Agustí’s Bio

Agusti Sala

Agustí looks back on a life full of adventures and intense experiences. He lived his whole first part of life on a rollercoaster, full of creativity, excitement and crashes. It pivoted with his twin flame encounter in 2016 that catapulted him into an awakening process on speed. His life story would make an amazing Netflix series.
The challenges he went through were his personal bootcamp to strip him down to his pure essence. What used to be a curse has transformed into a blessing, and he is supporting many people in their own life journey, based on his immense wisdom and experience.

Agustí is a true renaissance man and inspiring leader. All his work and dedication goes into the world of tomorrow, where everyone can thrive instead of survive. He is not only disrupting the current status quo of science and beliefs, he offers a completely new approach and perspective with radically new ideas, creativity and inspiration. Instead of trying to solve symptoms, he goes to the root and origin, to do everything differently. Since 20 years, he has been researching and implementing new ideas and approaches with Fast Forward. His idea of putting the human and its innate creativity as driver, instead of external motivators – be it money, fame etc. speaks to everyone’s deepest desire for a different world. He is convinced that we need a second renaissance, now more than ever – to move out of the dark ages once again, and inspire with mind blowing beauty to touch people in their core. With Fast Forward Movement, he is bringing people together from all over the world, who are not just talking about a radical paradigm shift, but are actually walking it. He could have compromised his ideas many times for the old ways of conditional leadership in the old paradigm (money/investors), but he stayed true to his heart to not let it fall back into what is already known and not working.
People are inspired by his incredible creativity, he’s been working with the big players in this world, including the UN and many billionaires, searching for answers.

With his complete blueprint for a new trust-based society, which includes a complete new model for economy aligned with ecology, a new way of education, new architecture in alignment with nature’s implosive way of creating, mind-blowing transformative art-experiences, a gamified, fun transition into the new paradigm, and much more, he shows that Utopia is no longer Utopia but a feasible reality with the human and personal evolution at the center. He can show that humanity is designed to be a superorganism, and that it is not too late for all of us to live a life in harmony with each other and in alignment with the universal laws of nature. He takes us beyond beliefs we mistook for granted.

He might be ahead of his time, and yet understood by few, but those who have met him will all agree that he has something so deeply inspiring and touching that opens up something that was lost to the mind-driven world of today: Our intuition.
He is a true door opener to a new paradigm, leading by example, not by words.