Me too! We are all in this together…

Just because my intuition and consciousness are intact to receive and transmit information to come through me, that is relevant for us all in the ascension process, and just because I am living a life outside of what we would call the third dimension, does not mean that I’ve got it all figured out and that I am surfing on a constant love and bliss wave…..
Me too… I sometimes feel sad, angry, lonely and tired of this whole ascension thing
Me too… I sometimes lie on the bathroom floor in the child pose crying and just wanting to die
Me too… I sometimes just scream “I wanna get the fuck out of here, this is too much to take!”
Me too… I sometimes have weird cravings for meat, chocolate, milk shake, coke, M&Ms…
Me too… I sometimes ask my self why the fuck I signed up for this
Me too… I sometimes lose hope for humanity and the spiritual community, seeing it going in circles and judging, blaming, hating outside forces for the own experience
Me too… I sometimes feel like I am in my own Truman show, and everyone is laughing about me not knowing about it
Me too… I sometimes don’t know what to do with myself and feel restless and nervous
Me too… I sometimes think I will never be able to handle this whole process with grace
Me too… I sometimes fall out of trust and doubting it all, thinking I might have just gone insane
Me too… I sometimes wish I could just wake up and be back in the place I call home
Me too… I sometimes feel I cannot bear the pain any longer
Me too… I sometimes panic about not being able to survive and to sustain myself
Me too… I sometimes doubt that there will ever be a consistent partner in my life that I can share romance, adventure, playfulness, vulnerability and joy with
Me too… I sometimes ask myself if I am a Narcissist and am actually giving people wrong information and guidance without knowing it
Me too… I sometimes ask myself if I will ever understand it all and if it will ever make sense
Me too… I sometimes have a hard time to look into the energetic mirror when something triggers me
….. and… no matter what…. I handle it to the best of my abilities with compassion, gratitude, and awareness, trusting that deeper inner knowing that is still there when my earthly self freaks out…

Me too…. I see the potential in what is possible when we join our energies and start to co-create
Me too… I feel this enormous sense of gratitude for all these amazing people in my life and on this planet, going through the same experiences and ups and downs to make this shift happen
Me too… I so enjoy living and being in the moment, with myself or with others, playing, sensing, feeling the perfection of all that is
Me too… I love to dance to the universal rhythm of life, dropping into this flow and trusting it takes me to where I need to be
Me too… I love to talk about energies, the magic of the universe, the dynamics, the things that are changing
Me too… I love this immense sense of freedom and joy when I am fully connected to all that is
Me too… I love to sit and watch the stars, the sea, the trees, the flowers, the animals and learn from them about the perfection of the circle of life and about sacred geometry
Me too… I love being part of this crazy adventure and going through human evolution while being alive
Me too… I love to experience how we all find each other through amazing synchronicities and how we are preparing to create New Earth together
Me too… I love to have broken free from the old system to inspire people to do the same
Me too… I am proud of us and how we are handling all these human challenges together
Me too… I am grateful for the community that is forming and that first glimpses of how New Earth will be are already visible.
Me too… I love the magic that happens more and more and becomes a part of daily life
Me too… I love myself, I love us all, I love life, I love nature, I love the Universe
Me too… I recognize how we are all connected and how everyone and everything I meet and experience is a part of myself

…. And no matter what…. I know deep down inside, that everything is happening in sheer perfection.

So… no matter what you experience, think and feel…. Know there are many other people out there, experiencing just the same. They might not be visible, but they are always there and always connected. We are doing this together. Thank you all for your courage, your inner trust and drive to take the next step, and the next, and the next – together with us all, to create the world we all deserve.

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera


  1. I wish my choice of words could express how much this post, your truth, has touched me.. it reached, resonated, lol.. it felt as if the hug I’ve been needing for years was finally found.. I read a lot of different blogs and websites and after 3 years only a small number have really had that effect even though they are all similar in what is posted.. weird, lol? Thank you,

  2. Thank you so much for this. I share every thought you have had and Im so grateful to hear you and other feel it Too, because sometimes when the funk hits its so hard not to be sunshine and rainbows.

    Like now, my weight is out of control, breakouts in my face , Pics of My tf showing up, getting post to him at My adress ( been separated for 2 1/2 yrs. ) Trying to let go but sitns everywhere .

    Its just so hard sometimes.

    So Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Yes and yes! The highs and lows, the gratitude and the loneliness. The trust that all is on track, all is moving in perfection……and the walking the edge of despair.
    It is a time of this AND this. All of it. The depths and the heights.
    It takes immense fortitude and courage to keep on keeping on. Sometimes it feels a million miles away, and then I am living and breathing in the new land.
    Ah…..we are an amazing race of beings. I bow to us all.

  4. Thank you for “Me too” yes I can identify with everything you have shared – I too have moments( it used to be days) when I felt so bad, I would think STOP I can’t do this anymore, like I was going to have the most monumental panic attack! Now I just say to myself, get over yourself! you signed up for this and you are safe, you are becoming whole, just breathe and be calm – I say the quote by Chris Thomas………” I wish to move forward – I choose Ascension” 3 times and I feel better. Love and Light dear friends. Barbara

  5. Thank you, thank you…! Your articles are always on spot and this one really hits it right ! Me too, I am tired of this never ending cleansing we have to undergo before embracing and fulfilling and manifesting fully the Divine Mission. But all is aligned and all is well. All is already successful in the future. We are our own future. Thank you. Cheers to all people spreading love and light. In the Truth of God. Merci.

  6. Thank you Vera,

    Me too, all of it.

    I’m here doing the work but at this juncture I avoid metaphysical people like the plague.

    Your honesty is SO refreshing.

    Thank you.

  7. Thank you Vera for sharing as a completely real person. This resonates deeply with us all. I have been working for the last 5 years in full lightbody clearing the astral and transmuting all this energetic darkness that has had a hold on our planet and our human biology for eons keeping us entrained through brainwave interference and the manipulation of our emotions to vibrate to very low frequencies.

    As we all know by now the whole system was unable to organically correct itself which is why we are all here to work within the light of our consciousness and uncreate this mess that we have all contributed to in ignorance and separation. Each one of us that does this and allows the emotional energy to flow through us without attachment is healing the soul blueprints stored on the earth grids and in turn the planet herself.

    Some of this darkness and lower emotional resonance is ours to heal and some is from the mass unconsciousness of 7B people inhabiting this planet. Together this small but mighty group of ours has had the courage to pull ourselves out of these dark energetic timelines and allow our heroic self to emerge.

    I think Buddha said it best in this quote:

    “In the end only three things matter, how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.”

    With so much love to all of us getting this done at all levels through love of self and others and by being our own saviors able to transmute this energy back into a state of harmony and balance, free of conditions and polarity known as unconditional love!!

  8. 1971 – The Hafele – Keating time dilation experiment. The directive – to prove time is not linear as suggested by Albert Einsteins Theory of Relativity and bends with gravity and motion. My point is – Be Patient. Acknowledge and respect time. My vision is blurred, my body at times feels like it is about to electromagnetically explode and there are sharp, arrow like energetic pains jolting through my head on a consistent basis. Will we see the complete integration of the “5D”world in our present life times, most likely not, doesn’t matter. What matters is to keep going with conscious intent on a consistent basis without throwing in the towel. By doing so the desired future has already been set, created and happened, we just haven’t arrived there in clock time yet! Overnight revolutions never last, real and true change must be steeped in time. Acknowledge and respect time, on wards and upwards and cheer up!

  9. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Yes, we are in this together. This post resonated so strongly with me. I could check off practically every one of the comments on the lists. It felt very good to know there are others experiencing the same roller coaster ride…and my heart is with you and all of them. You are a Light, Vera, and I send you love and gratitude.


  10. Thank you, I’ve been experiencing emotional roller coasters since late last year and this post (and your previous post “All Inside the Head”) have calmed me. You’ve also made me aware that I’m not alone. I’m grateful. Thanks again

  11. I legitimately tear up every time I read one of your posts Vera.

    They are absolutely what I need whenever they are available and I’m so grateful for your existence in this plane.

    Thank you Vera

  12. I love you… Vera !

    Thank you for sharing what we all experience sometimes, but to be afraid to share.

    We are not crazy, it is completely normal.


  13. Me too…. Me too… Me too… Indeed. Wonder if You too, You are going through darkness too like I have been going through for the past 15th months…

      1. The most difficult and challening portion of this ‘trip’ began for me around 2012 too. Something has shifted just recently. Good stuff. I resonate with Aluna Ash. Check out her youtube channel. It’s good news and has already kixked in. Several days ago my ‘fight flight’ seemed to have stopped, as if it’s been disabled. As I had dsabling misophonia this is life changing. I noticed for several days now I can go outside and shopping without ear protection. Then yesterday i saw her youtube video on this and have been crying happy tears as her wirds helped me move into resonance that this is real. Also rapid manifestation behooves one to choose thoughts, feelings, choices and actions consciously from now on. Time to put all you’ve learned into play. Love and blessings, Holly

  14. Your material truly resonates with me Vera. Please continue to do what you’re doing. It’s very helpful.

    I have to say I’ve been feeling EXACTLY the same things over the past couple of months. The mention of the bathroom floor really zinged me — been there!

    All in all though, I’m glad I’m here. This is truly important work and someone told me the other day we all came here from our future in order to do this. So as weird as it all seems, doesn’t this seem like something we would sign up to do?

  15. Thank you so much for this post and the wonderful way you share your gifts and insights with such transparency and authenticity! You give voice to what I feel many of us are experiencing and remind us we are not alone.
    If you ever find yourself in Phoenix AZ and need a place to stay my home is open to you.

  16. no wonder diving timing is at work while I’m reading this, waterworks alert.. i so needed to read the article and see all you beautiful souls responding, i felt such a unity with a family i have not met in this lifetime yet.
    lately, my 3d scenario is filled with incident where i am finding myself feeling like this weirdo with unmendable cracks and flaws and have a really hard time to surrender and accept myself as i am all ..Vera, these coming from you ,meant so so much to me…to me, you are such a light holder with your down to earth and peaceful attitude, reading you go thru these as well, makes me feel a little like i belong.

  17. Archangel Zadkiel
    – until you can anchor your self ascended heart and break free from all stories including past life you will not be able to break free from this illusion, this includes the ability to embrace your passion and the energy of your truth for yourself without any doubt , the astral interfere at the level that is seeking passion and energy to know and experience, remember that consistent seeking will always elude finding, because it has empowered doubt, the key component for interference to enter,this is why empowering your own heart with discernment is paramount and the key to unlocking this gift, be wholly transparent with yourself as you review this items, the astral will do anything to gain power through claiming yours, anchor your heart, release your doubt, enjoy your freedom, and fly!

  18. Super article plein de profondeur et authenticité par tes paroles. On est pas parfaites et le chemin vers lépanouissement profond et total peut être long. En tout cas emprunter le chemin vers le début de l’ascension est excitant avec une découverte de soi. Merci!

  19. Dear Vera
    It´s all about balance.
    Not high
    Not low
    Just be in the middle.
    Not too much
    Not too little
    As we say in Sweden “LAGOM”.
    I can´t find a translation for this word but it´s like “in the middle”
    Euphoria will end with depression
    In the nature everything works for balance. If someone is to thin, someone else will become too fat.
    If one person is to rich someone else will become poor. The nature will give us challenges to help us
    Find balance.
    If everyone works for balance, we help each other to find balance.
    When we find balance, and can feel anger and set boundaries to other people.
    Stand up for our self and our rights, to say NO, breathe, and stay strong in our whole body, we will
    Find solutions to everything we meet and meet people who do the same.
    Our rights are
    To be free
    Have a life
    Use our free will
    And good health
    This is my truth
    Kind regards Inger

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