3D, 4D and 5D – The Dimensions and their Differences

When going through the  process of spiritual awakening, sooner or later we are confronted with the fact, that there seem to be more dimensions than the one reality we are living in and that we know so well. We start questioning our life and what used to be true for us all of a sudden starts crumbling. We are not so sure anymore if we are indeed living in a reality or if it is not so real after all. The higher dimensional energies are calling us. We start resonating with them and go on our quest to find out more about who we truly are. We learn about universal energies and different frequencies and what ascension truly means: An energetic shift from 3D to 5D by raising our frequencies to a much higher level and transmuting low frequencies of fear into unconditional love up to a point where no fear / trigger is left. We come across a lot of information and are learning a lot about ourselves, the Universe and humanity. A question that often keeps us busy is how to differentiate between the dimensions.

To understand the different dimensions and how they feel like better, let’s take a look at them individually.

The Third Dimension – The Material World of Fear

 “Because we are living in a material world and I am a material girl…” Madonna pictures the third dimension pretty perfectly in her song. She describes how she will only go out with guys that have money to buy her things and how she fears losing her money once she got into that state of possessions. The third dimension is all about material, accumulating material and living in fear of losing it again. We fear to lose control. We fear to not be secure and to not be good enough. We don’t trust people, because they could take our wealth away from us. So we try to reach power over others to be in a stronger position. We define ourselves on this plane by what we possess and what we do for a living. We believe to be separated from God and from everyone and everything. As long as we are not one with Source, we cannot experience oneness with all that is. We believe that death is something painful, dark and finite. We believe that we live one life and that is it. We believe this world to be a place of scarcity. Therefore we think we have to fight hard for our well-being because there is not enough for everyone. We think that life is supposed to be a competition with winners and losers. We think it is okay to lie, because everyone does it in this game. We are convinced that we have to be right about things. We believe in certain roles for men and women. Men being the strong provider and fighter, women being the weak caretaker. This has been changing with the rising of the feminine during the past decades, but the true nature of masculine and feminine still have not been fully understood. With regards to relationships and sex, we believe that we cannot be whole without another person. We believe we need someone else to make us happy and whole. We experience joy in very rare occasions. In situations of breath-taking beauty be it in nature or during a sexual orgasm. These are the rare moments that take us into the NOW. The only place where the ego does not exist. We are so used to the ego that we don’t question whether it is normal that we spend all of our time in the past or in the future. The ego plays the “should have could have would have – game” in the past or jumps into the future playing the “let’s create scenarios” –game to be prepared for any possibility. We don’t see that the only real place to be in is the NOW.

“Humans in the third dimension crave physical sex so much because that is the only opportunity for them to experience the merging of the masculine and feminine energies in perfect balance.”

Humans in the third dimension crave physical sex so much because that is the only opportunity for them to experience the merging of masculine and feminine energies in perfect balance. That is the root cause for this desire. In the third dimension, we do not understand that this is where the neediness for a partner comes from. We don’t understand that we can create this wholeness for ourselves. But: We not only can but must master it to access the higher dimensions. We cannot imagine that sexual desires can change from need to a sharing. In the third dimension, we have never learned to love ourselves. On the contrary, we were taught to believe that this is egotistic. The opposite is the case. Not loving yourself is ego-istic thinking and is what keeps you from being whole and keeps the void within us alive.

Energetically, the third dimension is a place of very low vibration and enhances the illusion of separation, duality and free will. In 3D, only one timeline (reality) is available and we live with the construct and illusion of the ego-mind of linear time. Our higher self is not integrated into the physical body because it cannot handle the density and low frequency. It is connected with us through our spiritual body, but when our energy centers are blocked, it hardly can get through to us. That causes the belief, that we are separated from God and that God is an outside entity/power. In 3D, we actually think that our life is based on coincidences and that there is no destiny, as we are not aware of our true identity – a spiritual being in a physical body, suffering from amnesia. As we incarnate into the third dimension, we forget who we truly are, and get equipped with an ego mind that is only serving for this incarnation. It cannot remember any of our previous lives because it has not been there with us. Only our cellular structure and DNA carries memories from our family lineage, and our soul / higher self knows about our own experiences in past lives. As long as the ego mind is in the lead and our heart is closed, the connection to our soul is blocked most of the time. The communication with our higher self and the higher realms can only be felt, not understood with the rational mind. The ego mind is not able to process this amount of energy. As long as we are cut off, we cannot feel the truth, we believe our ego mind is supposed to be in the lead as it is oh so clever. And yes, it is… – in keeping us away from our true self and in keeping up the illusions. Every time our intuition comes through and expresses our truth, the ego mind shouts out: “Prove it!” So we shut down again, as we are unable to prove what we feel. We continue to run around blind-folded, trying to figure out how life works and what we are actually doing. We believe we find the answers to our quest for happiness externally, outside of us. We adapt to the game and accept the 3D illusions as our reality, because everyone does. We suppress the questions about our purpose, our true origin and our talents and gifts. We must be mistaken to have these questions, because everybody else is living according to the same rules. If we would speak out loud our doubts and our true desires, we would just be considered to be insane and an unrealistic dreamer. So we just stick with the system, not realizing that we have been enslaved as our ego mind has been programmed with all kinds of false beliefs. We do not see that the whole system is a fake matrix based on fear. As long as people are in fear, you can keep them under control and make money with them. Lots of money. Insurances, pharmaceuticals and fashion are just a couple of examples how a lot of money is made with our fears. And we need to make more and more money to be able to compensate for those fears. We think we have to improve our status. Again and again – to be good enough and earn respect. We don’t even realize how much the material world, and our possessions are controlling us, and are keeping us in dependency. We need to protect what we have reached and make it even more to be prepared for worse times. In the third dimension, we are thinking negative thoughts and we are mistrusting everyone and everything.

“The illusion of duality in the third dimension allows us to experience light and darkness, good and bad,  joy and despair, better and worse. We have the choice to act as saints or demons. That is actually the only choice we have: Love or fear. 

The illusion of duality in the third dimension allows us to experience light and darkness, good and bad, joy and despair, better and worse. We have the choice to act as saints or demons. That is actually the only choice we have on this plane: Love or fear. Light or darkness. That is what free-will allows us. As long as we are choosing fear, we are repeating our experiences and patterns until we learn to choose love. That is the beauty of the third dimension. Once we learn to choose love permanently, we come to what the spiritual world would refer to as “enlightenment” as our frequency raises significantly. We stay in the field of light and love. That way, we overcome our ego-mind’s limits. We learn to let our heart and soul take over the lead in transforming our ego into a free spirit. We learn how the universal energies work and how we can create our reality. We understand that we had the steering wheel in front of us all the time. We just did not see it. We learn that there are no victims or perpetrators. There are only teachers/mirrors that help us see what we need to see about ourselves and help us grow. We do not have to wait until we die to go into the light. We can do that while being in a human body.

The Fourth Dimension – the Magical Dream World

The fourth dimension is the spiritual dream world. It is also called the Astral Plane. It is the home of the spiritual and the conspiracy narratives. The galactics, the archangels, the dragons, the reptilians, Atlantis, Lemuria, the Shadow Government, the Cabal, etc.  It is a dimension that is less dense and much more fluid than the third dimension, but still has only one timeline (reality), hosts the illusion of duality, the (spiritual) ego, and thus fear is able to exist also here. 4D is still perceived from the outside in, and we still believe, we are driven and endangered by outside reality. Linear time becomes a lot more fluid here. Imagine it to be a stream of energy hosting all events of one particular timeline – the same timeline that is available in the third dimension. We usually visit this plane naturally during the night. Here, in our dream states, anything is possible. A mouse can be transformed into a lion, we can fly or breathe under water, we can be in many places at the same time and have conversations with the weirdest creatures. We can travel into the past and into the future. Experienced astral travellers are able to access this plane also during the day. This can become so real that they are actually experiencing out of body adventures or intense sexual encounters. This is the plane that shamans and ancient civilisations travelled to, to find out more and connect to the spiritual realms. These journeys gave them access to the underworld and the upper world. Many of them used drugs, plant medicine, and special trance ceremonies to get there. Depending on the energetic vibration of people, traveling in the astral plane can be a very loving and exciting or a very scary and fearful experience. Spiritual drugs will never take us above the fourth dimension. Nevertheless, traveling the astral plane can be very insightful to learn more about ourselves, about our purpose and also about our fears as we can get into close exchange with our higher self here. No matter how far we travel in this dimension, we always stay in this particular timeline/storyline. On this plane it is also possible to tap into the collective consciousness through the altered mind, and learn more from there. The astral realm is a place where light and darkness come into conflict easily. Dark magic has its place here, dreamwalkers for example can influence us on this plane easily when we are still full of fear and have not learned yet to set healthy energetic boundaries, i.e. when we are able to create our own light and sustain it so that it simply absorbs the darkness. Most people do not remember their astral experiences consciously, which makes it even harder to detect energetic manipulations.

“The fourth dimension connects darkness and light. On this plane, we can “protect” us only by applying the energetic universal laws, as there ar no human laws or regulations for control. 

The fourth dimension connects darkness and light. On this plane, we can “protect” us only by applying the energetic universal laws, as there are no human laws or regulations for control. We still have not realized that there is no need to protect in the higher dimensions of unconditional love. Protection is a fear based reaction. When our frequency is naturally high, protection becomes irrelevant – as we don’t create any fear based situations in our outside reality anymore. 

On that note: People of higher frequency are not experiencing the astral plane consciously at all. That is why they often feel alone or think they imagine their awakening and ascension, because they don’t have all these crazy experiences other people get so excited about. These people’s body frequency is already higher than the fourth dimensional frequency from birth on. Higher frequency people often experience an unexplainable fatigue during their whole 3D existence, because the difference between the dense 3D frequencies and the much lighter 5D frequencies causes a permanent friction and the body has a hard time to deal with it. They go through 3D programming just as everyone, although they often have a much stronger feeling of “this is not right what is happening here” and are questioning and sabotaging the system often. A lot of higher frequency people look back on alcohol and drug careers because they are not able to cope with the density well and they are denying their spiritual gifts and talents. They just want to be normal and fit in at an earlier stage of their life. The problem: Drugs and alcohol are of much lower frequency than their bodies, that can cause permanent anxieties, depression and even real horror trips when using a drug or plant medicine (as their field contracts instead as it is already more expanded).

Higher frequency people do not experience nightmares. They can have panic attacks and thought spirals before going to sleep or when they are half awake dozing, but their dreams, if they remember them at all, are taking place in 5D and above. Those dreams cannot contain fear or darkness, as those are the planes of unconditional love.

They are experiencing their ascension differently, in a much more subtle, heartfelt way. Once their awakening is initiated and they open up to their spirituality, the process usually happens faster than average, and they cleanse the 3D programming quite quickly as their system wants to return to its natural frequency as quickly as possible, once initiated. They are usually claircognizant – meaning that all of a sudden they know things without knowing why. That is because they have access to other timelines and dimensions. Usually that happens unconsciously. They simply lose a few minutes and feel cold and confused after such an experience. There is no better or worse of being of high frequency or not. The experiences are simply different.

The Fifth Dimension – The Plane of Light

Of all the higher dimensions, the fifth dimension is the last one of pure light and unconditional love, i.e. Source energy on the way down, before entering the realms of limitations and duality. This is the dimension beyond linear time, that means that many different timelines / realities are available to access. Reality is perceived consciously as our own creation from the inside out.  Physical existence is still possible on this plane, although the body is lighter and of a different cellular structure. When the physical body is fully transformed into this structure, there is no pain. Further, there is no fear. It is the plane of unconditional love and abundance, manifest in the physical. Our higher self has been fully integrated into our physical body and has taken over the guidance. This feels very differently from just channeling the higher self or other entities. The first time your higher self moves into the physical body fully is quite overwhelming. It is an intense energetic flow of unconditional love and everything feels light and at ease. Before the higher self can be fully anchored into the physical body, the healing of all bodies (the mental, the emotional and the physical; healing = remembering our wholeness) has to be completed. Therefore, your higher self will slip in and out for a while until it can move in permanently. You will know when your higher self is integrated, when you do not question the universal flow and simply trust your journey. You do not feel the need to interfere or control that flow anymore. In the fifth dimension, all of our actions are based on love. It is the plane of oneness, where we feel the connection to everyone and everything around us, including the holy Source energy. In the fifth dimension, we live in Unity Consciousness, but still recognize ourselves as individuals as part of the whole. We do not feel that we get information from guides, angels or star family through channeling anymore. Now it comes much more intuitively and subtle from within as we have become ONE with all that is. In the beginning it feels as if we were disconnected until we get used to this new way of being connected. On this plane, we remember who we truly are and are aware of our eternal soul. Manifestation is easy and the life of our dreams is our reality. In 5D everything comes without an effort as we have rediscovered that the Universal energetic flow always guides us perfectly. There are no limits. We live in complete freedom and authenticity. We share unconditionally. As there is no fear, there is no aging and no illnesses. We live as long as we want, until we decide to leave the body. This happens smoothly and without any pain.

“Living in 5D means living from the heart. We connect through our hearts and can feel the connection and love instantly.”

Living in 5D means living from the heart. We connect through our hearts and can feel the connection and love instantly. In the fifth dimension, our sexual desires change as we have reached our internal balance between the masculine and feminine energies. We have become androgynous energetically. Sexual energies can be experienced without physical contact with others. They can be created by the individual. Therefore, sex does not happen out of neediness or lust anymore, but becomes a sharing between two whole people that resonate on the same energetic level. Or it is experienced alone and is just as beautiful. In addition, the Third energy, the Divine energy is part of this experience and sexuality becomes the holy trinity in perfect equilibrium. It is the most powerful energy of creation. Therefore, it is not surprising, that sex in 3D was defined to be something shameful and sinful. To keep people from discovering their true creative power.

Once someone has raised the own frequency onto a 5D level, the return to the lower dimensions is not possible anymore, unless the soul chooses it consciously. This was the choice a lot of star seeds and angelic beings took to help humanity ascend. People in 5D are immune to low frequencies as there is no resonance. They do not attract any darkness and live in the light exclusively. They cannot be seen by people in 3D if they have not already started their own ascension process and are open to the higher frequencies. That is when duality and linear time are dissolving and all there is left is a life in the NOW. All experiences are embraced with gratitude, as the soul knows that everything has its purpose for the own growth and expansion of consciousness. Contact to extra terrestrials and angelic beings becomes easy and is integrated in the daily experience. We receive information directly from Source and telepathy, teleportation and telekinesis become possible. We realize that we are an aspect of Source, and we were never separated. The fifth dimension is the dimension of deep trust and an inner knowing that everything is happening perfectly. On this plane, we have learned to go with the flow and let Source work through us to create miracles. There is no need to be right in 5D, as there is no ego. Our ego has transcended into a free spirit and is working hand in hand with body and soul. In the fifth dimension, we do not take anything personally anymore from people who are not able to align with that plane yet. We know about their own baggage and journey and do not judge them or blame them but love them unconditionally, as we know they are part of the whole. We know that there is no danger, so we know that there is no need for protection. We know that our light shines so bright, that it absorbs the darkness automatically.

In 5D we live according to the universal energetic laws, knowing that we create what we think. There are no manmade rules or laws, because people fully trust the energetic flow and where it takes and guides them to. There is no need for possessions or status, as there is no competition and nothing to compare. Everything becomes an unconditional sharing. We just are. We love ourselves and appreciate our individuality as part of the whole. We know that our needs are always met and we are always taken care of. Gratitude is always present. When we live in 5D permanently we have are in a state of enlightenment. No wonder that it is referred to as heaven on earth.

The texts I share are always based on my own intuition and/or on experiences of clients, friends and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. Vera


  1. This is so amazing and so so Clear, i love your articles Vera! You know iT just confirms so much of what i Am experiencing and understanding now. Thank you!

      1. Thank you!!! I seem to be in the limbo right now…. I have regressed quite a bit completely unknowingly, until the fatigue has disabled me and depression and pain started to kick in again. Thank you for the reminders… I do feel everyone with love andgratitude, but have been ignoring myself until recently. I am starting to realign with my heart and intuition and am starting to feel lighter everyday! This article was perfect timing, just like everything is! Thanks again, much love and hugs!

        1. Hi. Actually I watched a program series last year based on total science. It could be “How the Universe Works” some American professor explaining in detail the existence of 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimension. All very similar but obviously focused on time, relativity and the flow of energy. Clearly I’m no scientist! Also this all relates to what Lorna Byrne has been writing about – how we are all a part of god (children of god) and his light is part of each of us. she talks of the gifts from God to us including free will but in life we choose either feet or love. God (she says) wants us to choose love and ascend to him in all the ways which have been described by Vera. Also best friend has been experiencing so much of what she has described and we all know her to be spiritual. This all resonates with me – finished reading the book 2 days ago – experienced some clarity and u derstanding of a dream that night then without telli g anyone about all this stuff – friend sends me a link to Vera’s text as she saw 4D in meditation and wondered what it meant! Brilliant. No fear! Love it!

        2. sorry to disappoint you Sam but I was in the 5D dimension when I died and came back. I did not want to come back to this one! You will be there too when you die whether you want to or not. That is the one choice we don’t have. For everything else, we have the choice to believe or not. As for believing whether or not your soul and spirit lives on after you die, you will find out for yourself. BTW, there is no heaven or hell either like everyone thinks unless you’ve created it in your own mind. We are the creators of our own lives and realities

          1. Yes finally someone who knows what they’re talking about but you don’t have to be died to go into the fifth dimentio. Because right now the whole world is slowly accending to the fifth dimension

          2. Thank you Marlon for your comment. I went through a lot of books of NDE’s, Eben Alexander, Anita Moorjani, and so on to get a feel for this phenomenon. The I came across Soul Survivor, a must read for anyone! Since I come from a science background – the work that really stood me back on my feet, if you will, is the work of Michael Newton – Destiny of Souls, Journey of Souls. That is incredibly groundbreaking work of the spirit world. Once I had opened that “portal”, if you will, I once in the wee hours of morning, totally relaxed, just between the sleep / wake state, tumbled out of my body just like that. It was such an eye-opening experience. It was absolutely marvelous. I was totally conscious, totally I, me, myself, totally there, totally present – just not in my body. That’s all. I experienced then that one does not have to go through an NDE necessarily to have on out of body experience. What that did for me: fear of death gone! There is no such thing. Death is an illusion. It is a transition from my spirit being in form to being without the form (which, by the way, feels very heavy, limiting and constrictive) – once you’ve tumbled about without it. The minute I formed the thought, “I think its time to be back…..” before I could even complete it …..I was back in my body. Just like that. We are eternal beings, eternal. No beginning, no end. It was such a special treat. I’d thought about the whole thing so much – I thought it smack into my reality.

          3. This is Heresy. Pure deception. This kind of “You’re a god” yourself is idol worship in the first person. What science or fact is any of this fiction based on? Nothing! Believe the Bible as the Word of God. There is a heave and there is a hell. Be not deceived by these inventors of fables, alternate realities and dimensions. None of it is real. John 14:6 “ Jesus told them, I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father but by me.”

        3. that is because you are still a part of the sheeple race. Research what you read here, you will know its not fake then. Wake up!

        4. u have to experience it until that time u may believe it or not,
          of course it is a choice

        5. Evidence is pure physical….conviction is based on experiences in multi dimensional realms far from comprehension at our present 3rd dimensional state. No matter who you are……continuos evolution of your soul is a non stop adventure.

        6. Read: A book written by Eric Tolkin ” A New Earth”. This is what the book is referring to. Buy it used, I did and it was in great shape.

        7. if you need evidence or proof then that’s your ego talking……read it again….this time when you read it pay attention to how it is written my friend

      2. Hi Vera, thank you for your article. It’s so clear to me. May I have your email address please. I take pictures of the 5th dimension on a daily basis and would like to share. This has changed my whole life and it made sense reading your article.

        1. This is all very new to me…what do u mean pictures….this is the first time I even contacted anyone on this…stuff

      3. Being the nonbeliever I can sometimes be, in not always accepting even what I’ve experienced, I’ve asked God for clarity. Was all this just my crazy thinking. The Universe, it’s Guides communicate through numbers? Everywhere I look I see numbers repeating. This past Summer I was driving my Mom and a couple mailbox numbers caught my eye. I laughed and said to myself, this is just crazy nonsense. I asked God for something much more profound if I’m going to believe in this. Within 5 minutes the entire windshield was fogged up. There were two strange circular patterns imprinted on the windshield that looked kinda like those odd crop circles. They were perfect geometrical forms similar to what they call a Vector Starburst. Suddenly, a smaller circle formed between, with a number within. We pulled over as both my Mom and I looked it over. Clearly the number 16 was visible. The fog suddenly cleared with no sign of the imprints. Just ahead I’m the first car coming to a stop light. I was thinking and trying to find meaning to the 16. I had just prior come across 16. As a game I ran my life path number it was a process of reduction. Mine was 24/6 and yours was 10/6 or 16 which becomes LP#6. I’m thinking 6 at the stop light as this one car pulls out from the side. The license plate number was GO 6 … (as if, rah rah to you)

  2. really every thing is changing very fast, and when it is fast enough just beyond the reach of mind, oneself truely unable to understand what ever happening, happening for betterment or worse. Well i prefer to wait & watch for while let the water sattledown thing’s become’s clearer automatic . . . . .

  3. Thank you for this, I have read this and it has explained to me where I was finding it hard to find the words to use. I feel I have now moved into 5d and am finding it so wonderful but also difficult to relate to my family and friends who are still in 3d. They seem to think I am going crazy so I have had to ‘tone it down’ a bit. Now I know what I feel is right (not that I ever questioned it, but others did). Thank you for confirming I am totally normal

    1. You are not in 5D if you are still surrounded by people who think you are crazy. Any experience of 5D if you are not physically there is simply your mindset remembering 5D.

      1. I am not ‘surrounded’ by people that think I am crazy. I have just realised that not all people experience life as I do. So where I used to explain things, now I keep things quiet as I have realised that some people cannot relate to how I see and feel things and think differently to me. Crazy was the wrong word for me to use, but I couldn’t explain it. I just felt different to how I used to feel and others around me haven’t changed. Since writing my comment over a year ago, some now understand what I was saying. Those that still don’t understand me have gone from my life for different reasons

        1. Hi I feel exactly the same! My wife is in the 3rd dimension always drinking, I don’t drink and there seems to be know understanding of her to what I’m saying xx

          1. I am super new to this entire concept and embrace and believe it entirely down to my core. But surely drinking is fine if it is done out of love, and not for fear.

  4. I have a question regarding this sentence in the article: “They cannot be seen by people in 3D if they have not already started their own ascension process and are open to the higher frequencies.” Does this explain why I have been feeling a lot of rejection in my life, as if people can’t or won’t “see” me, acknowledge me, accept me, love me, value me, etc? Do you mean this literally, that they can’t see a 5D person? or figuratively, in that they just can’t resonate with a 5D person and thus avoid them and/or reject them in various ways?

    1. Hi Sherine,

      I love your question which I’ve been experiencing exactly the same thing. And looking forward to Vera’s answer now..

      1. Hi Sherine and Inci, I always speak about energetics, so they simply do not resonate with you, and thus you are not drawing their energetic attention, just as you are not “seeing” them. It is a co-existence in the same space but on different frequency levels (in different dimensions) Therefore with regards to rejection: Feeling rejected is a fear frequency (related to the fear of not being good enough) that does not exist in 5D. It is social conditioning based on your life experience, that is simply mirrored back to you by these people because they resonate that frequency in you. So here they DO resonate with you, just as you are with them – because you share the same fear frequency. That is something also high frequency people have to deal with in order to be able to fully anchor in 5D. <3

        1. Spot on Vera! I love this article as it made things so much clearer for me! I had a near death experience and when I came back I had no fear! That was a challenge for many years as it was mixed with the feeling of not wanting to be here either after experiencing the 5D plain! Lol… I eventually re-acclimated to this plain of existence and spent the rest of my life trying to figure out what the being I met while near death meant when he said; “It’s not your time. You must go back for you have much work to do”… turns out after a lifetime of discovery that I was meant to be an empath, a shaman and a light worker!

    2. Sherine, You don’t need to be acknowledged, accepted, loved, valued. You just ARE, You are LOVE. And You can give all this to others, whitout needing something in return. You are EVERYTHING!

  5. I’ve also read somewhere that some who are ascending into higher consciousness dimensions will be unseen to the others. What do you think about this idea? Is it true?

    1. I’ve read many fantasy and sci-fi book, none of them are true, they are made up……… Many things that parade as fact on the internet are in fact fiction………
      Occums razor nothing on this page could ever be considered to be the simplest possible answer to anything it true to explain. Like so much of this woo woo it’s a string of opinions, said with enough force that people with more fragile minds take it at face value!
      It’s not cool to take advantage of people, especially when you mess with their conception of reality

  6. I met my twin flame in 2014. I just confessed my reason for running it was due to fear. He is aware now. But, this year after purging all my fear I just started having very intense dreams. My first couple were with dreamwalkers and it was a nightmare. I had to buy comphor to help me with anxiety attacks. It did help. Now, is a lot easy for me to move from the 4d and 5d. But, I have an obstacle I asked a creature about my twin and I want to bring him here, they advice no, and the reason BC he is not ready as it shall do him harm at this time. I don’t know if it is BC he is Muslim. In addition, when I revisited the 4d again I asked for my helpers to help fine him one agree. I don’t understand why my twin is not with me anymore in my dreams. Ksaking me very sad.

  7. I have been suffering from CFS for so many years..nothing helps..thank you for this wonderful article..i have had 5d experiences butignored them out of the fear f losing my ambitious sself..thank you..i could feel light readin this..thank you…

  8. If you’re lost your ability to see the countless inconsistencies and logical fallacies In the writing above then you’re not awake, you’re delusional. Being awake isn’t about dumbing down. I’m a psychic /medium. Yes, the 5th dimension exists. There is a place without limitations, a place of unconditional love. It awaits you when you die, as it should. Haven’t you noticed that the earth has a size? That alone tells you it has limits. We are here to experience limits. That is how we grow. When we’ve learnt all we need to learn we will leave our bodies behind. If you believe in spirit then why are you following a philosophy that promises eternal life in a body?

    1. Well said. I too am a medium and energetic healer. When we pass over to the other side, ie; die and leave our physical body, it is then we live in the 5D. Until then we can only just visit there in our adtral travels. Earth has its limits, therby higher energetic spirits living in 4D on a 3D plane.

  9. I really appreciate your wise words. I needed to read them, I’m in my way of living from the heart. I’m thankful. Thank you so much. ✨

  10. Thank you so much for this priceless information. It answered questions i still silently had about the 5th. Its been a long road and ill never go back …ill always choose lobe and light. I now know why the spiritual choice to be and stay vegan is so strong..like its mandatory to feel one with nature. I know why now i pray for everyone everyday and feel so much inner love for others..even those that despise or dont understand me.Once i realized it wasnt about me..i was at peace. I dont fight or question how it all works now..i just flow with ot and trust with no fear. I love you all dearly..✌

  11. I truly thank you . I am not going crazy… Each life made me choose and I will always choose Love… Keep getting messages from the Trinity… Our vessels die when we have learned what we came to learn. Some souls are going back through Life bc they want or need to; some have no choice but are asked to deploy once again for the greater Trinity. I cannot, however, believe in just 1 god bc there are many and only “together” they all work for the Trinity… I do enjoy the ride bc I know I have abundancy… Guess I will grow old again, bc I love to learn… I AM ME – LoveAlways <3 ³

  12. This is because all areas you will ever have are determined by how often of their time vibration so you see,
    nothing is ever truly outside you. Third Degree Reiki is
    the Master Level, which can be available to people who desire to dedicate themselves to teaching Reiki.

    The healing energy of Reiki is utilized as being a complementary way of medicine in numerous disciplines of healing.

  13. This article is decietful and full of lies. It’s the teachings of the new age movement “YOU ARE YOUR OWN GOD” the Same lie Satan told in the garden. This just uses a Eastern mystasism spin to it. Jesus has NEVER said you obtain his “consciousness” he said I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIGHT, NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME” John 14:6

    1. Not deceitful. This article is not “ you are your own God” propaganda, but rather explains how we are further connected to God and the universe. The spirit is much more than just fairy dust from an old man sitting on a cloud. I’m sorry.

    2. You are not quite correct on 2 points. New Age says that you are God…of your own creation. In other words: what you think, your produce in your life – psychology 101. But some New Age people take it meaning that you are indeed God but you just don’t realize it.

      Point 2. You can have the same consciousness as Jesus. How else would you do what he did, and more? He said this himself. Further, he asked one of his disciples to describe him, and that disciple said that he could not because Jesus was like nothing the disciple had ever experienced. And Jesus’ reply was: now you have merged with the same consciousness as I.

  14. Hi, I just came across this page while searching for 5D related information.What got me the most interested here is “When the physical body is fully transformed into this structure, there is no pain”. Is this actually a fact for real?
    So for example in my case, I am suffering from a permanent damage done to my body caused by the medical field that makes me suffer with pain and hence misery daily (and I went to all categories of treatment and healing without any results)… I will be pain free IN MY PHYSICAL BODY if I get to 5D?

  15. Just thought this a good place to post something I wrote about my TF and not believing the connection we share.
    Being the nonbeliever I can sometimes be, in not always accepting even what I’ve experienced, I’ve asked God for clarity. Was all this just my crazy thinking. The Universe, it’s Guides communicate through numbers? Everywhere I look I see numbers repeating. This past Summer I was driving my Mom and a couple mailbox numbers caught my eye. I laughed and said to myself, this is just crazy nonsense. I asked God for something much more profound if I’m going to believe in this. Within 5 minutes the entire windshield was fogged up. There were two strange circular patterns imprinted on the windshield that looked kinda like those odd crop circles. They were perfect geometrical forms similar to what they call a Vector Starburst. Suddenly, a smaller circle formed between, with a number within. We pulled over as both my Mom and I looked it over. Clearly the number 16 was visible. The fog suddenly cleared with no sign of the imprints. Just ahead I’m the first car coming to a stop light. I was thinking and trying to find meaning to the 16. I had just prior come across 16. As a game I ran my life path number it was a process of reduction. Mine was 24/6 and yours was 10/6 or 16 which becomes LP#6. I’m thinking 6 at the stop light as this one car pulls out from the side. The license plate number was GO 6 … (as if, rah rah to you)

  16. Owww
    Muito obrigado pelos seus ensinamentos
    Concordo com tudo que foi dito em seu artigo.

  17. Does no one actually care about physics here!
    None of you live in a 3d world, by the mere definition of being able to read this article and respond you exist within time! Which is the 4th dimension, the first 3 being width, breadth and height!
    Yes physics does speak of multiple dimensions beyond the 4 WE ALL EXPERIENCE EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES, just nothing to do with woo woo nonsense.
    The problem with this kind of stuff is it takes tiny fragments of the truth then spins complete fabrications that are both unverified and unverifiable by science. If you can’t find a way to create an experiment that will provide data that can be peer reviewed. It’s just an opinion, nothing more.
    This kind of crap takes advantage of people, who don’t have scientific training.
    The world is a mess people, let’s make it a better place. Stop hoping you can get to a better place with your mind alone. Use your mind in combination with your hands, break a sweat, get stuff done.
    Go and plant some food, move your body, show love to all around you, stop endlessly consuming (you are not cancer, so stop acting like it) make the world a better place through your actions not a worse!
    You can’t stop caring or thinking about the material world, it is certainly not the thing to bring us true happiness, but unless your aim is to live only as spirit (or what ever term you may to choose, I don’t as I don’t believe in such things, but…..) The material world IS YOUR HOME, if we don’t stop acting like cancer we will make it impossible for future humans to exist.

  18. as much as i can understand. most of us are in 3D or 4D level of consciousness. It would take a Med Bed to move us into a 5D level. I know of no one who can heal themselves except Jesus.

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