A balancing Act: Twin Flames and Sexual Energy

Twin Flame Sexual Energy

We often read about the necessity of balancing the energies in a twin flame connection. And now, with all the new high frequency energies around us, this balancing need gets even intensified and is more challenging than ever before. But how do you do that and how does that really feel? And how can you tell that it is happening and you are making progress?

Keep in mind that all that happens in a twin flame connection happens for a reason and is perfectly guided by our soul. Twins present exactly the situations to each other they need to heal (remember their wholeness) and grow. It is our choice, based on “free will”, whether we accelerate or delay this process (go in loops, or move forward).

The journey is so tough and challenging in the beginning, because we are supposed to break down completely and shed all traumas and societal programming from the past, so that we can rebuild ourselves on all levels (mentally, emotionally and physically) to a much more resilient state. Seeing it from an energetic point of view: Our system needs to rid itself from all lower frequencies, so that all energy centers (former chakras) are open and in harmony so that we can effortlessly align and resonate with/vibrate on these higher frequencies of light and love. A system that is energetically not “clean” will not be able to handle those high frequencies for long. We all know these intense energy rushes, when we just want to get out of our body. The body would simply burn out if it stayed in that frequency. Therefore, it is happening gradually.

The twin “bubble love” phase in the beginning shows us how these high frequencies feel. Gosh, and they feel so good!They are supposed to – because it becomes the bait in front of us to keep us going and to remind us of what we are striving for: Being able to feel and embody these high frequencies on a permanent level. Alone!
We become an inspiring powerlighthouse for others – inspiring them to do the same and to be brave enough to go for it. This is what we are here for. “The mission”. The mission has nothing to do with the definition of mission that we have learned. It is not to fight for or against, to change others or the world. The mission we are on is to live a joyful life, empowered and interdependent with other lighthouses. To show a different way of life, based on unconditional love. We definitely did not come here to just fall in love with a partner and live happily ever after in Lala-Land 😉

We definitely did not come here to just fall in love and live happily ever after in Lala-Land.”

The second thing to understand is that we are not him or her, me and you, this and that… No, we are parts of ONE soul, incarnated in two bodies. So when we are blaming the “other half”, we are blaming ourselves, when we are angry at them, we are angry at ourselves, when we love them, we love ourselves. There is no separation – this is only a 3D illusion. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we recognize that all the “healing” work we do for our growth we are actually doing for the two parts of the whole, and later on for all the parts of the whole. A question that always comes up from twins is “why do I have to do all the work?”. Do you see now that this question is unnecessary, because “I” does not exist in a twin flame connection? (I does not even exist in the whole universe, which we find out later on, on our journey.)
The “other half” is doing just as much work by acting the way needed so that you can remember your wholeness.

Let’s take a look at that again from an energetic point of view. When in a twin flame connection, we are energetically connected eternally. When we do our work of dissolving and thus raising our frequency, the other part of the same has no chance but to adapt to the higher level as well. We inspire the other energetically so to say. When that happens, the twin pair raises its energy to the same highest possible energetic frequency when in a physical body. This energetic match is necessary to be able to reunite. Before that, we are energetically blocked to come together – that is why we are experiencing so many obstacles and weird behaviours when trying to force a reunion. Nothing done out of fear and attachment works. It literally backfires at you.
Energetically, it is simply not possible when we are not ready and that creates disharmony and pain. The energetic disruptions of the collective pain and traumas are adding intothe challenge, as nothing in this Universe is really separated. The collective pain of suppression of the feminine qualities, such as sexual creative power and vulnerability are surfacing now big time. Man and women all over the world are struggling with that and we, with our hearts wide open, and with no fully functioning filters / “energetic immune system” yet, are feeling that. And despite these disruptions, we need to manage our own balance to function properly and do what we came here to do: To embody the frequency of unconditional love, and live our life in this new, inspiring way. 

Despite the energetic disruptions of the collective, we need to manage our own balance to function properly and do what we came here to do.”

That brings us to the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies of twin pairs. It is often referred to as “the dance of the twins”, because during the balancing process, a push and pull dynamic is caused between the parts of the whole. It starts out very intensely (the running and the chasing, when all fear patterns come up), and smoothens more and more in the course of the process. This happens in three steps. The borders between these phases are fluent and we can experience parts of the next phase already, although still having some balancing to do in the preliminary phase.

1) The individual Balancing

This is the phase when we are cleansing all the lower frequencies out of our systems that have blocked our energy centers, and energy system. It is the most excruciating experience, because we have to discover first what is actually happening to us, and find a way how to deal with all the overwhelming energy releases that the twin flame encounter triggered in us. This is the time when all of our own fears and past trauma and patterns come to surface. We are experiencing incredible pain and the “healing” process and release with crying or anger attacks can last for days, weeks, months and even years – depending how much is piled up inside and how ready and open we are to face all of this. We are learning to not interpret, not go into the drama, not go into the stories our mind creates around it, to not project it onto the partner, but to sit with it, and to surrender. It feels like being on a permanent rollercoaster ride from the highest highs to the lowest lows. We are swinging back and forth between our own masculine and feminine energies, and between fear and love. This results in overthinking everything, spiralling thoughts and just wanting to do something (when we are in the masculine energy too much) and emotional breakouts, over-feeling and just wanting to hide away (when we are in the feminine energy too much).

We can feel completely blissful and happy in the one moment and absolutely devastated in the next. And this can change from one minute to the other and back again the next minute. The whole energy system is rebalancing the energy change that the encounter triggered (often referred to as Kundalini rising). It is systematically cleansing out low frequencies of every corner of your system. Nothing gets the chance to hide away any longer. We start to see 1111 everywhere, representing the portal into a new life with a new beginning. It is an invitation to let go of the old and fake 3D self and life, and move forward into the direction of our essence, and true life purpose. In this phase, we are very sensitive and vulnerable to everything and we feel the need to be away from people often, and are drawn to nature and water to rebalance. We long for peace and quietness. Everything we pick up with our senses is intensified. Noise for example can bother us much more than before. This is the most exhausting part of this journey, because our old self is dying. It is the time of having our ego surrender. And it is fighting hard to keep its position in the lead. This is why the fears and emotions are so intense: our ego shoots every fear at us that it has available to make us go back to “regular” 3D behaviour into our comfort zone. It is tough, and not everyone makes it through this phase, because it means to let go of everything we used to believe to be true. It asks major life changes from us, being completely true to ourselves and being 100 % authentic. It requires to face our fears and go through them in order to dissolve them. And that hurts like hell. But: It is all worth it. Once we made it through this first phase, the result is 100 % self-respect and self-love. We are absolutely authentic and put our needs first. We don’t do anything anymore just to please others. No one can push any button for us anymore. Simply because there are no fears or traumas left in us that could trigger a reaction. 

2) The Balancing between the two Twin Partners

The second phase is all about balancing the energies between the partners. Typically the two parts are not “split” equally into half, one usually has more feminine, the other one more masculine energies within. In this phase, these energies are tuned into each other to get used to work together in a harmonic way. We see 11 very often in this phase, representing the two individuals coming together with the intention to merge. Often it is combined with seeing 77 – meaning that the “higher self” of the two is working on the balancing. This is also typically the phase when we learn that what we are feeling is not necessarily only “ours”, but is always for us. It supports us to learn, and to release what is triggered through this resonance to surface.
We learn what is affecting our energy system and when our system is overloaded. We learn to set healthy boundaries for ourselves, so we can evolve in the best possible way. We learn how to rid ourselves of these energies or to avoid certain situations that might stress our system even more. We learn how food, medicals, solar activity, EMF, crowds, city density, earth quakes, volcanic eruptions etc. can influence our sensitive system. We develop our energetic immune system this way, and we are at more and more ease with what’s going on around us, and with the partner. 
What we feel now, feels different than what we experienced in the first phase. Now, we are hit by sudden emotional attacks out of nowhere, be it sadness, anger, worry or restlessness, but also bliss and love. They come as fast as they go. We realize that body activity, be it running, dancing, cycling or also masturbation can help to release these energies immediately, often resulting in a good cry. In a second step we learn how to redirect these energies and transform them into something useful, such as helping someone or putting them into some creative endeavour like writing, composing, painting etc. We have days, when we realize we are completely in our head and then again days, when we are completely emotional and vulnerable. The pendulum swings between the masculine and feminine energies of the twin pair. The more we accept the more unfamiliar energies for our part, be it the masculine or feminine  – the more we are training our “weaker energetic muscle”. The more we come into this balance inside, the more the other part is triggered to shift as well, as we don’t provide them with the energy that they need for their “weaker muscle”.  So if you are the more feminine part and you realise you are much more in our head than you usually are: Accept it, embrace it and tell yourself it will pass. It is just an effect of the balancing of the energies and will help the other half to take in more female energy. The same of course counts the other way around. When we made it through this part, we feel inner peace and bliss and we have no doubts left about this Divine connection. The result of that step is 100 % freedom and independence. After that phase, it feels as if our partner is already here, yet without any need to be together, or wanting something from them. The energetic component overpowers the physical and we do not experience any longing or pain anymore. We are truly able to feel unconditional love for our other aspect and we use this energy to move forward with our own “mission” and dreams, knowing that we are eternally connected and nothing can take that away from us. We are doing what we love for ourselves, not because we want to get to reunion as quickly as possible. It simply does not matter anymore, as hard as that seems to believe in the beginning of the experience. Time loses its meaning. We trust in our partner and in this process completely, and that everything happens perfectly for us.
We can still have a bad day, experiencing body pain or emotional attacks from the collective pain or from disruptions in the geomagnetic field of the planet, to bring up the deepest programs in us from our cellular memory.  Twins tend to project those pains onto their counterpart. Being aware of it when we are hit by such a sudden break out helps immensely to not overreact and to ground ourselves quickly again.

3) The Balancing between the Twin Pair and God/Source

Only when a twin pair was able to balance the energies between the two bodies and energy systems the gateway opens for the balancing with Source energy. This is often referred to as the “Third Energy” and this is quite an experience when this happens for the first time. This part of the balancing journey is a wonderful experience, because in the higher realms lower frequencies of fear, anger or sorrow do not exist. We are now aligning with the high frequencies of the universal and unconditional love of Source/God to be a powerful creator, and inspirational wayshower. We are seeing 111 a lot, showing us that the three energies are coming together and merge. 111 is a sign of inner energetic reunion- A physical reunion becomes more likely.

All of a sudden, we experience a blissful state on a pretty permanent level, with only some physical and emotional symptoms or some restlessness when something major is happening on earth, such as  geomagnetic storms, earthquakes or also when the collective human energy field reacts on something, as it happened for example with the terrorist attacks in Paris or the general collective pain surfaces. Nevertheless, as we know our system so well by now and we know what it needs when our energetic tolerance border is reached, so we are able to rebalance very quickly and we recognise it as our radar system to sense if something bigger is going on. Our communication with the higher realms is stable and our higher self feels integrated into our bodies. It becomes pure intution. The guidance is flowing naturally. We are experiencing the Third Energy, which is the sexual energy of creation, flowing in as something very powerful, coming from a place of love, and abundance, not fear, and lack.

We are experiencing the Third Energy, which is the sexual energy of creation, flowing in as something very powerful and sacred, coming from a place of love, not fear.”

These energies are truly Divine and powerful in a very pure and innocent way. They open the gateway to the vast pool of consciousness that connects all of us and our wisdom grows immensely on a daily basis. Sexual energies going through the heart and upper energy centers (i.e. through the whole body) feel completely different than when going through the lower chakras only. When it is still related to fear and / or attachment. When feeling sexual energies through the higher chakras, we don’t feel the need to come to an orgasm – we just enjoy the moment and this permanent fulfilling and lovely vibe. We don’t even need a physical touch to experience this. We completely love and accept our body and see its beauty. We are appreciating this miraculous gift of being able to feel unconditional love and the spiritual sexual energy in a physical form. Now, the energies within us, within our soul connection and with everything around us feel balanced and in harmony. We feel like we could just explode because of all the love we feel and we just want to share it with everyone. We experience a feeling of oneness with everything, experiencing a permanent “being in the flow”. All we need just comes naturally to us as we operate on these high frequencies of love and creation. We have learned the art of creation from the inside out. Embodied inner reunion. It is that feeling that kept us going, the bubble love phase. Now, we don’t need the partner anymore to experience this bliss, flow and joy.

We have stopped trying and are just allowing things to happen and our jaws drop again and again due to the wondrous miracles the universe gifts us with each and every day. Often, people just stop and look at us and are amazed by the light and love we are radiating and we are more than happy to share these moments with them. We draw people towards us naturally when they need our support and want to hear what we have to say and feel what we can pass on to them to help them finding back to their power, too. The result of this state is 100 % commitment to this “mission” of sharing our freedom and self-love not only with the twin partner, but with the whole existence.

When reaching this level, it is not important anymore to us to reunite on this plane. Because we see behind the veil of the illusion of separation and we feel the unconditional love for each other so strongly, knowing that nothing can separate what belongs together. We understand, that the twin flame experience was our training ground to understand the dynamics of the universe, and true oneness.
Now don’t get that wrong – of course, we would still love to share our love and happiness with the twin, but – we do not need them anymore to be happy, enjoy life and feel loved, because we are whole by ourselves.

Funny enough, when we don’t need our twin anymore, the door opens for a possible reunion in the physical.”

Funny enough – when that happens, then the door opens for a possible reunion also in the physical. This whole process of balancing prepared us to embody the new template of unconditional love. One without any insecurity based on total freedom and healthy interdependence. So be love and share!

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera

Navigate your Twin Flame Experience successfully, understand the purpose and dynamics, and find inner peace, happiness and joy!


  1. Thank you just when I needed it and makes so much sense to me right now! Thank you again. Lots of love
    Zoe xxx

  2. This was one of the most beautiful articles I have read on this topic! So, so beatiful! This gives me new hope and faith in my journey! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this breathtakingly beautiful message whith us! Thank you! <3 <3 <3

  3. Thank you very much for such deep and very enlightening words. It indeed make sense to me…all these weird yet awesome things happening to me.

  4. I don’t normally comment on these things but you hit the nail on the head exactly. I am 2 1-2 years into a inner life changing twin flame connection. Yr description is the most helpful one I have come across for a while. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much Victoria for taking the time to comment. It is so rewarding to read that the article was of support. Sending you lots of love and light for your journey. <3

  5. Thank you so much that has given me a full understanding of not only the numbers but the whole connection. Why I felt like I did, why the triggers happen. Why I thought I was going crazy.

  6. Thank you Vera .. You are truly a blessed guide for me .. Everytime I need confirmation of what I am going through , you give me answers to all my deepest questions .. Thank you for all you beautiful and guiding energy ❤️

  7. wow thanks for this article, it has helped me to understand a bit more about the energies and what to expect.

  8. This resonates with me… I always wanted to know what 777 and 7777 means after separation, as much as 1111. I am seeing lately 1111 several times daily after a long time of not seeing it. I once even arrived in the town where my tf and I live at 11:11. Also, I dreamed about 777777 written on a door in gold which was open to me. I really hope we will have a physical union, a permanent one. One night a spirit guide visited me and he said that we will have a physical union but my tf doesn’t know that he loves me yet. Probably he is still confused. I am a bit surprised that I received such an answer. Usually we should come to terms in this journey that we might not be into physical union… it’s not the first answer I received regarding this question. But indeed, it was after I got over that pain. Yesterday I wanted to just quit this journey [I know… it’s not possible] and today I was like “Hey, I just can’t throw this wonderful person away.” and guess what? 7777 popped up along with 333. I like your article very much.

  9. What if I havent met my twin but seeing the numbers 111 and 777 all the time. It was 11 and 77 and iv gradually rised up and now im seeing 111 and 777? Im confused

    1. You can ask the Universe and your higher self what those numbers meant to you. I asked the Universe and my higher self is he my twin flame and please show me some signs or his name. After my prayer, I saw his name in my dream and I also heard his name from tv or somewhere out of nowhere. In addition, I’ve seen repeating numbers 111, 333 etc quite often. I’m sure you will find a way out.

  10. Wow what an incredible validation of experience.

    I first met my ‘other half’ January 2003, then basically fled from her (wasn’t ready for this kind of growth) to be consciously reunited 13 years later. Though we have been relating from opposite sides of the world & opposite ends of a nation we continually expand each other & grow in unity through separation. Actually being together has been too intense (as source within accelerated) but now I begin to see the divine gold (thanks to the commitment, persistence, willingness, endurance & tenacity).

    Its actually easy to wait for her as I’m with her, even at opposite sides of the globe we are one…

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom Vera…

  11. Thank you for this article. It makes absolute sense of what is happening in my life and the moment and has helped me to see what the possible outcome can be if I continue with the process of balancing the masculine and feminine energies. Thanks again

  12. This is pretty apot on and accurate. I wish this wouod come up in google when searching for Twin Flames. Instead some other cmissleading crap comes up and its very annoyong if you are completely unaware of the process. I understand that those who need to understand will but it doesnt mean the colective needs to be mislead. You should submit your article to google or however its done because you are the real deal. You know your shit! Great job and thank for being of service to the collective!

  13. This has to be the best explanation of the “process” I have ever read. Thankyou for your help and simple clear guidance to those who,are guided this way.

  14. This article gives me so much hope. I just found out about my twin flame connection a few months ago. I have known my twin flame since Jan 2017. We are separated right now but he will be coming back soon and our journey will begin. I am excited to experience all things possible between us when we physically meet. I see 11’s everywhere lately. The 11’s are my confirmation and hope that everything will work out between us. I know my path is the right one, I know that he will see that too in time but the wait is horrible and I can’t rush the perfection of us meeting and I won’t. 🙂

  15. So you’re saying, that in order for me to get to my highest level, i have to have sex with him? Really? The telepathic sex is not enough? And then…and then..after I have sex with him, I don’t need to have sex with him ever again? I will be with the source and forever free. But today, I am an ocean away.
    My twin is so handsome, he looks like me, and the 11’s that I noticed first, are on our foreheads. When in his proximity, energy peaks that anyone can see. Forever empowered by having sex with him I will be. I imagine that, it’s like having sex with me. But so you say, I will never ever be afraid and I/we will accomplish our mission and dream..

  16. This is my play book, honestly with my twin flame. We have been separated for 10 mos., by my denial mostly. He ran, to the other side of the world and I fell apart and began to grow. I love this article, we have been together forever and will always be. I will see him soon. Big hugs thanx.

  17. thanks for your article, it gives me hope that my constant up and down emotions are the balancing of energies. I met my twin flame 4 months ago, I didn’t know at the time, we had an intense connection but it wasn’t until he started running that I became bombarded with synchronicities, i.e. his name everywhere, yin & yang symbols, twin stuff, music we shared etc. etc. and discovered twin flames. We have had zero contact for the last 3 months and were literally together for a week before he started distancing himself and ultimately disappearing from my life. It’s been excruciating and magical all at the same time. I’m constantly seeing double digits in particular 22 but have little understanding of what that means as it seems most articles refer to 11.11, I have seen this only a few times. what do double digits mean?

  18. Wow im actually going thru this lol. Even seeing the numbers. This is crazy. I knew she was special i thought it was just because i loved her.

  19. Hi Vera. You guide me like no other. Every stage I go thru is so precise and I can get comfort. Thank you. I believe you truly acomplishing your mission on earth as a divine purpose.

  20. Thank you so much for this. It is ever so well written and making the journey look less painful than we think it is. It is just about embracing the right attitude toward the journey and accept every experience and stages of it fully. I feel constantly this sexual energy since we met and it grows stronger and stronger even after 6 months and a half. My spiritual journey started long ago and was slow because I couldn’t see exactly what was wrong in my doings. I was abused in all different ways and being highly sensitive. I was projecting my anger and frustrations towards others, blaming them for my depression. I knew something was wrong my whole life and I had so many what people call paranormal events and mainly in my sleep, where I also met my true self. My TF was also talking to me before I met him for at least 4 years before we met physically, and that is when everything took a fast track in the journey. He always says to me that he is not rejecting me, just that it is not the right time. Although in my mind, it feels like I am the awaken one, things he said make me feel that he does what he does on purpose, like he is awakened but he makes me work on myself first. Hé triggers me over and over each we met and forces me to dig deeper. I wanted to run away from him physically after what I felt rejection, but he is like wanting to be my friend, guiding me along the way. It is very strange. It is like not him talking but his soul somehow. He doesn’t try to influence me on what we have, he is very quiet and silent, and he likes reaching out for me to see how I am doing. I feel like facing two persons, his mind and his soul because he has mixed messages all the time. Anyway, I am grateful for your article. It demonstrates that I am on the right path and just let it be, let it go and everything will be what it is supposed to be.

  21. The best explanation of the journey/connection, I have read so far. It’s a true life picture of the journey with answers to every stage explained in simple manner. Thanks a lot Vera .

  22. Thank you dear.
    I am experiencing all the three stages, sometimes I come back to the first one sometimes to the others..It is a spyral…
    The best moments are just now. Recently I felt so happy, I felt like being “engaged”…as we were already “united”…it is beyond the concept of “not needing him anymore” (which I also experienced some months ago, for a short time, more than once), it is actually the sensation of being happily loving each other without doubts or fear.
    Zero contact in physical world for 10 months, but recently I really feel we are in love…
    I don’t know how to explain it..
    I feel we are already in “union”…
    When it happens, it is heaven on heart.
    People are drawn to me as I was a light to them (they say it) and I am drawn towards people that are able to enlight me. So… everything is so perfect.

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