Pippi Longstocking – the new Goddess Archetype

A lot is said and written about the rising and reawakening of the Goddess and the Feminine to bring balance into this world. And indeed, the feminine energy is increasing a lot and men and women who experienced a heart opening, notice the effects. While the carriers of more feminine energy are healing their wounds of being suppressed for their feelings and vulnerability, the carriers of more masculine energy are healing their wounds of having suppressed their feelings and vulnerability. Both also heal their need of being in control. The feminine by clearing the need of manipulation and clinging, the masculine by clearing the need of keeping the power and closing down, when it gets too emotional.

For both sides, this intake of the feminine energy results in a complete turnaround. It is the ultimate balancing. The masculine now honors the feminine as it has become a part of himself. He appreciates the new quality of being able to feel and to be. The feminine on the other side integrates the divine masculine within herself and honors the male for the strength and willpower and the quality of doing. For the masculine and the feminine, everything changes. It feels almost too much to take in the beginning, but those brave enough to embrace it and work through it come out incredibly empowered. With a strength no one would have ever expected to be possible. We become invincible. But this is an invincibility based on compassion and love, not on fighting and fear. Now, vulnerability is our biggest strength. We become completely balanced. Yin and Yang embodied in one person.

Emergence of a new Goddess Archetype

One thing that is very important to understand is, that the Goddess power now evolving is not a rebirth of something that has been here before, but an emergence of a new archetype. It is the first time that the masculine and feminine energies come into complete equilibrium. There is no more gender separation in Oneness. We return to our innocence. So – how is this new archetype like? What characteristics does s/he incorporate?

For a while now, every time I was contemplating on this new Goddess archetype, Pippi Longstocking showed up for me. She was one of my childhood heroes. I read the books and watched the movies countless times. I so wanted to be like her and live a life like she did. Back then, I had no idea that Astrid Lindgren’s story contained very strong activation codes, already preparing me and many others for what’s to come. So, I was watching Pippi Longstocking yesterday for the first time since my childhood. And it was striking for me to see the new Goddess Archetype so perfectly represented by her. Now – why would I say that the new Goddess representative is a little girl with freckles, weird clothes and red hair? Let me take you a bit more into the story…

In the German version of the song, Pippi Longstocking sings: “Ich mach mir die Welt widewidewie sie mir gefällt” “Und jeder der uns mag, kriegt unser Einmaleins gelehrt”

Translated that means: “I create my world how I like it” “And everyone who likes us will be taught our 101”. (on a sidenote: 101 in sacred coding means the beginning of the spiritual journey, one being the number of new beginnings and zero the representation of the ultimate God force). To me, she is a master creator with her very high vibration of playfulness, joy, compassion and gratitude. As we all know, the vibes we are emitting are creating our reality. Therefore, her reality is one of abundance, love and happiness. She is this powerful lighthouse, knowing that people who will resonate with her vibration will be drawn to her when they are ready for her truth and lifestyle. She is not trying to convince anyone or running around to desperately find friends. Those that come to her are ready to learn her 101: Her formula for living a fulfilled and happy life in perfect balance.

Pippi is not trying to convince anyone or running around to desperately find friends. Those that come to her are ready to learn her 101: Her formula of living a fulfilled and happy life in perfect balance.”

As a child, my parents always told me that this is just a story, and real life is not like this and I could not be like Pippi or lead a life like her. Now, after my awakening, I am absolutely sure that this is exactly where my life and the life of many others is headed to. I already experience a lot of it and it is beyond exciting.

Having said this, here are the characteristics that make her a true representative of the Goddess archetype of New Earth in my eyes:

She is childlike and playful

Pippi loves to play. She innocently explores her environment without any judgments. She simply perceives what is going on around her and enjoys what she experiences. She is curious to learn more just by observing. She loves to go on adventures. She invents new games, she loves to dance and sing alone and in public, and she is infecting others with her joy.

She is fearless

Pippi lives alone in her Villa Villekulla. She leaves the door unlocked and everyone who wants to come in can come in – even the thieves who are trying to steal her satchel of gold.

She is strong

She has incredible strength and can even lift her horse without any problems. She knows how to use the energy and channel it into one physical action. She never misuses her strength, but only uses it for the good cause.

She cares for herself and others

Although a child living alone, she cares well for herself, her animals and her home. She cleans up, she knows how to cook and bake and she does it with so much love for herself and her animals. She even prepares a small Christmas tree and a cheese platter for the little mouse living with her. 

She is androgynous

Pippi is the perfect balance between masculine and feminine. She is as much girl as boy. She is very vulnerable and shows her feelings and she is also very clear and precise in what she wants and what she does without any need of control. She loves to be and do.

She is compassionate

Pippi sees the good in every person. Even the thieves who were trying to steal her gold more than once. She forgives them and shares her abundance with them. She gives them food and some of her gold.

She is abundant and enjoys to share it with Everyone

Pippi is abundant in all ways. Love, health and money. She has many friends, all children love her. It makes her absolutely happy to unconditionally share her abundance with everyone. She buys candy and toys for all children and Christmas presents for everyone who wants to stop by and see her. She loves to have kids and adults at her house, not as guests, but as members of her community. 

She has no Expectations

Pippi lives completely in the moment and she does not expect anything to happen. She lets herself be surprised every day what is coming up next for her. She knows that every day will be exciting, without the need to plan or control anything.

She goes with the Flow

Therefore, she is following her heart and intuition and she has no routines at all. She is carefree and trusts life and its flow in every moment. Every day is different and she loves the unpredictability of life because she knows that every day is magical and full of surprises without the need of control, expectations or interpretations.

She is Creative

Pippi is very creative. She loves to draw, bake funny Christmas cookies, hang presents into the tree, inventing new games, creating her own ice skates out of a iron poker, she repairs an old boat she found on the river, is inventing new words, she is cleaning the floor by putting scrubbing brushes on her feet… and much much more.

She loves herself

Pippi is very self-confident and puts herself always first. She loves her red hair and her freckles. When she sees a billboard of the pharmacy, how to get rid of freckles, she goes inside to tell the shop owner that she does not suffer from freckles but that they are wonderful and that she loves them.

She is authentic

Pippi is absolutely true to herself. She does not act or is trying to fulfil others expectations. She does not care what others think of her, she just does her thing. Whether it is dancing in the street, wearing shoes that are way too big, wearing stockings each of a different colour, or sticking her finger and later her head into the cake at a coffee party.

She is absolutely free

Pippi does not go to school, because she and her Dad do not see any sense in the things that are taught at school. She owns stuff, like the house and her satchel full of gold, but she is not attached to it. She enjoys it as long as she has it available. She recognizes that abundance is not about money: “No, dad, I don’t need more gold, I can do without. Money just complicates things.” She has no attachments to the system and is not dependent on anyone. She does not owe anything to anyone. She is completely free and can do whatever she wants. She is not part of the system but only observes it, not really understanding why people are living like this.

She is very connected to Earth and Nature

Pippi feels very connected to earth and nature. She spends a lot of time outside and treats trees, plants and animals with her deepest respect.

She loves unconditionally and does not judge

Pippi sees the good in everyone. She does not judge anyone for what they have done. Neither the director of the children’s home for trying to get her under control, nor the thieves who were trying to get her gold. By not judging them, she inspires them to change and turns them around.

She loves her father and mother unconditionally without any strings attached. Her mother is in heaven and her father in the South Sea. She knows that her mother is still there for her and she talks to her a lot. And when her father comes to visit, she lets him leave again without any sadness as she knows his love will always be there and he will come back for her at some point.

She enjoys Aloneness as much as Company

Pippi has no issue with being alone. She enjoys playing and creating on her own just as much as with others.

Writing this down touches me deeply. It feels to me like a long-term dream coming true. With the shift into the fifth dimension and the rising of the feminine, leading a carefree, playful and abundant life in the NOW in perfect yin and yang, like Pippi will not only become possible but real.

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera


  1. Thank you Vera!
    I just had an OMG moment as my favorite programs during childhood were filled with strong characters like Pippi, Biene Maja and Mowgli! No interest whatsoever in more common stories of female characters being stuck until saved by a male “hero” on a horse or similar. To this day, I don’t know the difference between those as I never read them-not even when four years old. Incredible validation that I am “normal” in what universe wants me to do. My life is exactly like Pippi’s! And it felt like heaven when I was a child, and I wanted to be her. I never connected the dots before. Also, I was named after an incredibly strong cartoon character and my childhood hero Biene Maja that fights alone for her collective despite of being rejected by them as not blending in. Thank you! Fantastic read with my morning coffee. I am now set not only for the day, but infinity ahead. Much love and gratitude to you~

    1. Thank you for sharing this story. It triggers a wonderful feeling and I feel Pippi waking up inside 🙂

  2. Gratitude To You, Vera ; For Sharing This Story__ I Am A Blended Masculine-Feminine Spirit Like This Young Heroine ; But Have Been A Male Appearing Ashtar Commander For Many Lifetimes__ I Totally Relate To Every Word Herein; And Have Posted This Work__ Paule

  3. Dear Vera, thank you for what you are and do! The way you are sharing your journey and visdom is truly inspiring and helpful. Right now I found this post about the Goddess and Pippi particularly powerful, and I believe there’s a lot of value in using such down-to-earth examples to communicate around new and sometimes challenging topics. Take care and keep up the great work – looking forward to meet you some day 🙂

  4. 101 is definitely one of my present key codes. This was beautifully written and so necessary to read today.

    Thank you!

  5. Another great article, thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world. You are very much appreciated.

    I have a question, unrelated but I trust any advise given here on this platform.
    I been having migraines (a completely new thing for me) since late December to present day. These are intense and tend to be stronger in the evening. I am hoping that this is due to the changing energies rather than a physical disorder any thoughts?

    1. Lori–especially in the last few months–the cosmic energies coming at us not only from our own Sun, but also the Great Central Sun, & other parts of our universe have been extremely intense. We ARE evolving & this means not only a change in consciousness but changing on a CELLULAR level–physically! It is best to rest a lot, eat light healthy foods, drink a lot of pure clean water, take extra special care of yourself during these changes–because as Vera writes in “About the Wake Up Experience” (on the drop down from ‘The Wake Up Experience’ first on menu above) ‘ The universal energies streaming onto our planet are changing immensely right now… The changes in these energy fields are causing uncomfortableness, pain, emotional breakouts and body symptoms such as headaches, digestion issues, vertigo, skin rashes and blurry eyesights. More and more people are waking up to a new reality, recognizing that we have been living in a fake and programmed world that kept our true existence away from ourselves. Science and Spirituality are merging. It becomes more and more aparent that both fields always talked about the same thing from different angles: Energy. ‘ We all seem to be being affected in our ‘weak spots”–areas where we have been ill or injured before. Be very aware not to eat or drink garbage, to rest as you need to, & to utilize whatever holistic natural tools you may have. I am eating VERY light & super healthy, utilizing a lot of organic essential oils, & daily frequency healing (many vids on YouTube for free.) Because I got hit hard in MY weak spot–I am diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome I had to enlist some professional assisted -care via acupuncture & biomagnetism, which has helped a lot. It is helpful to meditate a lot & with the intention “I accept the energies & changes that are to my highest good!” This TOO SHALL PASS!

  6. Yes yes yes, how this feeels just right!!!

    I am Swedish and grew up in the countryside in the 70s. My childhood was allways encompanied by Pippi. One of my strongest memories is from my mother Reading pippi for me at bedtime, and I can also see a lot of Pippi in her even though she was born and raised in the wartimes of the 30s.

    I enjoyed a childhood a lot like pippis and have always identified really strongly with her. Also I have many of her characteristics blending male and female traits, just like my mother. I used to climb to the top of the trees, and ski really fast on the mountains like the boys and I was fearless and loving and gentle and a freespirit.

    However I came in with a Heavy karmic load, which later complicated things immensely. Since my awakening about 1,5 year ago, I have worked simultanously with releasing my karmic contracts aaaand finding my way back to my inner Pippi! Oh I love this! Things are more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!

    Love, love love the part that you Point out also with Pippi being so totally free of judgement and even loving the thieves whom tried to steel from her. THAT is the way we change things around here!

    Love and light and all things really bright 😀 Oh how this message filled my heart with joy! <3<3<3

    Eva from Sweden

    1. Ahhhh, that is sooo awesome, thanks Eva for sharing! Beautiful! Enjoy the Pippi Energy 🙂 Love!

  7. As usual – nothing happens without reason. I was also alwyas drawn dowards Pippi – admiring her very much. About a year ago I fell over a postcard with the text: “Always be yourself! Unless you can be Pippi Longstocking – then be Pippi Longstocking!” I was touched deeply, bought it an it is hanging on my wall since then… So I was not surprised to read your post – it just rang the bell again… Life is wonderful and I enjoy this journey very much! Unconditional LOVE! 🙂

  8. YES YES YES! This is simply BRILLIANT Vera–thank you! My Mama bought me all the Pippi books & I LOVED them–& I was so lucky–that unlike you–whose parents always told you that this is just a story, and you could not be like Pippi or lead a life like her–my Mama always CALLED me Pippi! That was one of her pet names for me! I did not even need to read your whole blog to understand WHY the new Goddess Archetype so perfectly represented by her. Of course I read it & enjoyed it so much I would like to ask your permission to translate it to Spanish so my Spanish speaking friends can enjoy it too! & I will share it on MY new blog–as soon as I get my site back up! Thank you thank you–this is so well written & explained–I LOVE it! And I loved reading the other comments too! Especially Rena’s that shared the postcard: “Always be yourself! Unless you can be Pippi Longstocking – then be Pippi Longstocking!” I may just make that a meme!

    1. Wohooo, amazing Zeeva! You still look like her 🙂 Love to read this – and of course, please translate and/or share anything of what comes through me. It belongs to everyone! Much love!

  9. I loved this so much! I loved Pippi!!! She was one of my favorite characters. Thanks for helping to remind me of why I loved her so much! I will have to revisit her for sure! Determined more than ever to bring my “inner Pippi” out to play!!!

  10. This is so amazing and incredible and made me laugh and smile at the same time!! I think you are I and I am you, because I have felt the same way about Pippi, yet have not been able to put it into words!! This feels so right and true! She’s been my childhood hero always, and lately I keep getting reminder of her! Everything I do is what Pippi would, I have even been wearing my hair in braids and using quotes from the book to go with my photos/blog posts (https://slavabowmanphotography.wordpress.com/2014/01/26/love-your-freckles-how-selfies-can-redefine-beauty/)! Thank you so much for all you do, Vera, I feel like I have a friend in you I have not met yet buy my soul knows you! Much love <3

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