We have all felt it. A cycle is ending. And a new beginning is here. We are entering the era of augmented co-creation. The times of doing it alone are over. And it is scary. Because all we have is trust in our intuition, without any clear knowing where it takes us. It also means to trust in other people, and letting go of the idea of “my way, my project etc.” Everything we are trying to do the old way is not supported by the new source code anymore. 


 This is a very special blog for me. Because it is the last one from The Wake Up Experience. I have been busy with (and struggling with it) for a while, what is gonna be next. I could feel that The Wake Up Experience is coming to an end. Because we ARE awake now. The cycle of healing, coaching, and finding inner balance is over, there is nothing to add, we know all we need to know, and all we need to do now is to walk the talk. Align soul, mind, heart and body and embody and live the new templates. This is how we are going to step by step shift our world.



No more Tolerance for Misalignment

I had to learn it myself, that it is no longer tolerated to be misaligned with our essence. I thought I could make it an easy transition from the Wake Up Experience to the new projects of the Fast Forward Movement, I am co-creating with my partner Agustí and other wonderful people around us. I thought it would be good to still have the basis of my incomes from my blog and services to be able to “survive” until the new stuff will be in a place to support us in sustaining ourselves. I did not realize how conditional I was with this thinking until yesterday. I intended to create an automatic email response to people reaching out to me, to give myself more space for the new things to come and telling them that I am no longer able to reply to single emails. What happened was that the algorithm created a mass mail, not only as a reply to new messages, but to all messages ever sent to my email account. First I was shocked, I was frustrated, I did not understand why this had to happen. Until it clicked. There is no transition phase. The time for active coaching and healing is over. Period. Now it is all about creation and building the new paradigm together. There is no “a little bit of this and a little bit of that” but it is full focus on the new and the new basis. And of course my mind hated the idea of having to let go of all I had build up to support people, and also to make my living. It did not make me rich, but it was in balance. It was my safety and comfort zone. And now, once again I am jumping into the unknown having nothing but the universal laws, a shared vision, our values, structure, dynamics, our intentions, and a deep inner knowing this is the way. 

“It is the only way that works. Letting go of the old to make space for the new. It is never the other way around. Effortless flow comes with a hugs amount of trust. Security nets are a thing of the linear past.”

It is the only way that works. Letting go of the old to make space for the new. It is never the other way around. Effortless flow comes with a huge amount of trust. Security nets are soon going to be a thing of the linear past.



Parallel vs. Linear Experiences

Ever since Agustí and I are in a conscious partnership, a new cycle has begun in terms of co-creation and alignment of two (almost) whole parts. It is very exciting and yet challenging to create a stable and new core of a fractal. In our connection, we both have been learning and realizing so much about how fractals and the codes work. Fractal principles is how nature works. It is not a linear process, but many processes in parallel. A core fractal (like a core cell) is carrying the DNA of that specific fractal, and it spreads by dividing into more cells that all carry the same DNA. Every single cell goes through and initiates new processes, always following the same codes/signals read by the DNA. And it all happens in parallel. It is not a linear process, and therefore not controllable in the way our human linear mind is used to.

“Fractal principles is how nature works. It is not a linear process, but many processes in parallel.”

Although the cells are all offshoots of the core fractal, they have different functions. Just like in our physical body, not all cells have the same function, yet they all carry the information of the whole body, no matter if it is a hair cell, a stomach cell, an eye cell or a cell in our foot. Each cell has an important individual task, but is interdependent with all the other cells and acting according to the specific core DNA (essence) of that human being. When the core fractal is not in balance, the whole system goes out of balance and becomes instable. That is when we as humans experience pain, get sick, feel depressed etc. When the core gets back into balance, the whole system is, as it is connected through the joint DNA.


Once we have understood this principle, we also understand how co-creation becomes possible effortlessly. It is based on true community principles. In a community, people contribute because they are committed to a shared vision and values. A shared code. A community is a self-sustainable organism and only works when there is no hidden ego agenda involved of the members. And the only way to make sure that a community and a co-creation works, is to create an absolutely clean and clear core fractal. I had written about energetic containers before, and those are of utmost importance to create stability, and things, projects, communities etc. that last. If the core is not in complete balance, authenticity and trust, the creations of the fractal are not stable and will break.

“As soon as a core fractal starts compromising, the energetic DNA of the vision becomes unclear and the whole creation starts to become restless.”

As soon as a core fractal starts compromising, the energetic DNA of the vision becomes unclear and the whole creation starts to become restless. The energetic frequency and message is not clear any longer and is not synchronizing with what the original DNA and purpose was. I have seen it happening with people and projects (including myself and Agustí), that when we compromise on our core vision and values, and our Source Code, for the sake of survival (e.g. for money), it falls apart and we manifest painful instability. Only when we maintain a clean and clear DNA including a clean and clear intention with focus and commitment, the support that we want can synchronize with our projects.

And that includes ultimate trust without a feeling of having to control the situation or forcing things to happen. It also includes to not distract ourselves with other things that are not aligned with our Core. It is a challenge to set clear boundaries and to let go of everything that does not serve our essence and purpose or would blur the original vision. Yet, we can easily tell whether it is aligned with our DNA or not, simply because we will feel whether it drains us or it provides us with energy.



Every Summitting starts with a first Step

Again, patience is a key in all of our New Earth creations. To move forward fast, means to slow down. Slowing down to find our own inner balance and center. That means becoming the eye of the storm instead of being caught up in the storm. Whether as an individual, as a couple or as a group. Nevertheless, a group can only become a community, a real team, when the individuals are balanced and are owning their experience and take responsibility for their own energy, emotions and thoughts instead of projecting it onto others through judgment or blame. When individuals with a shared vision, shared values and true commitment are balanced and connected to themselves first, then couples or a group connecting become a powerful, inspiring, creating and manifesting fractal.

“When individuals with a shared vision, shared values, and true commitment are balanced and connected to themselves first, then couples or a group connecting becomes a powerful inspiring, creating and manifesting fractal.”

So it is time for me to let go of this creation and living organism called the Wake Up Experience. That does not mean the website or the blogs or the video tutorials will disappear, it will stay as a database for all of those searching for information and inspiration on their awakening journey as long as this organism works self-sustainably. There is a new website, new creations and new inspirations. Co-creations with amazing people that Agustí and I dearly love, sharing their essence, and what was given to them to co-create the new earth we all have been dreaming of for so long. Now it is time to bring this dream into a reality. Instead of just talking about it, we are walking it now. Every moment we create and manifest new pieces of this dream.


The time of walking it alone has come to an end for me. From now on, everything will be an augmented co-creation. And all I can do is take another leap of faith and jump into the unknown once more with just a deep feeling of trust, that this is the right thing to do.


I thank you all so much for all of your support, for your love, your appreciation and your own willingness to move forward and grow.

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage you to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera



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