been deliberately situated on Leylines for benign purposes whose ultimate motives are to connect more clearly and directly with the Divine Forces. So make sure that the heart and soul of your intent contains loving-kindness, abundance, creativity, and all things bright and beautiful.

Recommended Reading: Hamish Miller – Dowsing Hamish Miller – The Sun and the Serpent Hamish Miller – The Dance of the Dragon Sig Lonegren – Spiritual Dowsing All readily available on Amazon and other online bookstores.

Follow the Michael and Mary line here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1EfTggFzl0UQ1W_Ls45K2Cl_H6eE&hl=en_US&ll=50.10721707331596%2C-5.521501622265646&z=12

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera

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