Beyond the Money Game!


In our current system, everything is about money. We are playing Monopoli. If we don’t have money, we are not safe, not able to survive, we are not worthy. It is so natural to us, that money is the key. We know the rules of the game. Now here is a challenging thought. What if it is not money that brings abundance? What if it is self-love?

This sounds very odd to the human mind, as it is a concept it does not understand. The mind has been programmed to believe in lack, danger, separation, and darkness. When we look at it from an energetic perspective, it makes total sense. We can simplify it by saying it is not about money, it is about purpose.


The big secret is: Money can never be the purpose. Yet, so many companies and people see money as the purpose. The question of “Why” are we doing things is answered by the mind with: “to make money, to feel safe, to feel worthy.” So why is it then, that we still do not feel whole and fulfilled, no matter how much money we make and how many things we gather?

Because we are searching for real purpose. We are longing to be more than just a slave to the system we live in, driven by the illusion of lack, mistrust, and fear.  Deep down we know, we are searching for ways to express and be ourselves. The true us, sharing our gifts and talents with the world, without having to adapt or wearing a mask to fit in.

We just do not know how, because old patterns and beliefs we still carry in our energetic system are keeping us from seeing a different way and taking a different perspective. When we recognize that we can dissolve these old programs by creating new ones and releasing the old through our emotions, we start to see the bigger picture.

We wake up to a different way of living and relating to others. We see how we are all interdependent and how we are all part of a big living organism.” 

We wake up to a different way of living and relating to others. We see how we are all interdependent and how we are all part of a big living organism. We recognize that this organism is striving for energetic balance, and it is completely imbalanced at the moment. We can see and feel this imbalance everywhere: The conflicts with people, our stress-levels, the stress level of the planet, chaos.

Our first attempt is to try to change the system, the outer. Until we realize it shall be the other way around. The change happens from within. When one “cell” of the organism, one human being goes through a change and rewrites the script energetically. It passes on the script to other cells around that get inspired energetically to change as well. That is how evolution works.

One cell passes on the script to other cells around that get inspired energetically to change as well. This is how evolution works.”

And here is the link to purpose and self-love: When we make this change about us, about our inner calling, following our intuition instead of letting outside circumstances drive us. When we learn to set our energetic boundaries without closing down, we shift. We find and live our purpose and inspire others. Money is nothing but an energetic flow expressed in a materialized version. Money represents the part we receive when we live and share a purpose. No matter if it is as an individual, as a company, as a nation. When we set purpose equal to backflow, there cannot be a balance.

Au contraire: We are drifting further and further away from it. The more we come back into balance and sharing purpose, the more we will realize, we don’t need money. When all cells know they have a certain purpose and task in the overall organism, there is no question whether to contribute or not. Because we truly understand how we interdepend.

We know that we will be provided with what we need by the organism and the contribution and commitment of others. We are committed without being co-dependent or attached. We go into a natural exchange of non-linear giving and receiving, knowing everyone is equally important and essential in this organism. The illusion of separation disappears and is replaced with the experience of Oneness, interconnectedness, and community. We are in a healthy interdependency, where we all benefit much more than we could have ever done alone. 

We realize: Money does not give us freedom and security, money is not the value, it is the self-love, and our essence, we share unconditionally. 

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera


  1. Heeeeyyy Vera,
    Wonderful eye opener , we are certently not in need of money but from love betveen eatch other – ” Beautiful ” words from you
    Lol Allan Denmark

  2. this is so true and becoming more and more relevant as we watch the world run by money becoming more and more absurdly inhuman. Thank you for your words, they are an encouraging reminder of what feels true to me as well.

  3. Outstanding insights as always – so very true – wonderfully expressed and much appreciated. This is a challenging journey my family and I have been on for some time and as you start to de-layer the multiple dependencies and past conditionings about money, neediness and scarcity, you learn much more about real self love and true self respect.
    Who you are, becomes more driven by the capacity for unconditional self love, inspirations acted upon and kindness to others and not what car you drive or how much money is in the bank/investment portfolio.
    Thank you Vera for being your wonderful self 🙂 x

  4. Nice writings 🙂 I always say to people, that living is not about money 🙂
    thank you for your kind of info 🙂

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