Wake Up Program

Thank you so much for your interest in discovering the world of universal energies and learning this fascinating language that you can only feel, not speak. Mastering this language means creating the life of your dreams and finding true joy! Anything becomes possible. It all has to do with your own individual frequency you are operating on. I have created a complete program for you to learn what it takes to get you into the driver’s seat for your life experience and to manifest your true heart’s desires with ease. Have fun in exploring a complete new way of living and learning what it truly means to go with the flow.

To read about the experiences of others working with me / my programs, please go here.

You want to learn and work at your own pace at home? The tutorial series I have created for you, will bring me via video and audio as your coach to you.  Whether you want to get a general understanding of the world of energies or you want to tackle specific recurring patterns, fears or traumas in your life:  You will find the right program for you. Understand and work with the law of attraction, deal with your EGO,  heal your INNER CHILD and learn how to transmute energies and / or navigate your TWIN FLAME  journey successfully – there is a lot to discover! All of the programs are designed to raise your energetic frequency, to empower you and with it, increase your quality of life significantly. And most importantly – to reintroduce joy into your daily experience. To learn more about the tutorials and to purchase them, please go here.

You have personal questions and want to focus on your individual story?  The Coachings with me are designed to help you in the most effective way. We will take a look into your situation and energetic status to answer your questions, and find ways, methods and tools how to tackle it most effectively. You will learn how to heal yourself and how to work with energy to shift your reality quickly. I do not give any readings or guidance in terms of what your next steps should be as this would encourage you to give your power away – which would keep you stuck in fear and old beliefs. My goal is to EMPOWER you, so that you can successfully navigate your journey on your own.  The contribution for a session depends on your income. For more information about the sessions including booking and payment, go here.

This is your individual adventure with me – a week that is all about your healing and well-being. We will spend a week together traveling to a place you always wanted to go to. Experience  how I live the life of a nomad and learn to go with the flow. We will have lots of time to talk, to work through your issues, to explore and to enjoy the beauty of the planet. If you are interested in traveling to a place in Europe – then my camper Willis and I are coming to pick you up at the airport of your choice. If you choose another place – we will jointly decide on the best form of traveling. Do not expect any luxury. These trips are taking you back to basics, to learn how little you need to be happy. The coaching rate for the week is 1777 Euros (flight, extra cost for activities, accommodation and food not included). For more information please go here.

You would like to get out of your usual environment and meet like-hearted people? Then come to an Own It! Retreat. All in line with the motto “Own It! – No GURU. No BULLSHIT. Just YOU”, amazing Feldenkrais body worker Melinda Glenister and I are offering a unique program and way to reconnect to your unique talents and gifts, and become the creator of the life of your dreams. Here we are all about EMPOWERMENT, EMBODIMENT and ALIGNMENT of Soul, Mind and Body to come back to the true you. New energies need new approaches and now is the time to truly own your process and learn that you have got all you need within. At Own It! We are supporting you to quickly come into your power and get into the FLOW. Welcome to your personal adventure into a new reality! Ready for Own It? Check out the details here. 

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