Harmony Verna

When we enter this physical life, we carry all the knowledge, all the marching orders of our destiny. Yet, almost immediately, the pages of that manual seem to blow away, leaving us floundering in the wind to catch their wisdom, desperately seeking a glimpse of their precious guidance. The process of ascension is the slow, intense and often brutal search for that original manuscript of our life – the retrieval of our soul mission and our authentic self.


Spiritual awakening is not for the faint of heart. On the contrary, it is the path of the bravest warrior. Why? Because awakening means facing every fear, wound, story, pattern and belief. It means taking responsibility for every experience. It means digging deep for compassion of self and others for the countless times we have acted from a place of unconsciousness. Awakening is the process of swimming (nearly drowning) through our false self until we pull ourselves gasping into the light and truth of who we are.


Luckily, we’re not alone. Along the way, usually at the most intense points of awakening, a miracle occurs. We are connected with soul family. For the first time, we recognize another who is on the same spiritual quest. The remembrance is instantaneous and together you support each other through the many “I can’t do this anymore!” and “I didn’t sign up for this!” moments. Soon, you start to meet others and you realize you were never the “crazy” ones; you were light bringers to an insane world. In my personal journey, Vera was my first soul sistar and together we have shared more tears and laughs through this wacky journey than I could count. Six years later, we’re in a place to co-create and unite in a common mission.

As a writer, I have brought my own stories to life through novels and articles. Now, it is with the deepest and most humble appreciation that I help others share their awakening experiences. With each personal account, I feel in my heart the author’s core truth. I cry with their perceived defeats and I cheer for their victories. I understand the doubts and the fears, and the ache and bliss of a heart which has been broken or filled by love. This is oneness. This is unity consciousness. It’s when we see bits of ourselves in every other being and the perfection beneath it all.

It’s an honor to share this journey with you. You are the bravest of the brave. I SEE you. And…I love you.


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