Five secure Signs of a Twin Flame Encounter

True Twin Flame

The question on secure signs comes up again and again, as people want to know whether they have found their true twin flame. A lot of the signs that are described are just as valid for soul mate encounters and non-twin flame catalyst experiences. How can I be sure that the person I met indeed is my twin flame? As our head tends to need confirmation to everything: Here are five very secure signs that you indeed deal with a twin flame connection.

Before I get into this topic, I would like to remind us though of the phenomenon, that our ego needs to label everything. In 5D terms, we would not ask ourselves the question, whether we met our twin aspect or a soul mate, or if we are experiencing a catalyst situation. Because, no matter what experience we go through, we know that we co-created it for our own growth and expansion of consciousness, to find back to our essence, inner power and inner reunion. There is no better or worse. All experiences are equally important, and we cannot “skip the lesson”. 

Honor and value the experiences you go through without putting any label or hierarchy on it. As Caroline Myss says: “The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.”

Nevertheless, I decided to share this article as in a certain stage of the journey this can be important in order to be able to deal with ego. It will also contribute to get the bigger picture of the real purpose of a twin flame encounter.

With that said, here are five secure signs for a twin flame encounter:


1) You know it instantly and it goes very deep

Meeting the twin is not the typical feeling of falling in love and having butterflies in your stomach. If you meet your twin aspect, you just know instantly and without a doubt, that this is very special and is something you have never experienced before. This is often referred to as the bubble love phase, but it has not to be purely bubbly. Even in that first phase there can be a mixture of fear and excitement at the same time because the feelings are so intense. It is a feeling of being connected in deep love on a very honest and open level. You go into profound conversations with each other and share your darkest secrets and feelings without any shame although, in earthly terms, you hardly know each other. And yet, you feel like you have known each other forever. You don’t do any of the role play, such as trying to show your best side only. When you look into your twins eyes, you see yourself, and feel like a long-lost feeling of belonging is back. You are completely energised, you hardly need any sleep or food and you feel you have come home.

2) You know your life will never be the same again

After the encounter, you instantly just know that your life will never be the same again. For the first time in your life you feel that you are really living and loving, not only existing. You just know, that you cannot go back to “normal”, living a lie, and living up to other’s expectations. You learn in a fast manner, that everything you experienced before the encounter was an illusion. Despite the emotional rollercoaster and cleansing on speed after the meeting with your twin,  you have these moments of feeling free, independent and empowered. And then it just happens: Your life is turning upside down and you are pushed into a chain of events that force you to drop everything that is not authentic about you. This encounter sparks you to become your true self and step into your purpose.

3) You are pushed into an awakening process on speed

Through the encounter, your energy system was ripped wide open – often referred to as Kundalini rising. Like an infant that has no immune system yet, all of a sudden you are very prone to all kinds of energies around you. It feels like listening to 20 songs in parallel when being in a room full of people. You feel emotions in parallel and you feel like you are going insane, because you have not learned yet how to tell the difference between what is yours and what is not, and you have not yet learned how to handle these energies. You are basically like an infant energetically, not having a functioning immune system yet.
In addition to that, you are going through a dark night of the soul. You are ridding yourself of every fear, trauma and pattern that is still left and you go through your ultimate cleansing. Your body is changing, your cravings are changing, and you become more introvert paired with a desire to be in nature and quietness. Your old, fake self is dying, making space for the real you. Step by step, you rediscover your innate gifts and talents, which are important for finding your natural flow and purpose. 

4) You are on a “mission”

The twin flame encounter is not about romance. It is pushing you into your “mission”. Those trying to stay in 3D romantic patterns will have an extremely hard time as the push and pull and run and chase dynamic will not stop until they surrender and accept the bigger purpose behind this encounter. Only then, a reunion becomes even possible. Funny enough this happens at a point, when you do not need it anymore, because you are happy and whole by yourself. And that exactly is your mission. To find back to your essence. To be the authentic you. To inspire with a new, unconditional lifestyle. To team up with those that have also found their essence, and share your talents and gifts to co-create and build a new world. We are here to inspire by example. The powerful twin energy assists with this.  

5) The twin stays in your energy field after the healing is done

When all of your healing is done and you have balanced your masculine and feminine energies within (inner reunion), your twin remains in your energy field. It is a deep, and unconditional love you feel, without any strings, pain or emotional memory attached. You are connected via the heart center for the rest of this life. You feel empowered, independent. The twin energy has become pure fuel for your essence and purpose. You do not feel the need anymore to be together physically, as you are happy and whole yourself, and you might even open up again for new partnerships. 

If your encounter was a soul mate / catalyst experience mimicking a twin flame encounter, then, after the lessons and the healing you co-created, the connection just naturally drops away without any pain or effort. You part in unconditional love, and the energetic resonance disappears. 

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera

Navigate your Twin Flame Experience successfully, understand the purpose and dynamics, and find inner peace, happiness and joy!


    1. This has been something unexpected. I have my soul mate. And my husband told me I needed to talk this girl from his work. She acts and talks just like me. We met and I read her mind and the next day she felt me get sick. And the third day we had the activation. Now today I’m in a really wierd place. I hope I can get out of it soon.

  1. Then ONLY website explaining my twin flame situation and providing more clarity than ever.

    Truly resonates with me and I am getting very excited as I believe I am moving forward and getting closer to reunion.

    THANK YOU much love and light to you

    1. Thank YOU Ashley for moving forward and spreading your light and love. It is so rewarding to read that my writing is of support. Much love and gratitude!

    2. Something inside of me drew me to this webpage ….an im a true believer of things happen for a reason when you need guidence an answers…and ive been trying to go over in my head for 4months now ….have i meet my twin flame …what i do recall is i woke up with this enheightened energy i wanted to run around like a child that just had a bag of sweets…i have little apetite …i wanted to eat healthy an drink only herbal an spring water….i felt alive an free an was wanting to spend most my day an night just under the stars listening to music . I had confidence an a glow .an this lasted a matter of three weeks an in those weeks i slowly got draged down to earth…i must of opened a deep dark portal to my mind and i was someone who always kept baggage hidden with a faie smile…i went through allot as a child…an bits of it started to leak out…like ur post has fully described to a t….i got very dark towards my family i had this embedded message in my mind ….to move away from my family ….delete them from my life they have hurt me over an over….i got every scary….i was still unsure why i had voices in my head …or even what my spiritual awakening ment to me….i did how ever start to know my purpose an my true loves an that was nature an when i was truly exerperencing my gifts i had this creative way in my mind on how i wanted to shift energy with my twin flame ….an ive had my ups an downs an moments my energy has since gone back to feeling deflated like it did before my awakening an i feel so alone but im becoming more sencetive an feeling allot more compfortble been alone…my family have since been quite distant but i still feel i need to move out of town to heal from them….ive had my twin on my mind since i began this journey but never got to put my finger on it if we had met …or any recollection of his looks or wereabouts….im still trying to figure out whats messages from my spirit guides an what are vibrarional measages from him…but i am starting to feel a inner peace without him but he pulls me in to remind me i still need him an he still wants to see me but doesnt no how to find me….ive since surrendered my soul to divine will and ive have had allot of clues that reunion is near but like him unsure how we can meet because i dont feel were living in the same town .thank u so much for clearing it up with me that i to indeed have meet him an all i wanna do now is wait for reunion

    1. I have learned a lot more since I wrote this original comment so I feel that an answer is not necessary. That question was during my initial discovery and in research. Thanks

  2. Hi
    I’m confused. I feel lost because I feel that I have met my twin flame and ii is freaking me out because it is my brother inlaw.the signs have been there and thus past year it was just in my face and I don’t know how to desl with it.please help.

  3. I love and appreciate this article so much, thank you! Being a twin flame is such a deep thing to realise and live. The purpose is so huge and 3D is so quick to make it all about what it is not. I was in tears for most of the article because my soul knows the truth and your message is for my soul. I read this at the perfect time of my twin flame journey with such deep gratitude and love for what we are. Xxxxx

  4. My twin flame and I got together on 12-12-16. 12-12 is gold ray portal. What a sign from the universe x

  5. Of all the things I’ve read this is the most succinct. It reflects my experience in great detail. I only wish I had read this article in 2014 when I needed it the most however I will admit I would not have believed one single word of it haha. I am a grown ass man and this $hit is ridiculous. I have been through every kind of Heartache you can imagine and none of them can even compare to the intensity of heart Awakening. People think the opposite of a broken heart is one that has not been but that is incorrect The Unbroken heart is dormant in a way… the awakened heart has all the same extremities with a side order of not wanting it to stop. It’s like somebody cut off my leg and my entire being reaches out trying to find it endlessly like a blind man flailing about looking for his glasses. It is both beautiful and disparaging. It has taken me 3 years to even get a grip.. during which time I have totally dismantled my life. I am over the peak and the positive effects of my reconciliation are nothing short of amazing. If you are still going through Attunement just know that it will get better & everything is going to be okay. It’s okay to play Jenga with the building blocks of your life… rebuilding the tower is half the fun. Lastly, if you can’t be with the one you love send them telepathic love…..

    1. Very well said. After meeting mine online in 2013, my life, world , and everything about it fell apart. And the people That had always been a part of it left , fell away, just disappeared. I can now empathetically relate to and totally understand the burning of the Phoenix in order to be perfectly REBUILT.

    2. This is very well said without pain there Is no love I strongly believe I met my twin flame a little bit ago and its done nothing but grow day by day and to say the least I believe my ex was my soul mate teaching me and guiding me for this relationship as she taught me a lot and we also left on good terms I feel that this is the ultimate one the past week or two haven’t been the easiest but I have learned that eventully the positivity will over weigh the negitive making it much more easier to stay positive the key is to keep pushing until there is no more negative at the same time the more you believe is the more you will achieve !

  6. Met mine online 4 1/2 years ago and had no clue what had and was happening to me. Lived through many months of hell on earth during my dark night of the soul. I’m at a point now where being w him in the physical isn’t important anymore …he’s always here with me internally / energetically/spiritually. This is the best, most perfect, eloquent , exact description I have ever read. Thank you .

  7. Thank you so much for the article. Truely, it feels most authentic and real on the subject so far. I met my twin flame recently and am sure of it, even though I try and not cling to the ‘concept’ too much, for somehow it tends to get me attached to the experience.
    However, now that I find myself here..I cant help but wonder. In my case, my twin flame was already deeply attracted to someone else for a few weeks and is now in a process of seeing her & seeing how things go with her. Even though he found the experience with me rather mystical and un-understandable. I wonder if its possible to stay away from each other after you encounter your twin flame!

  8. Thank you. The article resonates with me quite profoundly in so many details. I never know this concept before I experience it myself. There were so many moments I was telling myself ‘this is crazy. Omg, he’s my twin flame.’ along my way discovering what really is going on. I have been into astrology, psychic for a long time, but still when this really happens, still feel very unbelievably amazing. If those were all true, then I am truly blessed. Thanks

  9. I met my twin flame on the 02/04/2014. I was looking at photos of him, he had passed away many years before, and was suddenly immersed in the most profound, unexplainable experience that I’ve ever encountered. What followed for the next years were even more magical. I went from being a full drug addict to absolutely loving God with all my heart and essence, as well as being intrinsically bound and thankful to my beautiful twin flame forever. God is beautiful.

  10. What if ones moved on but the other clearly hasnt?
    I moved on, I raised my vibration, and lost attraction to him. But he hasnt, and I dream of him. Of being in his house and his whole family didnt like me and I felt like I shouldnt be there. And another dream of him and me both looking in the mirror and he didnt like the stuff on his face and other dreams.

    I thought I did the right thing moving forward but why is he still drawn to me?
    Im not sure what to do?

    1. Could it be that he was not yet awaken? I think I’m in the early stage of awakening and now then I realized things make sense. Before awakening stage, I constantly think about him and dream of him often. A strong love, care and feeling already developed deep inside my heart after knowing him. I wasn’t aware what twin flame is. Well, I truly love my twin flame although I’m married and he’s much younger than me. After awakening, marriage seemed to me like a conditional vow and life is definitely never gonna be the same again. I know I still got a lot of work to do in order to find out more answers. He’s still drawn to you because you’re from the same soul, this connection is special and cannot be break off easily. Follow what your heart tells you and your intuition. Namaste

  11. I agreed with most beautiful souls that expressed how well elaborated, written and describe this article is. I believe have met my TF on which the process seem difficult at first, now it’s easier by the day.
    Have an incredible day.
    Thank you,

  12. I know I met my twin, it was all going so well until she became a runner (twice) I’m so miserable without her, more like suicidal, the only thing that keeps me alive is hope that she will come back. All 5 points are exactly how we were. Does the runner feel love like I do for her is my question. (Lesbian relationship)

  13. When you find you TF be patient. You’re going to confront some initial battles and challenges. You will notice that you meet him in the most unexpected, often times, during an unpleasant moment of your life. He will be the catalyst of that release period, from all your shameful past. Don’t be harsh, be gentle to your TF because he or she is ultimately a reflection of you. Love them unconditionally.

  14. My TF is married with 4 children. She went to junior high and high school with me and we had absolutely nothing to really do with each other until very recently thanks to social media. She was quite popular then and I was the only “semi-out” gay girl in our school (I am now a 35 year old trans man). I see there could be no attraction until my physical metamorphosis as she is straight (at least I’m assuming). She is most definitely the runner. I’m the utterly liberated one in comparison. She is devout Catholic, which makes this harder because she won’t look at the possibility of Twin Flames or reincarnation or anything of the sort. Perhaps things will change. She’s quite a wordsmith and highly intelligent. Presently, she is taking a “social media break”, which to me meant “this intensity with you is scaring me”. Hell, maybe she blocked me, I have no idea and can’t tell right now. I wake up at a blazingly early 4:30-4:45am nearly every morning because she does. Ouch. Her husband is a nice man and I don’t feel any contempt or real jealousy toward him. He is her high school sweetheart. I honestly just don’t know how this will play out. I suppose it does know good to try to figure out how it’s going to connect together. My feeble human mind could never grasp it anyway. Patience and kindness are all I truly need to practice. And reading. Lots and lots of reading. I have much hope for the future whatever it turns into. Godspeed to everyone else in similar positions. Keep the Faith. You’re never apart from your TF.

  15. This is probably the best info I have read. I still feel lost sometimes even though I flt deep in my heart that he was my twin and decided to surrender a psychic told me he was only a catalyst to save my marriage and that he wants to close doors with me I keep reopening them. I still feel his energy am I just being obsessive or is this just a test we all face

  16. So very beautiful, eloquent and, for myself, completely relatable! Christopher, my beloved TF, and I met when we were young. He 17 and I was 16. We were clueless as to what overwhelming, intense and new the deep endless emotions were that we immediately experienced! We simply looked, truly looked into each other’s eyes for what seemed an eternity. We dated for a brief time. However, due to the overwhelming nature of it ALL, we stopped seeing each other. Long story short, 33 years later on December 28, 2016, Chris and I found each other again. Physically we had been apart, however throughout those years, as we grew spiritually, emotionally, menatally we were still together. March 12, 2017, we once again physically met and now my wedding dress is hanging in our closet. Chris and I were and still are the best and truest of friends. Individually we are whole, which took some time, a great deal of tears on my part, yet together, WE ARE HOME!! Unconditional acceptance, friendship, trust, LOVE that so very pure, innocent in ways and REAL!!

    Thank you for the time you take to share your wisdom, Vera!

  17. Please help me understand if i have connected with my twin flame. I dont understand it too well and i am in sooo much pain. Im not sure if we in the runner chaser mode

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