Take it Easy – Getting used to the NEW

While we are on this quest to our essence called human life, we are mastering to balance the different parts and levels within – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. This happens separately first before we go into the full alignment of them all. This alignment of all the energetic centers means to come into full inner balance of masculine and feminine energies. Inner union in zeropoint. To become the fully embodied powerful creator we are destined to be in this experience.

What exactly does that mean? Let’s look at the chakras to understand the process better.  The more spiritually related chakras (above the heart) and the more earthly related chakras (below the heart) all need to go into this balancing, the heart center being the pivotal point of it all.

There is no one fits all balancing process. Experiences are different depending on our own individual energetic mix.” 

Depending on what energetic type we are (more earthly or more spiritually, more masculine or more feminine) and what ascension wave we are part of, the experience of this cleansing has been playing out in different ways, for some being more focused on one of these areas (spiritually – soul, mentally – mind, emotionally – heart or physically – body), for others it has been affecting two, three or all four energetic centers to come into more alignment within. So there is not “one fits all” balancing process. Experiences are different depending on our own individual energetic mix. Nevertheless there are some common patterns that are addressed.

1) Loneliness – Old Control Patterns are burnt away

You are put into situations of feeling rejected and not being valued or good enough by people you are resonating with strongly, and you feel drawn to due to matching polarity on all energetic center points (as mentioned above). This triggers a further cleansing of blocks in specific center points to find full balance within. It goes deep and straight into the core. Feelings of being lost and lonely, wanting to withdraw and at the same time not wanting to be alone (longing, neediness) are experienced. At the same time other forms of energetic connections with others are likely to  present (connection only on the sexual level, only on the heart to heart level, or only at the mental level), where a sense of being connected and yet not finding it fulfilling is caused. All of this results in an energetic overwhelm that many experience as an “It’s enough. I’m done” feeling. This leads to a deep state of surrender, realizing that all we can do is letting go of control. There is nothing to cling to and to hook into any longer energetically as the old timeline is no longer available. The solar plexus area is especially affected by these releases, muscles trying to cling onto something that is not there anymore.

The deep releases from the core are accompanied by burning sensations physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or etherically (muscles, heart center, third eye and/or skin/crown), sometimes almost unbearable.

2) A new Understanding of Oneness

Through this experience of loneliness and being sick and tired of doing it alone, as well as the dissolving of old relationship templates, we are gaining more access to a new understanding of relating to others. How we do have more energetic similarities and a stronger pull to certain individuals than to others. Oneness does not mean we are the same, it means we are equal. Just as in our physical bodies not all cells have the same function and structure, we are not all the same, although made of the same material. Individuality comes through different energetic structures. And these different structures are needed to still cause an attracting effect of polarity as a collective.

Without polarity, there is no momentum, no creative power. Without polarity, there cannot be unity.”

Without polarity, there is no momentum, no creative power. Without polarity, there cannot be unity. Unity is the meeting of the two (or more) energetic streams in a zero point. Where the waves come together for creation and exchange of energetic information to then move apart again to create momentum anew. We are more and more understanding and feeling the difference between unity of the collective and unity as a pair. And that the balance of a pair is the next step before unity as a collective can happen. The basis for it all is union within the individual. That grants access to unity consciousness and unity flow to individually create as a human being. Once this alignment is fully in place, the dance of an energetically matching pair (polarity and same frequency) can start to cause further ripples to align the collective.

3) Truth comes first

What is also experienced, is learning to access the evolved masculine energy of pure consciousness. That triggers a  need to focus and making choices. Where do I want to focus my energy and what experiences do I choose? Where do I want to contribute and what does not resonate. This trigger can be so powerful that expressing truth towards others involved is the only option. Like a “f*c kit all, no matter the consequences, I can’t hold back any longer.” This is another sign of balancing within and integrating the healthy masculine energy, understanding that things can only manifest when the energy is concentrated, with focus, intention and commitment. If not – like a garden hose on spray – we are just spraying a bit of energy everywhere, meeting other little spray drops of other spraying hoses, not creating the necessary polarity needed for creation. While it is important to be in spraying mode for a while to scan all possibilities, it is also important to then make the choice, to commit, and to focus the energy into a strong beam, to then trigger the flow into (e-)motion. And only when coming from authenticity, the creation will play out in a way that we actually intend to.

4) Chakras are restructuring and become Energetic Centers

Another amazing process is the restructuring of the chakras. Actually, they cannot be called chakras (wheels) any longer, because the way of energetic supply is completely shifting from outwards to inwards. Chakras had been designed for the lower realities based on lack (also energetically) to suck in energy in a spiraling movement. Like water going down into a drain, drawing in energy from outside to the inside. Everyone was constantly stealing energy from others to survive. That was how the old system kept itself alive, by keeping the attention outside of self through distractions. The Kundalini rising within, experienced by more and more people, put this restructuring into action.

The chakras are restructured into centers of energetic exchange. It is a switch from vampirism to sharing.  From draining to amplifying.” 

At a certain point of the individual journey, the chakras are restructured into centers of energetic exchange. It is a switch from vampirism to sharing. From draining to amplifying. The energetic movement is no longer a one way spiral but a sharing in form of the infinity symbol, designed to amplify each others energy for even more creative momentum. As it is not a line, but happening all around, these infinity symbols shape a donut around the energetic centers. Through the Kundalini movement up and down, these infinity symbol movements are also happening between earth and universe. And again: this is designed to experience oneness and unity through perfect polarity and the perfect dance of masculine and feminine energies, individually, in pairs and collectively.

So, seeing and receiving all of these upgrades and releasing old stuff – we really need to be our own best spaceholder. Our human body is going through a lot and needs our presence and support. This rally is filled with  these upgrades and stripping away of layers for reaching this mastery.  The more we allow it to happen and are patient with ourselves, the easier it will become and magic will accompany us along the way. Becoming the observer and seeing it from the energetic perspective makes it more playful and adventureous and automatically takes us out of identification with it. So…. Take it easy on yourself!

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera


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