How does it feel to experience different Dimensions

We read a lot about ascension, about energy, about different frequencies, about symptoms we experience etc. The information can be not only superconfusing, but also easily keep us trapped in the idea, we have to reach something, and we still have not found our truth.

What if there is no “THE TRUTH” but many different truths, depending on what reality we choose to be in. We come and go into storylines/narratives/timelines to experience and discover different things about ourselves.
What if there is no GOAL to reach but just the journey to experience. What if there is no better or worse concerning dimensions, but just a different experience? And what if that never stops, moving from frequency band to frequency band? What if we are about to overcome the belief of finity and understand that evolution has neither a beginning nor an end, but just shifts we go through. And by shifting from one reality to another, it feels like a beginning and an end, and yet, it is nothing else but just another turning point in our personal evolution. The way I perceive it, each dimension has its own truth in its own reality. And we only start questioning that truth, when we start raising our own energetic frequency out of that dimensional comfort zone we have been in. A dimension is a certain energetic frequency band we resonate with. I am absolutely aware, that using the term dimensions (in this case 3D, 4D, and 5D) is just another label to make sense of what we feel.

And there are tons of labels that are trying to describe certain phenomena and it can be overwhelming to work through all the information. Yet, I felt it was worth sharing this overview which was a result of a get together in Bern/Switzerland by Herzraum, on “Living in the 5th dimension”. The most prevailing question that people had was, how does it feel like to live in that dimension and how can I tell where I am at?

This overview gives an idea on the different experiences. The fun part is, that one aspect of you (e.g. mental and/or emotional) can experience a different dimension already, while the physical body is still in a different experience.

Enjoy and honor your journey and experience, wherever you are right now.

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera


  1. Is it possible to have one aspect of Self, ie emotional, in a higher dimension with the mental or physical in the 3rd or 4th? In other words, can one be in more than one dimension simultaneously? After reading the chart, that’s how I would see myself. Hummm…think I just answered my question – we ARE multidimensional. Always enjoy your articles. Thanks lovely you.❤

    1. Shanomi,

      That is exactly the conclusion I came to as well.

      Time and space are so purposefully limiting. For me, when my mind is locked into physical reality (been doing that my whole 3D life…which is a means to an end), every thing comes only one moment at a time. It is so systematic…halting…slow even as my mind races ahead. Or is it my spirit that races ahead leaving my slow 3D mind behind in the dust?

      While I’m “Thinking” in my physical body, something else races ahead. In its wake, a LOT of impressions come through…BIG HUGE (ineffable) impressions, concepts come racing back and bombard my mind…assertively squeezing tightly through my 3D filter as they enters my mind.

      And then…(Throwing hands up). So much is lost in translation, for it is my mind and heart that chow down on it and almost choke. The meaning of it in time and space take a lot of time and space to figure it all out and integrate it in a 3D way. Thankfully…this falls within my particular passion. Translating seems to be my forte’.

      And so…here in time and space, I am not excused from this process. That said…my mind and heart, in practice of this process, have expanded to feel and think bigger (relatively bigger, for I am avatar or great sage or shaman)…which to me seem to be “The point” of it. It’s how we are evolving this human being we inhabit…expanding into 5D through 4D. It’s the process I guess (sigh).

      It’s fascinating work. I really enjoy it, and I love being around people that have their own process with it. Sharing our work and purpose…it’s such a joyful thing.

      1. Sorry…I meant to say “I am ‘No’ avatar, great sage or Shaman.” Lord…there IS a lot to say for humility (blush). These would be way too much responsibility for me. I love having a new car, my apple computer…husband, etc…even as they cause me no end of grief.

        Awww…grief. I have plenty of that, too. Here…just me as a spazy neurotic light seeker…happy to participate in the overall big picture…one piece of a multi-billion (and beyond) creation puzzle…and I gotta an ego (which has his place)…and doing my best to love the life I chose.

        Sorry for the typo (chagrin).

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