Language of Energy

Tutorial Series 1: Learn the Language of Energy

It is time to create the life of your dreams and learn what it means to truly go with the flow. This program gives you everything you need to know to start rebuilding your life and find inner peace and happiness. You learn how the Law of Attraction and the Universal Energies truly work and how you can make use of it to create your own reality. A lot of approaches that work with the Law of Attraction are leaving out some very important information. And that missing peace keeps you from moving forward. Time to change that!

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Energy Tutorial 1: Everything is Energy

Everything in this Universe is Energy. In this video, you will receive an introduction into the world of energies and how we all interact and synchronize with energetic frequencies within us and surrounding us.

Energy Tutorial 2: It’s Evolution. Understanding Spiritual Science

In this video, you get an overview on the process of spiritual awakening and understand what is happening with humanity and the planet at the moment. You learn how science and spirituality merge and that they are actually talking about the same thing. It’s evolution!

Energy Tutorial 3: How to deal with Emotions. Reacting to Fear with Love

In this video, you learn how you successfully dissolve fears and belief patterns and at the same time raise your personal frequency to change your reality and your well-being. You understand, why it is so important to react to fear with love. Imagine, no one can push a button for you anymore and miracles happen every day. Yes – that IS possible, if you are doing your inner work and change your attitude.

Energy Tutorial 4: Our Energetic Bodies and System

Besides our physical body, we have various energetic bodies that are just as important for our well being and the expansion of our consciousness. To work with our energetic bodies and system effectively, it is helpful to understand how it is set up and how everything interacts.

Energy Tutorial 5: Social Programming and Belief Systems

We are driven by our own belief patterns and fears. This video gives you a deeper understanding how you went through systematic programming to stay in fear and to be controlled easily. You will understand where the programming happens and how belief patterns are created.

Energy Tutorial 6: Empaths and Energetic Sensitivity

When we go through the awakening process, we all of a sudden become very sensitive to energies around us. This video gives further insights how you can deal with these energies and how to strengthen your system.

Energy Tutorial 7: Grounding – The Importance of Nature and Water

Water is the most powerful companion for grounding and recalibrating. When our own body and system goes into chaos, Water can help to balance quickly. Why that is and how to do that effectively, you will learn in this video.

Energy Tutorial 8: The Importance of Self-Love

What is all this talk about self-love? And why is it important? This video will help you to understand why self-love is the key to your happiness and inner peace and how you get there.

Energy Tutorial 9: How to transmute Energy (+pdf)

To effectively raise our frequency, we need to learn how to shift energies and transmute them. This video explains how to do that effectively. With this video comes an additional pdf that summarizes a lot of tips to shift the energy upwards.

Energy Tutorial 10: The different Dimensions (+pdf)

During our awakening process, we start to realize that there are different dimensions we can find ourselves in. This video focuses on the differences between the third, the fourth and the fifth dimensions, as these those that we are able to experience in a physical body on earth right now.

Energy Tutorial 11: Understanding and working with the Ego

Our ego is the part in us that gets challenged the most when we go through our awakening. It is giving us a very hard time and produces a lot of fears and worry. In this video, you will learn more about the ego and why it is behaving this way, and what you can do to overcome these issues effectively.