Retreat: Jane Rieger, England

I want to thank each and every one of you for an amazing week. The word 'amazing' incorporates so much - I don't  necessarily mean 'good' although of course there were some life affirming highlights. But we are learning that there is no right or wrong .... it just is. And it is all 'amazing' in that framework, even the painful bits, as we know the only way round is through! I saw my 'low' moments as energy coming up for healing and growth. For recognition and acceptance of patterns that no longer serve. The week has been a catalyst for me to find myself again, for which I am truly grateful. Again, trusting in the process. And if I had moments where feeling safe felt elusive, I saw this as an opportunity to find the falsehood of some story I had made 'true' in the dim and distant past. I love that the Universe brought us all together - no coincidence there. I love how Vera created and held the space so beautifully and with such love. Observing this in the flow is a huge incentive to make choices to live like this when we allow. I thank Melinda for holding space for the crucial physical work she did with us - shaking loose the old programmes locked inside on a cellular level.

Retreat: Valerie Rule, England

I have just returned from a week in Cornwall on retreat with Vera and Melinda.  I have to say it was a life changing experience.  Vera and Melinda bring their own particular specialities but it turns in to a seamless joyous experience.  They are more than therapists or facilitators, but professional young women with a warmth and understanding that belie their years.  They not only talk the talk but walk the walk with absolute integrity.  I think integrity is lacking in so much of life today, so it is refreshing to be led to deep truths,  safe in the hands of honest, non-judgemental, life affirming people.

With such guidance I can recommend to anyone now seeking a new approach to life, go on retreat and embrace a new way of thinking and moving and being.

Retreat: Pauline Lee – Canada

Dear Vera, the week in Portugal was a magical and transformational week of personal growth.  I know you say that the group made the magic, but it wouldn't have been possible without your giant heart and formidable knowledge of activities designed for a multimodal healing. We flourished with one-to-one discussions, group sharing, and individual work. Interacting with nature was deeply supportive--the work by the waterfall is something I will take with me as I continue to cultivate myself. We all share a little of each other's struggles--I learned that these difficulties can be uniting instead of divisive, and most importantly that I am not alone and can seek support.  ‎We were nourished by the tall trees rustling, twigs crunching underfoot with every step and birds chirping at A Vida Fausto--Lynn's work is truly a labour of love for nature and humanity and has piqued my interest in the circular economy. Irene's cooking was heaven--the plant-based meals were more than satisfying--extraordinary in fact, seasoned with her exquisite palate and love, and each of the many dishes complemented the other, and I happily ate it all (you know that's an understatement--I'm your no. 1 fan, Irene!).   I have never met such a wonderful and accepting group of human beings, with such diverse backgrounds and each so powerful in his and her inimitable way.  And I know that if we set aside our busy lives to come to this retreat, it was because of you, Vera. You are our rock and our star. A grateful and newly opened heart thanks you.

1:1 Trip: Karin – Switzerland

I knew that I wanted to spend one week on my own in the Bretagne. A week to find myself and my inner force again, a week to cope with my anger, fear and pain, a week to know where I was standing in the awakening process that I obviously found myself in. It’s then that I read about the 1:1 coaching with Vera on her website. Within two minute’s time, the trip was booked.

Well, the promised „life changer“ turned out to be life changing. It was brilliant, it was smooth, it was easy, it was intense, it was breath taking, it was sad, it was funny, it was unforgettable. The sun was shining all the time, and when not, it was just the thing I needed in order to realize I could not only transform my own energy, but also the world around me. Where is the difference, anyways? Also, ever since slowly walking into the 14-degree-cold sea and leaving all sorts of emotions back there, I actually enjoy taking swims in a fresh river now. Thanks, Vera – for the coffees in the morning, the hot-water bottles in the evening, for the insights into myself and the push into new dimensions.

Retreat: Wilbert Wienema – the Netherlands

What a great adventure 'The Wake Up Experience, Own it at Sea Retreat' was. The sea and the Ocean Renegade have been great teachers: sometimes the circumstances are forcing you to change the plan. For us reaching Morocco was no reasonable option as the wind, the waves and current were doing their own thing.
I never knew that sea sickness can be a blessing and in the end I found my own way to master it. Captain Fred gave me the chance to sail his beautiful ship and this has been a wonderful and memorable experience.
Fred is a super captain, cook and host. The Ocean Renegade created the perfect space for growth and new insights. Berith has been a great hostess. Josie coordinated everything very well on land inspired me with a new view on myself. Vera's unbelievable support and inspiring teachings have helped me to open new doors and new perspectives.
It was a privilege to go on this journey with fellow travelers Jean, Jenny and Titus.
Thanks everybody for this magical experience. I feel blessed!

Retreat: Andres Devanthery – Switzerland

just passed the most incredible week of my life, sharing feelings, emotions and much much love with 10 inspiring beautiful women and beloved Vera... No Guru, no BS, just us...

Inner Child Tutorial: Eva – Belgium

Vera's Inner Child Program has brought about the most MAGICAL shifts in my reality!!! I have been one of the lucky ones that had the opportunity to go through the first couple of sessions with Vera via Skype. Although not physically in the room with me, Vera literally felt like an warm energetic, protecting blanket around me. She read me like a book, as if she knew me inside out! Extremely intuitive and aware ofthe ti-ni-est change, she was present with me at all times, guiding me through all of my emotions and memories. 

Soon after each session, I started noticing changes. I started to feel more and more grounded and began to look after myself more. Things also shifted in my environment. Most of all, people around me started behaving more respectfully and lovingly towards me!! Some even became noticably relieved for no reason. I finished the Inner Child Program with the aid of the pre-recorded messages, which had an equally strong effect. How WONDERFUL would it be if each of us would be able to experience such life changes!!!! Because it works for me and because it only gets better each day, I keep checking in with my Inner Child, caring for her each day!!!! 

Dear, dear, Vera,.... I am SOOOO happy I have come across your website and actually committed to this work!!!!!!! MUCH MUCH GRATITUDE, MANY BLESSINGS and MUCH MUCH MUCH love!! 

Inner Child Tutorial: Katherine – Canada

I worked with the first Inner Child Healing Video Tutorial today.  It was such a beautiful experience and I can't believe how eye opening it was. So many parts of it were just.. wonderful, just incredible. Made me tear up, made me smile - I felt the energy flowing through me. I cannot wait to continue with the rest and am looking forward to what this week brings as I reflect on this and integrate these energies. Thank you so much for creating this and again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work that you do.

Online Session: Vida Lynum – San Francisco, CA, USA

I started following Vera while researching data on twin flames to see exactly what this phenomenon was all about and to see if my experience was like that of others. Unfortunately, 99.9% of the information purporting to be about the topic had little or nothing to do with actual twin flames, leaving me very disappointed. And then I came across Vera's articles and they nailed my experience exactly. I immediately resonated with her messages. Her channelings expanded on my intuitive knowledge, teaching me so much more about my experience. So I began following all of Vera's writings and communications, knowing that I would meet her in some way one day. I finally had the opportunity to have a long-distance session with her. During my session, she explained more about the twin flame reality and explained the process of ascension that has been extra intense for me since I'm an empath, psychic, medium, and healer and am highly sensitive to these intense energies, validating that I wasn't going crazy like I sometimes thought, and confirming what I knew deep down - that I'm expanding in consciousness and rapidly evolving. I consider Vera to be one of the guides offering wisdom, light, and love along my rapidly advancing life's journey as well as the journeys of many other people. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to have a session with Vera and hope to meet her face-to-face in the not too distant future. Anyone thinking about having a session with her or taking part in any of the Wake Up programs can stop thinking and just experience Vera's wonderful expertise and enlightened soul! She's the real deal!

Online Session: Leah Troyer – Texas, USA

As I replay the recording of mine and Vera's conversation, my heart sores, just as it did that day. More than helpful, more than guidance...a connection of loving inspiration to keep going. Let's face it, this NOW we are all experiencing is not the easiest thing to open up and talk about, to reach out to someone about...talking to Vera came so natural, so easy. I look forward to meeting her one day, I know this will happen and I can't wait! If I had to choose one word to describe my life since connecting with Vera it would be...Ease. I just say this word to myself throughout my day and it reminds me to just flow, to just be and allow. Even though there were many special topics that Vera and I discussed this seems to stick out the most and it's amazing, truly.

I love Vera, I love this experience, I am beaming with gratitude, love and light...thank you

Online Session: James Thomas August – Canada

Vera has worked with me as a life coach for the last two months. I've spent all my adult years trying to figure myself out. I came close to losing my dearest friend because of short changes in myself, then going back to self destruction. I stumbled upon Vera, and I can say without hesitation that she is the most amazing healer. I laughed at the thought of inner child. Thinking what garbage. But then something told me to give it a try. I connected with Vera, we had our initial meeting and we both decided to have a session. We truly went back to my infant stage where issues came up. We dealt with them. Then we moved on to toddler, where new things came up, once again we dealt with the issues. We are now in the preschool stage where my lifelong issues we have found originated. We are working through this stage. My ego has gone from having to talk to it 60-70 times an hour to maybe 1 or 2 times an hour. I talk to my inner child many times a day. There is more work to do, but with Vera by my side I WILL become ME!!!!!! We chat whenever I need to, booking sessions are easy online, and she truly cares. Those close to me are shocked at the change, and call Vera an Angel. She has changed my life and I know she will be a part of my life forever. Thank you Vera!!!!

Online Session: Sophie Sunrise – USA

Vera is trust. I knew from the first words I read of hers that I would walk along this path with her and fully trust. She guided me without knowing me, and steered me during a difficult time, allowing my trust in myself to continue. Then I had the honor of meeting her. Via Skype but equally as close as being by her side. I knew right away that I needed to continue trusting in her guidance. She has opened my world into a ever expansive reality. Guided me to continue my own learning and growth, which I so value from someone doing this work. She emanates this knowing that it is possible within yourself. This has created a bond of knowing that I so value. I value all that she does and is and so grateful to have found her light along my path.  She is a true representation of what it means to connect with spirit and share her knowings without attachment to ego.  You can trust her fully. So grateful. Thank you thank you thank you! 

Anna – Germany

When I first met Vera, I thought, what a nice person. I would like to spend time with her. What I didn’t know back then: The massive impact our encounter would have on me. I guess it was not a coincidence, so thanks to whoever made this possible. Hanging out with Vera made me become more and more curious about this woman and her personal journey. I really admire people that are brave and dare to face their most intimate fears. Soon I realized, Vera is one of the bravest persons I’ve ever met. I don’t know how good I cope with this myself, but I try my best most of the time. It is not easy and can be frightening to leave your comfort zone. That’s the reason why I am endlessly grateful to Vera for asking the right questions and giving me so much affectionate stimuli. That allows me to challenge sold beliefs I took for granted, but that not necessarily correspond with my inner truth.

I’d describe myself as someone who is quite open to a lot of things especially when I feel they can help me grow and get rid of dead weight.
As it can be tough to separate empowerment from useless or harmful influence, I like to ground things in science or commons sense. That works perfectly well with Vera. What she shares can be reflected scientifically. Vera never pushes, she gives when you ask. And she has tons to give. What I picked from Vera’s gifts helped me a lot to handle turbulent times. Although she has only just started, I can say Vera is a true life coach. And a dear dear friend.

David De Bono – Great Britain

I first met Vera at a retreat in Italy. We didn’t really connect or get to know each other, apart from one conversation where we agreed to share a tree we both liked. It would be “our” tree.

She also commented that she would have hugged me after I did something nice (I don’t recall what), but as I wasn’t a “hugger”, she patted me on the back (she is tune with people). Fast forward to the present.

Vera is a remarkable, beautiful soul. We stayed in touch and connected as people and souls.

I am now a hugger. I now tell people that I love them. I attribute no small amount of this to my friendship with Vera.

Even though our physical contact has been limited due to living in different countries, our virtual contact is regular, and her counsel is invaluable to me.

We are friends, but she is also a life coach in the real essence of its meaning.

A coach needs to be realistic. Vera is this. A good coach knows when toughness is needed. Vera lives what she preaches, so she has given herself tough love when needed and will intuitively know if that would help a client. A coach needs to know when to hug, and when to pat on the back. Vera intuitively knows what will help a person.

She also recommended books which have helped me on my journey.

I was fortunate enough to spend 5 days with her this year 2015. I went home revitalized and more positive that I have felt in years. Sharing her space both physically and metaphysically raised my energy wonderfully. Two months later this is still very evident.

She is an amazing, wonderful woman who will enrich the life of any person she comes into contact with.

On a final note, Vera not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. She has decided what her heart and soul truly wants and has gone for it. I am sure that she will help other people to do the same.

Ana-Maria – Germany

"Thank you Vera for your wonderful guidance!

I know Vera now for more than 10 years. I had the privilege to be one of the people who watched her going through her awakening process and who also saw her transforming in this wonderful energy butterfly she is today. I heard the wakeup call a few months ago and decided to go with the flow. Now Vera is helping me to get along with all these intense changes within my life, work, behaviors and personal relationships.

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