Note: By no means does this article intend to put stamps or labels onto people and put some people over others. No one is better or worse, as we are all part of the whole and we are all walking each other home. The categorization used in this article is only there to help understanding differences the awakening and ascension process better. The transitions between the waves are fluent.

Since the beginning of 2017, we are experiencing very new energy frequencies. Something that has never been here before, and the average frequency (Schumann Resonance) is spiking so frequently now, that we can assume a permanent change. 

These new waves come directly from the Central Sun, the Cosmic Heart, the ultimate zero point. A new energetic grid for the planet has been established. The source code for this new grid (the parameters that it is operating on) has been changed from binary to trinary codes. The lower dimensional fear based matrix of duality (split polarity) no longer exists and does not offer any resonance anymore for actions and decisions taken on this level.

Depending on where people are at in their journey and what Ascension Wave they are in, the perception and experience of these energies can be very different.

A practical way to visually understand the process of ascension waves and their magnitude is the model of “Diffusion of Innovations” by Everett Rogers, a professor for communications. This model is usually used in marketing and PR to understand and address target groups better and how they align with a product life cycle, when an innovation is introduced to the market. The model follows the statistical bell pattern, which is a generic universal mathmatical code that can be applied to any measurement of any collective/any population in our universe.

Taking Rogers model, there is a small percentage of “first movers” or “innovators” (2.5 per cent) that are the ones desperately waiting for the next innovation to come out (or are the one’s inventing it). They are embracing change and the new as the most exciting thing. They are willing to take risks and test the unknown without any guarantee of a certain outcome. They pioneer the way to create new reference points for the rest of the collective. Innovators are inspiring and provide disruption (cognitive dissonance)for what was currently known as the status quo.

The innovators are followed by the “early adopters” a second, a bit larger percentage (with 13.5 percent). They are excited about everything new as soon as there is a proof of life provided by innovators. Early adopters love to follow these new trends full hearted and share their excitement with the collective. They often take inspiring leadership/influencer positions.

The next typology category is the “Early Majority”. That is when a product is already produced in masses. The early majority follows the innovators and early adopters, as they have proven and tested that the product is worth buying. They trust that new trend and/or change after having read and learned enough about it. They represent a big portion with 34.5 percent. Just as large as the portion of the “Late Majority” —  the one’s in general hesitant with innovations and change. They love to stay in their comfort zone as long as possible before the technological and social pressure gets too high, so they will feel the need to adapt in order to still be able to keep up. They are followed by the “Laggards” — the ones that will only change their behaviour when circumstances force them to (for example because no one is selling video tapes anymore, so they are forced to change to a DVD player). The chart shows them with a portion of 16 per cent. But to be completely correct, there is another group: Those that will never adapt. They will be another 2.5 per cent, which gives the laggards 13.5 per cent. To complete the picture: The yellow line in the chart is the market share, meaning the growth of product availability.

(On a sidenote: this is also the reason why democracy will never proactively support change and innovation, as the early and late majority will always have the majority vote, which will automatically vote for continuity and more of the known).

The different Ascension Waves in a Model

Now looking at this model — isn’t it striking how it can serve to describe the different ascension waves? The first movers being the one’s that bravely walk into the unknown with a trial and error approach to find out how the energies and the universal laws work and how to transform the physical and the different energetic bodies, to embody a completely new lifestyle that has nothing to do with the old ways.
They could only refer to channelings, ancient teachings, science and had to trust their experience and intuitive knowing. Followed by the Early Adopters, the second awakening wave that is appreciating the insights and teachings of the First Movers and picking them up quickly, transforming even faster.

“These two waves have gone through a lot of very intense energetic changes since December 2012: To prepare themselves for being ready to assist the first wave of mass awakening.”

These two waves have gone through a lot of very intensive energetic changes since December 2012: To prepare themselves for being ready to hold space and inspire the first wave of mass awakening. This first big wave of ascension will go through everything that the first two waves have experienced, in an even more accelerated way, with the assistance of the first two waves and their experiences — to be prepared for the next big awakening wave of the “Late Majority”. The “market share line” is representing the average expansion of consciousness in this adapted approach.

These waves are not to be confused with the three waves of volunteers (Dolores Cannon), which categorize people in rough human age groups and characteristics. The waves depicted and described here, are based on an energetic perspective and depend much more on the willingness of people to move forward and beyond being human. These are the waves of unlearning and dissolving old programs/conditioning to raise their energetic frequency respectively. Thus, someone who was still completely asleep a couple of years ago can be a first mover, while someone who has been aware of spirituality and their gifts for all their life can still be part of a later wave. This has not much to do with human age, it much more depends on the ability of an individual to understand and live beyond human laws and linear constructs in accordance with the non-linearity of nature and universal law. It depends on the ability to let go, to process our own shadows through our emotions and to shift our perspective from being driven by outside forces to an empowered state of being and full ownership of our energetic state and creative power that defines our outer experience. We shift the collective experience by shifting our inner world.

“This has not much to do with human age, it much more depends on the ability of an individual to understand and live beyond human laws and linear constructs in accordance with the non-linearity of nature and universal law.”

As everything in the universe comes in wave patterns, it is no surprise, that the awakening process also takes place in waves. Just imagine, the whole humanity would wake up at once — there would be total chaos, and no one could inspire anyone and hold space. We are one superorganism, and more and more aspects (us as “individuals”) are remembering that.

No matter what stage of their soul journey people are in, it is important to recognize, that no one is better or worse, we are simply in different stages of the process of evolution we all go through and perceive different energetic frequencies and — through them — different realities. Everyone is responsible for their own reality. We always create our experience, be it consciously or unconsciously through the energetic vibration we are emitting. Be it individually or collectively. People’s awakening will happen in their own timing, not because we will convince or force them, or teach them something they are not ready for. Transformation of our reality and our experience is a truly inner process, that can only be slowed down by outer distractions and is nevertheless in perfect order and harmony with this universal bell curve code.ner process, that can only be slowed down by outer distractions and is nevertheless in perfect order and harmony with this universal bell curve code.


The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera



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