Life after Death

After I energetically died last week in the old world (3D/4D), it has been such an interesting experience. It is not simply a “Rebirth” happening – no – it is a Birth into a New World, a new dimension. Clean, blank, pure, light. It is different from just feeling the higher dimension energetically.

So much more grounded, so much more physical feel to it. And lots of impulses to play, to laugh, to be the child again. After I unplugged completely, the physical body started to transform in a pace like never before. Simply because it did not get any energetic food anymore from the old world. The signals of the old program could not come through anymore, so it was only receiving the new signals of the new paradigm. It meant for the body to either die or transform. And, oh boy does it transform. It throws out old programming at light speed, I am experiencing a lot of emotional cleansings, lots of tears – but with nothing attached to, it is not even painful.

The physical form is literally shape shifting every day, as the body recalibrates to its new energetic home and integrates all the new information. There is physical pain, yes – but I don’t feel any need to “make it go away”. I leave space, I converse with my cells a lot, understanding what they are going through at the moment and how I can assist them best. I am within a lot, I connect to nature, and I can feel energy running through me like never before. I feel oneness and connection with everything while also embodying this individual aspect/essence of the whole. There is no more separation, just as I see the individual cells of my body, I seeand feel all the aspects of the whole fabric of the Universe, in perfect harmony. I am not holding it completely yet physically, I move in and out. It feels like a beta test before going fully online

It is so interesting that any survival instinct has been deleted. I remember this eternal struggle with money, with not having enough, not being enough, and it feels like a nightmare I once dreamt – far away from where I am now. In the outside, nothing has changed – yet everything has changed on the inside. What I could only feel energetically before, is coming into full embodiment. The new signals and codes have nothing, literally nothing to do with the old. Outside In completely switches into Inside Out. Money is not really important, it is not the driver. We – the people are.

As we all align in this new NOW, we powerfully share and co-create the new physically, from the inside out. We were never meant to do this alone. Until now – we just went through our own ascension bootcamp to purity and unity. To reconnect to joy and playfulness, and drop all the burden we put onto us ourselves. To be truly ready to build the new paradigm, without any distortions or application of old, known ways. The more we share our talents, experiences and observations, and bring them into a collective co-creation, the more we discover and build. Creativity is coming in strong, and also the impulses to create in completely new ways. Agustí and I are playing like children, experimenting, experiencing, trial and error, discovering everything from scratch. The new ways show up along the way. It is so different when there are no attachments or expectations. We use our imagination, our creativity, and the tools and toys we have available. It is so much fun, and we love the unexpected outcomes without any attachments.

Our connection has changed completely from being a transformative one, to a playful and creative one. As we own nothing, we don’t know what is going to be tomorrow, where we are going to be, who we are going to be with. And it is so perfect. Not knowing without fear attached has this quality of “anything is possible”. We are enjoying moment to moment. We observe, we learn, we start understanding the new dynamics. It is such a beautiful world.

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera

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