Skills and Methods


During my life I have learnt many skills and methods about how to work with energies. What I have learnt is that methods work most effectively when not practiced as stand-alone solutions, but in combination with each other. Just as we do not want to eat the same food every day, our body does not want the same energy treatment every day. My coaching sessions with you are always a mix of talking, listening and energy work. The great thing about working with energies is, that energy does not know any geographical distances. This is why the energy work in Online Coaching is just as effective. (to learn more about energies and why this is the case, please read here)



Just as the energies are changing and raising on the planet, the tools and methods are changing, too. Many of them become obsolete because we are connected full time to the higher frequencies. It has become unnecessary to build up a channel or use a translation device such as a pendulum or tarot cards. The intuitive knowing is simply there. So my work has become a lot more intuitive over the past year, and I do not use methods like Reiki or Pendulum Dowsing any longer. Reiki is flowing all the time now, without the need to establish the channel.

Having said this, here are the methods I am still working with in my Energy Work Out Programs to support you with the right impulses and energy flows to get unstuck.


Energy Tapping:

Tapping into energies is a good exercise to become more sensitive and aware of all the energies within and around us. It helps us to feel the interconnectedness of everything and to get rid of the idea of separation. As soon as we had an interaction with a person we resonated with for some reason, be it because they pushed a button for us or because we felt strongly drawn to them, we carry a copy of their energy signature within us. In the end, all of us have our backpack with us where we carry our wounds from the past. We can tap into their energies to better understand how they feel. This is a very important basis for forgiveness work as it helps to understand the other person and his or her situation from a different perspective.


Radical Forgiveness:

Forgiveness is something that for most of us is the hardest thing to do when we are hurting. Our wounded ego does not like the idea that we have no one to blame. We are acting in a learned pattern of revenge. Nevertheless forgiveness is one of the most powerful things to heal your wounds and find your way back to happiness and inner peace. Forgiveness means to release the desire to punish someone or yourself for an offence. This however leads you to your worst self. Instead, we learn step by step, that the best form of “revenge” is being at peace with ourselves and our environment and thus being untouchable. Once we have learned, that living without blame leads us to absolute freedom, we start liking the idea more and more and leave the old pattern of having to react on everything we sense as a personal attack. We learn that sometimes all we can do is lean back and accept things as they are and use them as a means for our own growth.


Higher Energy Flow:

Everything in this universe is energy. There are manifold very high vibrating energies with different healing purposes. We all can access them when removing blockages within our energy system. I can bridge these energies into you to unblock and help you to get more sensitive and open to these frequencies. Combined with Reiki, this is a very effective method to cleanse your energy system and dissolve low vibrating emotions such as fear, anger or sadness. Often this method also helps to access traumas that you have locked in your body and you do not remember consciously. Nevertheless, your physical and your emotional body have not forgotten about them. These are the so-called buttons people push for you and you react in a certain way emotionally. Together, we will work on these buttons so that they get smaller and smaller until they disappear.


Inner Child Work:

Here, we work with your own energies and childhood blockages. In the end, all pain and hurting that we experience today traces back to our experiences when we were still children. Working with the inner child helps us to dissolve these blockages and to heal the wounds of this little kid inside of you. The second and just as important step is to champion your inner child. This is about taking your power back and to rediscover enchantment, fun and being in the moment.


Mirror Work:

This is a tool to work with your own energy and to lift it to a higher frequency. Here, it is all about self-respect and self-love. It might seem odd at the beginning to talk to yourself in the mirror, but you will soon realise what great effects it has, once you start accepting and loving the person you are talking to.


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