Experiencing Different Dimensions

The idea that we are able to live in different dimensions at the same time can be very confusing, especially at the beginning of our awakening process. There are so many theories out there, all claiming to be true. What if there is no “THE TRUTH” but many different truths, depending on what reality we choose to be in. We come and go into storylines/narratives/timelines to experience and discover different things about ourselves.
What if there is no GOAL to reach but just the journey to experience. What if there is no better or worse concerning dimensions, but just a different experience? And what if that never stops, moving from frequency band to frequency band? What if we are about to overcome the belief of finity and understand that evolution has neither a beginning nor an end, but just shifts we go through. And by shifting from one reality to another, it feels like a beginning and an end, and yet, it is nothing else but just another turning point in our personal evolution.

Take this chart and contemplate those questions plus others you might have. And enjoy the AHA-Moments that come to you!