You can’t mix Dimensions – Until you can

As with everything – everything is a paradox. In duality – things are like oil and water. They don’t mix, always repel each other. Especially our physical bodies are anchored in duality polarity for a long, long time. Until then, there is no way to be unconditional in a conditional environment. And it has nothing… Continue reading You can’t mix Dimensions – Until you can

The Fall of the Inner Patriarch

The unevolved masculine, the inner patriarch is all about control. As the world wakes up, so does he and comes up with full force, angry, frustrated and loud. To be seen, to be loved and to be transformed. I have not done any energetic updates or writings in a long long linear time. Today, I… Continue reading The Fall of the Inner Patriarch

Unconditional Love

How many times do we use this term…. Our mind has so many ideas and interpretations of what is unconditional love and what it is not. And that is where it already starts… unconditional love is unconditional. Without conditions. There are no categories of what is unconditional love and what is not. Unconditional love encompasses… Continue reading Unconditional Love

The Art of Dying

I can’t even say how many times I have died in only this lifetime. I’ve become really good at it.  I went through so many cycles of death and rebirth. So much that was not „me“, not „my essence“ was dying off. Mental concepts, individual and collective non-spiritual and spiritual stories, emotional trauma and conditioning,… Continue reading The Art of Dying

Body Memories

Lately, I have a hard time finding linear words for the multidimensional experiences that have become the new normal for me. I am seeing and feeling ALL, everything and nothing relating to everything and nothing. Ever since all attachments and identities have transformed into oneness, I find it sometimes close to impossible to represent the… Continue reading Body Memories

Inner Union: Training your energetic and physical Body

Ever wonder why “just being” or “I’m doing so much” does not shift things the way you want them to shift? Just being is the feminine (feeling). Preparing the ground. Being creative and gathering insights and ideas. But without the masculine of focus (thinking) and action (impulse of embodiment) nothing will ever shift. The fertile… Continue reading Inner Union: Training your energetic and physical Body

Life after Death

After I energetically died last week in the old world (3D/4D), it has been such an interesting experience. It is not simply a “Rebirth” happening – no – it is a Birth into a New World, a new dimension. Clean, blank, pure, light. It is different from just feeling the higher dimension energetically. So much… Continue reading Life after Death

Death of “Me”

This morning, I died. I woke up, and something felt very different. I was emptier than ever before. Incredibly tired. A feeling of grief. I could feel that this was the completion and end of something. I sat in the bathtub, I was looking at the foam, all these little soap bubbles, each of them… Continue reading Death of “Me”

The choiceless “Choice”

Neo: You helped me get here, but my question is why? Where does this go? Where does it end? The Oracle: I don’t know. Neo: You don’t know or you won’t tell me Oracle: I told you before. No one can see beyond a choice they don’t understand, and I mean no one. (The Matrix… Continue reading The choiceless “Choice”

The Cage of Identity

„This is so unfair! I have invested so much. My time, my energy, all of my savings. To build this website. To give access to information for people who are looking for answers. To empower people. And now I sit here with a pile of debt. I am so done with this!“ That was my… Continue reading The Cage of Identity

The Power of US – Pioneering Heaven on Earth

We have gone through another round of coming closer to ourselves. Each time these waves happen, we can see a certain pattern in them. First, there are triggers, those situations and people that kick you into challenging your own truth. It is like a sparring for empowerment. Are we still busy with the outside reality… Continue reading The Power of US – Pioneering Heaven on Earth