Free your Mind: Dropping all Labels

The world is full of labels to define what something or someone is or not. It helps the human mind to sort things and people into boxes and to differentiate. And… to separate…. Although it is not always obvious…. the spiritual world is also full of labels. And yes – Labels are important on our journey to help us to understand where we are in our process and what is happening with us, to then drop them again, detach and move on. Yet, that is where many of us remain stuck. By developing and identification with and attachment to a certain label. 

It is not easy to admit that one to ourselves. That we are still attached to certain beliefs and concepts: Labels. Because we think we have evolved so much, grown so much and now we are eager to change the world. Often, we don’t realize that we are repeating the past. Before we had our wake up call, we were the CEO, the Head of, the President, the Doctor, the MBA, the Celebrity, the Scientist, the Activist, the Jew, the Muslim, the Christian, etc. Now we are the Lightworker, the Indigo Child, the Peace Warrior, the Starseed, the Twin Flame, the Ascended Master, the Guru, part of the 144.000, the New Earth Builder, the Goddess, the Atlantean, the Lemurian, the Pleiadian, the Sirian, the Galactic Council of Light, the Coach, the Psychic, the Conspiracy Theorist, the Vegan etc. Yet, none of this says anything about who we truly are. We are labelling ourselves and others again. We are taking or giving away our power and are creating separation once more. We are continuing to play the game of duality instead of transcending it. That leads us away from true oneness and takes away our freedom. True freedom means to be free from all conditioning, all beliefs, all attachments, all separaration, all identification: All labels.

The (Spiritual) Ego

The (spiritual) ego is a tricky one. So often we think we have overcome it, and yet we end up in attachments and beliefs again, without even realizing that we are trying to change the other/outer by imposing our knowledge and belief onto people. Or we drop into following someone else who seems to know more or be wiser again:  a teacher or guru, a conspiracy expert, a channeler etc…  taking everything for granted an individual/source is saying. It is a fine line to walk to be of service, stay in self-love and self-respect and yet share with others to inspire without any attachment / expectation / condition. The ego loves to attach to narratives/stories. To every label, there is a story our ego can identify or disidentify with. 

The ego mind needs identification. It cannot stand the idea of just being and doing without a label or role. It loves to define what we are and what we are not.”

Because: The ego mind needs identification. It cannot stand the idea of just being and doing without a label or role. It loves to define what we are and what we are not. Who is part of our tribe/narrative and who is not. Who and what I identify with and who/what not….And that is exactly what keeps us from being free: The attachment to identification: To labels.

We will never have all the answers while we are in human form. That is not the point either. The point is to trust ourselves, our own intuition, our feelings, and our interdependence with all there is, yet being free and our authentic self. The point is to take in the experiences we move through, integrate them and grow even further, sharing them with others without identifying with them or seeing them as the only truth. We are always teacher and student at the same time. Only then there is balance. The point is to see that there is no right or wrong, there are no dogmas or rules or routines to follow. Billions of individual and collective narratives are making the world very complex. Yet when we look beyond the story, we see the very same backend pattern in all of them: Duality, the split polarity that we carry within ourselves.
We are learning more and more to go within, to reflect on what it does with us instead of reacting blindly following our old behavioural conditioning. We more and more understand and listen to energetic impulses. What feels right in one moment and then follow along with it. We have a perfect inner guidance system that does not need any confirmation from the outside world.

Just because someone claims to know it all and talks about love and light, does that mean they are truly coming from an open heart? There are tons of channelers with a very clean and simple message. Yet, when it comes to embodiment and walking the talk, the spiritual ego gets in the way and the implementation is distorted by their own belief systems. No certificate, no track record can prove absolute truth, although the ego loves to buy into these. We can only feel the truth with our heart. In a world where we rely on our inner guidance, no certificates are necessary as we trust what resonates without making ourselves dependent or develop an attachment.

3 Ways to detect Spiritual Labeling

So how do we detect spiritual labeling, if we use it ourselves or if we follow the labeling of others?

The ego pushes, authenticity pulls

The ego loves to push itself onto others and into the world. It makes a lot of noise, says, buy this program, do that and sells its knowledge as the only way. It tries to convince, control, manipulate by using labels to create some illusion of authority or qualification.

The authentic self on the other hand knows how energy works and relies on the pull effect. It knows that everything comes to you when you follow the impulses and the flow. It knows that those that need information at a certain point in time will find it. It knows that there is no need for big marketing machineries. The authentic self acts out of purpose, not out of a need for recognition or reward, be it monetary or non-monetary as it knows that when coming from the open and balanced heart space, the non-linear balance of giving and receiving (unconditional sharing) is always granted.


The ego loves to compare. And by comparing, it creates separation. Be it through comparing how far one is in their process in comparison to others, how much more someone has to learn in comparison to others etc. It creates the illusion, that we need to reach a certain state or goal to be spiritual enough to earn a title (label),  inner peace and liberation, as it comes from a place of lack and the fear of not being good enough. The ego does not understand the concept of oneness, and that we are all part of the whole, that we all have our talents, gifts and tasks that are serving the greater good. The ego does not understand, that we are already whole and that everything is always perfect. Instead it keeps distracting us from our wholeness within. Pure freedom is also being free from the need to compare. Everything just is.


The ego talks separation. It creates a difference between self and others and separate them into different boxes. It addresses people with “You are this”, “You are to do that” etc. It distracts from self and own issues by focusing on others. This way, it is trying to take the power away from others and trying to have control over others. It commands, telling people what is right or wrong. It disidentifies with the whole. It protects itself and its “intelligence” it worked so hard for, by putting price tags and copyright on “their” work. 

The authentic self sees itself as part of the whole. It shares own experiences and wisdom without any shame, expectation or feeling of property. It is not afraid to change its perspective, when new experiences and learnings are integrated, as it is not attached to any rigid beliefs.

To summarize: The ego preaches and creates a feeling of being incomplete, minor and rebuked, while the authentic self inspires, motivates and creates the feeling of wholeness.

The ego preaches and creates a feeling of being incomplete, minor and rebuked, while the authentic self inspires, motivates and creates the feeling of wholeness.”

Being in the flow is surrendering and accepting that nothing is constant. There are times we stand still, and times we move, times we hold on, times we let go, times we know and times we do not know. There is no right or wrong, just gateways we pass while we grow and expand. When we use our inner guidance and feel into the energy of what is shared and/or going on, we know what resonates with our inner truth: No narrative/story, no drama, no label attached. No identification necessary. We just are. That is true freedom and self-empowerment!

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera


  1. Very good and very true. I’ve used label in the pass to be able to put words into my reality to other people that didn’t get me .. I find it useful for a certain period of time while the ego discover that there isn’t just a certain type of human and that we are all different and it allow people to become comfortable being themselves .. but then indeed .. when it starts a war of which label should be better or should become the new norm .. then it’s time to let it go … words are a things I am fascinated about. It allows, sometimes not easily, to put images and feeling to an inner reality that is really vast and unique to each of us… it is my strength to use them in a way to support the release of the brain mantal and allow the soul to grow but words can also be a tool of separation and comparaison which leads to isolation and war .. so good article. Thank you .. we are all one anyway so whatever we are we are just the complement of the other people around us in the réalisation of the perfect balance of life itself

  2. Such a timely message in these shifting energetic season. I immerse myself and feel the energy of Vera’s writings. Always deep , on point and have deep resonance. Thank you?

  3. Thanks a lot for insightful, inspiring and actionable perspectives, putting words on everyday topics I belive most people will recognize in one way or another. This feels like a key dimension of personal growth, in particular growing our consciousness, beautifully summarized with: “The authentic self inspires, motivates and creates the feeling of wholeness.”

  4. I just want to thank you for all your wisdom and that you share it.
    Its confirm my own thoughts. And still I need to have the mirroring that my inner voice is on the right track.

  5. Good morning world I’m just loving this wake up call never fought this way before. Even though I’m going though this by myself. No support and home but higher self has been a big help to me. Cuz none of the family and friends understand what I’m going though. But I’m very thankful for everything.i DON’T have a dime but I feel so Rich inside so I’m thankful to know none of want I was though is REAL so I’m walking up use to think I was different but I am in sum ways. But I will like sum help to trap into my higher self or real self

    1. Vera, as usual I find your posts refreshing, insightful, and authentic. Reading them allows me to find greater clarity. You are providing such a valuable service to the world through your sharings. I love that you are a free spirit who honours her own internal compass for guidance. Looking forward to many more inspired reads!
      – Pollyanna Blanco

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