The Wake Up Experience

A collection of wisdom, tools, services, and tips to navigate and accompany your journey back home.

“The only place we have consistently ignored, we have not looked at and researched for solutions of todays situation of the world and the human collective – is inside.”

Vera Ingeborg

The Books
Books from my Heart to Yours
These little gems of wisdom serve as navigation tools for your own journey home.
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On Air
On Air over the Years
A collection of interviews with Vera on different platforms.
The Video Tutorials
Self-Study and Transformation
These Video Tutorials are offered on a "Pay as you Feel" basis. They are designed to accompany your process at home at your own pace.
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The Blog
A Collection of Wisdom
This Blog has been created in the course of my own journey, and collected all the insights, epiphanies and magical wisdom to support you.
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That's me
That's Me
Who is behind the Wake Up Experience? You are about to find out!
Twin Flames
True Romance
Dive into the wondrous and metaphysical world of the twin flame experience to truly understand the dynamics and purpose of this connection.
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