When we embark on the twin flame journey, we have no idea what we have gotten into on a conscious, mind level. We just have this deep knowing in our heart that this is special. And the first encounter brings so much energetic power with it, that it shakes us up so deeply – we have no chance but to move forward and step-by-step drop everything that is not authentic about us and is keeping us from being completely free. For a long time, nobody but our twin partner is able to push our buttons so perfectly to recognize what is keeping us from ascension – and from absolute self-love.

It takes quite a while until we figure out that the connection we have with the other person was never about a relationship in the old (3D) way based on co-dependency. It was always about finding back to our true power, our true self and remembering who we truly are. To remember our essence and fully embody it as an unconditional being living an unconditional life. This connection serves us to transcend duality into unity within us. It empowers us in ways and provides us with new perspectives we never thought were possible. It invites us to overcome all the limitations we had believed to be true.

Cycles of Growth

As we move forward, we learn, we grow, and we let go. Just to enter another cycle of learning, growing and letting go. Although it seems relentless and like a never-ending story, the process takes us higher and higher in frequency. Into more and more wisdom, faith and trust and less and less attachments, beliefs and expectations. We learn so much about the energetic dynamics of these divine partnerships and are starting to get the idea, that this union is an energy that is not tied to one physical person (which only is true in 3D).

And yet – although we feel more and more confident and detached – somehow we still feel awkward around our partner. There is still some insecurity or anxiety around it. There is still not the ease and full trust and detachment we would love to have. We still have that longing and the expectation to reunite with our divine counterpart. And…. Exactly that is what is blocking it from happening.

“Expectations are a manifestation of a fear.”

Expectations are a manifestation of a fear. And in this case – it is the fear of not being good enough. We still doubt that we are worthy of this love. “But – we have done so much work, so we must come to reunion. We deserve it! And all the writings and texts out there say that if you do your inner work, you will get to reunion and ascend together. So it must be in store for us!” That is how our 3D ego-mind tries to cope with it. As hard as this might sound, but that is conditional thinking. If I do my work – then I will achieve….
And that is what blocks the energy from being transformed into the unconditional frequency of 5D+ completely.

Beliefs and Expecations are preventing a Reunion

Although we often are not aware of it, we still have certain beliefs and expectations around the process and the outcome of this union. And that shows that we are still in 3D dynamics and thinking/behavioural patterns.. Existence in 5D+ is only possible without any beliefs, labels or expectations. It is about opening up to the endless possibilities we have. Only then – the energy has the space to do its magic for us and we create a reality that is far beyond of what we could have ever expected. By letting go of it all, including the expectation of a reunion or the expectation, that our partner is that one person in a physical body we are supposed to live happily ever after with, we set ourselves free. Free from humanness. Free from anything we had identified with – including the twin flame story. We become divine. We ascend into a state of no-mind and no-thingness. A feeling of floating in a stream of warm and golden water. The most beautiful flow. The flow we once felt when we were meeting our partner for the first time.

“Once we go through this shift, we are coming into wholeness. The fear of not being good enough is gone. That is the moment when this cosmic love becomes truly unconditional in the physical realm.”

Once we go through this shift, we are coming into wholeness. The fear of not being good enough is gone. That is the moment when this cosmic love becomes truly unconditional in the physical realm. It carries no more expectations of a certain outcome, no more fears, attachments, longing, anxieties or awkwardness. With this wholeness, we break completely free. When it happens, the energy we perceive with our partner feels pretty flat. It almost seems boring after all that human drama and all the push and pull dynamics that were caused by our fear and by the fairytale and Hollywood programming, how romance and relationships should be like. Now, we cannot relate to all that drama anymore as we have overcome the addiction to it.

Unconditional Relatedness

The partnership becomes a relatedness, a friendship. We detach, and live from moment to moment. The moment we unite the masculine and feminine within us, there is no fear left and we cannot feel hurt anymore, we are sharing our love unconditionally, fully rooted and anchored in self-love and authenticity. We come together and part in a natural flow be it with the partner or with other people who are fully empowered and anchored in this independency. Without any human ties, without any need, any pain and with full trust. Because we know: We can never lose what is a part of us. No more uncomfortable feelings or anxiousness. No more doubts whether we said the right or the wrong thing and worries how the other would perceive it. Because we know that we always say what is necessary from a soul perspective. No more desire or pressure to reunite or make something happen that is not ready yet to align. We move into oneness and a healthy interdependency. Communication and meetings become easy and normal.

“It feels like talking to a different person. And – that is true: We have changed and evolved so much and have returned to our essence. We indeed are different persons.”

It feels like talking to a different person. And – that is true: We have changed and evolved so much and have returned to our essence. We indeed are different persons. We have moved beyond the limiting human concepts of the 3rd dimension and can no longer relate to it. We are fearless. The connection feels so easy and natural, because, in the 5th dimensional plane, the plane of oneness where the concept of separation does not exist, we all already have been reunited – all the time. We just did not realize it while still being in 3D – the vibration of perceived separation. When we enter 5D, we understand – that this whole process had only one goal: To lead us back to ourselves and our self-love, playfulness, joy and absolute freedom. To prepare us to inspire with a new unconditional lifestyle that has nothing to do with the old. And being in that place is so much more amazing and beautiful than anything we could have ever dreamt of.

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera

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