This interview is in German and took place in February 2017 as part of the German online Conference “Be your Best” with Astrid Witt. I talked with her about the necessity of chaos in the process of spiritual awakening whether for an individual or for the collective. We were diving deeper into why it is so crucial to learn how to deal with emotions constructively and how to transmute energies.



In this interview recorded in April 2016 of the Salt of the Earth series by and with Veruschka Normandeau, I am talking with her about the universal energies and how they work, spiritual awakening, geomagnetic activities and disruptions on earth and the new energetic era we have entered. I share my own experiences and how fast things developed for me after I chose to trust the flow. Thank a lot Veruschka for having me. Enjoy!

Here is the recording of Linda Summers interviewing me live on Conscious Talk Radio in February 2016. We spoke about the Wake Up Call that many people receive right now, the ego and how it works, how to deal with fears, how powerful inner child work is to dissolve those and how the law of attraction really works. Thanks a lot Linda for having me. I hope you enjoy listening to it.

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